14 Rooms That Prove Art Can Make or Break a Space

A traditional living room with modern art

William Lavalette

There's no better way to add some personality to a space than with art. But the right art, and how you display it, can either make a room look better or take away from the overall feel. No matter what your décor style is, minimalists, maximalists, and everyone in between can learn some tips from these art-filled spaces.

Ahead, find 14 spaces that prove the power of adding art—you'll find plenty of inspiration for your own home, we promise.

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Minimalist Rustic Feel

A bright room with a seaside feel

Becca Interiors

The art in this minimalist living room almost looks like a window—and the feeling of looking out into nature fits perfectly with the rest of this room's décor. The colors of the painting also perfectly match the grays and whites of the furniture without feeling too matchy.

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Eclectic Midcentury Modern

A midcentury style living room with art

Erin Williamson Design

Everything in this midcentury modern-style living room is eclectic: from the blue sofas to the animal print chairs to the black painted ceiling, there's something to see at every turn. And the framed pictures on the mantel carry that feeling; they don't quite match each other but still work in this space. Not to mention the giraffe incredible statue in the corner.

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Rust Orange Accents

A boho style living room with a rust colored sofa

Black and Blooms

If you're not sure how to start coordinating your art to your space, consider picking out one of the colors in your furniture and finding pictures to match. The two pieces in this space work because the rust orange is just a small part of the art, and still lets the couch shine as the main event.

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Dark and Moody

A midcentury modern living room with dark green walls

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Choosing a dark paint color for both the walls and the ceiling in a room is a bold move—but it can also really help your artwork stand out. Each framed picture, from the mantel to the bookshelves, pops a bit against the dark green backdrop.

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Vintage Space-Age

A dining room with an image of an astronaut

Katie Martinez Design

You don't need bright colors or multiple pieces of art to make a statement. This astronaut canvas has a fun, vintage feel to it, and adds a playfulness to a room that is otherwise fairly muted. And above the dining table, it's sure to make a great conversation starter.

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Accented Built-Ins

A dining room with blue bookshelves

Charlie Coull Design

Built-ins—whether you already have them in your home or build them yourself—are one of the best ways to display art in your home, and not just prints or paintings. Each shelf in this dining room built-in has something to look at, and each piece is different yet they all somehow work together.

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Perfectly-Curated Bar Cart

A collection of wall art above a bar cart

Victoria Bell Design

The space above a bar cart or a console table is the perfect place to display some of your most prized works of art. This gallery wall features an assortment of unique pieces that are sure to have a deeper meaning behind them. And the sculpture on top of the bar cart is a nice way to break up the display of bottles and cocktail accessories.

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Blue Boho-Style Gallery Wall

A bright and colorful living room with gallery wall

Dazey Den

Gallery walls will never go out of style, especially if you use them to show off art that really means something to you. This gallery wall also doesn't shy away from adding even more color to this already brightly-colored space. The woven wall hanging in the middle grounds the rest of the space and adds a bit of a focal point.

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Neutral Minimalism

A neutral living room with large artworks

LeClair Decor

If you have a large wall in your home, gallery walls aren't your only option. As this neutral minimalist living room shows, a large wall hanging can make a big statement even if it's muted in its colors. Paired with the set of matching framed prints on the wall next to it, it's the perfect combination for this space.

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African-Inspired Works

A living room with window seat and African artworks

Afro Bohemian Living

Art is a great way to express your cultural roots, as this pretty space does. The African-inspired works of art here fit perfectly with the color scheme of this room. The use of different textures—from the basket to the fan on the wall to the black and white print—is another great way to add visual interest to a space.

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Modern Mountain Home

A rustic living room with mountain-inspired art

Design: Mindy Gayer Design Co.; Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

Wherever you live, art can make your space feel like almost anywhere in the world. You can live in a city apartment, and having the right pieces can transport you to the mountains, like this mountain-themed gallery wall.

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A Mixture of Styles

Living room with a colorful gallery wall

House 9

Can't decide what style of art you love best? You don't have to. Just mix and match your favorite pieces, or works that resonate with you. This room has a nice combination of dark and bright colors, different styles and colors of frames, and still feels cohesive.

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Modern Art & Classic Furniture

A traditional living room with modern art

William Lavalette

Similarly, your art doesn't have to match your style of furniture. If you prefer modern art with a bit more playfulness, you can still pair that with more classic furniture pieces, like in this living room. Keeping the walls white helps to maintain a balanced feel.

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Classic Black and White

Modern living room with large black and white photograph

Liljencrantz Design

An easy way to add art to any space is to choose classic black and white pieces, like black and white photographs and monochrome prints with black frames. That way, you can really have fun with the different styles of art and things still end up looking planned and the space feels timeless.