14 Best Basement Organization Ideas

basement organization ideas

pure salt interiors

A basement can sometimes turn into a black hole of old sofas, leftover Christmas decorations, and a secondhand pool table that's holding on by a thread. However, it's time to expect better of your basement—more specifically, its storage.

Basement storage can transform a rarely-used and cluttered space into one that's neat, tidy, and ready for whatever you need. Keep reading to learn about 14 great ways to bring some (much-needed) organization to your basement.

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Make Storage Fun

basement organization ideas fun

rikki snyder

First things first: basement storage doesn't need to be boring. After all, the basement is often full of fun spaces like play rooms or game rooms. It's a great spot for more unique storage, like the hexagonal shelves pictured above. Fill them with some of your favorite décor, store books, or picture frames in them.

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Use Your Nooks

basement organization ideas nooks

pure salt interiors

Another thing basements are full of? Random nooks and crannies. But rather than trying to hide these architectural oddities, take advantage of them by using them for storage, like Pure Salt Interiors did here.

Build shelves towards the top of nook, cabinets at the bottom, and place some seating in the middle. You'll be left with well-rounded, good-looking, and comfortable basement storage.

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Add Storage to a Wet Bar

basement organization ideas wet bar storage

white sands design and build

Many basements have wet bars—a place to make some drinks (and serve a few snacks). These kitchenette nooks are another place to create extra storage by adding a few cabinets or shelving. Not only will you be able to tuck away bartending odds and ends, but you'll be able to store other basement essentials too, like board games and extra DVDs.

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Add Some Built-ins

basement organization ideas built ins

pure salt interiors

Classy, top-notch storage can always be found in built-ins, and your basement probably has plenty of space for them. One great spot to consider adding built-ins is the area surrounding your TV. It will help frame what is already the focal point of the room, and it can store gaming systems, records, or any other multimedia essential.

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Add Some Stairway Storage

basement organization ideas stairway

arbor & co.

Staircases are one thing that all basements share. And many times, staircases leave you with awkward corners and weird wall shapes. However, you can use that triangular wall to your advantage by adding some shelves.

Shelves along a staircase wall can be customized to fit whatever shape the space may be, and it's a great way to give a purpose to an otherwise unused wall.

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Fake the Built-in Look

basement organization ideas fake built ins

reena sotropa

If you want the look of built-ins in your basement without paying a pretty penny, consider looking for a media center with cabinets and trim details. Like the one in the space by Reena Sotropa above. You can get close to a custom look (especially if the cabinetry color is reflected elsewhere in your basement, like on your trim or an accent wall) without having to shell out tons of cash.

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Bring Storage to the Basement Laundry Room

 laundry room basement organization ideas

interior impressions

Many basements are home to a laundry room, and more often than not, that laundry room is dark, cold, dingy, and in need of makeover. So, if you're ready to rehaul your laundry room, consider adding some storage for a few extra linens and detergent. It can be as simple as a few cubbies, like the laundry room above from Interior Impressions.

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Add a Set of Cabinets

basement organization ideas laundry room cabinetry

interior impressions

Of course, you can have far more storage in your laundry room than just a few cubbies. Consider the cabinetry of the laundry room from Interior Impressions above. It makes space not only for a few extra linens and a bottle of detergent, but can also hold all of a home's cleaning supplies, a couple sets of linens, and still have some room to spare.

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Install a Few Pegs

basement organization ideas pegs

pure salt interiors

Depending on your home, some basements may feature an access to a front or backyard. If that's the case, a basement can be a great spot for a landing zone so dirty shoes and car keys aren't strewn about the house. Basement organization for this type of space can be as decked-out as cabinetry and a seating bench, or it can be as simple as a few pegs, like the entry from Pure Salt Interiors above.

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Don't Forget Toy Storage

basement organization ideas built in toy storage

reena sotropa

Basements are a great spot for playrooms, as they're typically out-of-the-way, meaning that the mess of a playroom can be hidden away too. However, you can minimize mess with a little basement playroom organization. If you have the wall space, consider adding some built-ins, like Reena Sotropa did here, to organize toys.

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Use Basement Closets for Toy Storage

basement organization ideas closet toy storage

mika perry

Looking for a more retrofitted approach to basement toy storage? Try using a closet. Fill the closet with plenty of shelving, baskets, and whatever else you need to keep toys tidied away. Amp up the organization even further by labeling bins and baskets. Plus, once playtime is done, you can close the closet doors and watch it all disappear.

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Use a Cabinet for Toy Storage

small toy storage basement organization ideas

breathing room organization

If your basement is small or primarily serves a purpose other than a playroom, use a smaller piece of furniture to store toys, like a set of cabinets or a chest. Consider using clear bins so that your children can see what's inside, even if they can't read a label. After all, when carefully organized, even the smallest bit of storage can still be quite helpful.

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Add Office Storage

basement organization ideas office

leclair decor

A basement is a great place for a home office, as it's often out of the way from the hubbub of the rest of the home. And home offices need storage too—for office supplies, files, and any work-related tech. For a luxe basement and home office storage option, add built-ins like LeClair Decor did in this space above. Or, for a more budget-friendly approach, use matching bookshelves.

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Use Your Closets

basement organization ideas closet

style it pretty home

Basement closets, though out-of-the-way, can still be valuable storage for lesser-used items like extra linens, guest bedroom necessities, or bulk cleaning supplies. Closet storage can be stylish too, like what Style It Pretty Home did with her closet makeover. To get the look yourself, remove your basement closet door, add stained wood shelving, and store items in beautiful baskets.