23 Gorgeous Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Any Style

Bathroom with a wooden vanity

Erin Williams Design

Whether you have a small space or room to spare, finding the right storage is key to a pristine bathroom. You want something practical, of course, with storage space for all of your must-haves, but you also want something that fits the look and feel of your bathroom. Bathroom cabinetry can come in the shape of a vanity with endless storage options or a standalone piece for added space.

Check out some of our favorite bathroom cabinet ideas that work well with any style bathroom.

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Try Something Modern

Bathroom with black and white wallpaper

Anne Sage

Even if you require a lot of storage space in your bathroom, a cabinet doesn't have to be bulky or oversized. Look for something streamlined and chic to give off a modern feel, with enough drawers for everything you need to store. Add a bit of stylish wallpaper to help bring the look together.

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Go Boho

Boho inspired bathroom


Here's a cabinet idea that's perfect for a laidback boho vibe. We love the sleek, compact cabinet under the sink that is ideal for small spaces. The hanging shelves above the toilet add even more storage space and help continue the look throughout the bathroom.

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Opt for Storage That Blends In

Bathroom with natural wood cabinet

Arbor & Co.

Not only does this adorable bathroom feature a Scandi-inspired wooden vanity, but there's also an additional white cabinet above the toilet that blends in with the wall behind it. Painting your wall cabinet the same color as the rest of the room is a great way to add storage that won't stick out.

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Try a Sleek Vanity

Modern vanity

Ashley Montgomery Design

Smaller bathrooms tend to lend themselves well to floating vanities with less hardware. This allows the storage to blend in with the rest of the bathroom without feeling oversized or bulky. By floating the vanity, you get the illusion of more floor space which adds a bit of extra depth.

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Opt for Extra Drawers

Bathroom with tun and vanity

Calimia Home 

If you have a lot of stuff to organize, a vanity or bathroom cabinet with many smaller drawers could be a better choice than one with fewer larger ones. Smaller pullout drawers will give you multiple spaces to separate your must-haves and keep them in order.

Can't find what you want? Consider DIYing it instead.

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Keep it Neutral

Big bathroom with wooden vanity

Chelius House of Design

We love a neutral, unfinished vanity. Look for a natural oak or walnut finish with enough drawers for everything you need. This neutral look is perfect for minimalist or farmhouse bathrooms.

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Use the Space Below

Bathroom with white and marble vanity

D Burns Interiors

If your bathroom cabinet doesn't have quite enough storage or your bathroom lacks a linen closet, don't be afraid to use the space below the vanity for extra storage as well. Add a few woven baskets and fill them with linens or bath supplies.

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Look for an Extra-Wide Vanity

Blue double vanity with gold accessories

Devon Grace Interiors

Not only is this stunning bathroom vanity an amazing shade of navy blue, but it's also filled with endless storage. While a standard vanity runs as wide as 42 inches, you can get a custom piece done in any size you need to fit your bathroom perfectly and provide the storage you require.

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Add a Cabinet in a Nook

Bathroom with green tiles


If you have an extra storage nook or a small linen closet in your bathroom, consider swapping it for an exposed cabinet to give your bathroom more visual interest and add storage space. Though you may need a custom cabinet to fit your space perfectly, the end result is well worth it.

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Consider a Vintage Piece

Bathroom in vintage style

Dreamy Whites

Sure, this vanity may not offer much in the way of storage, but it offers so much character and personality. If you are designing a guest bath or a hall bath and don't need to add additional storage, a vintage table-turned-vanity is a great idea to add interest to your space.

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Remove the Handles

Bathroom with blue vanity

Home Consultant

Sometimes hardware simply looks bulky, especially in smaller bathrooms. Consider removing the hardware and creating a more streamlined look that's perfect for modern spaces.

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Add Hanging Shelves

Bathroom with extra long vanity

House of Hanes

If you're lucky enough to have an extra-long vanity like this one, it may be difficult to figure out what to do above the space where there aren't sinks. Here, floating shelves add extra storage and help fill up the dead space between the two mirrors.

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Extend Your Vanity

Bathroom with large gray vanity

House Sprucing

A great way to get even more storage in your bathroom is to use cabinets to extend the size of your vanity and add built-in storage throughout the room. Here, a taller cabinet is added for linens next to the vanity, and is done in the same color and style so it blends together perfectly.

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Keep it Monochrome

Bathroom with white and gray accents

Jessica Nelson Design

Opting for a cabinet or vanity in the same color as the rest of your bathroom is a good idea for smaller bathrooms. A monochromatic look adds depth to your space and gives you more flexibility when it comes to adding accessories to the room.

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Consider Navy Blue

Bathroom with navy blue vanity

JLA Designs

There's just something about a rich navy blue that adds a lot of elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. Here, gold hardware plays beautifully with the classic blue cabinetry to create a hotel-like look and feel.

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Add DIY'd Cabinets

Wooden cabinet above the tub


If you need more storage but can't find the right bathroom cabinet for your space, consider DIY-ing one. We love this boho-inspired natural wood cabinet that's perfect for above a toilet or by a sink.

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Lift it Off the Ground

Bathroom with white vanity and tub

Katie Hodges

This vanity is a lovely combination of a floating vanity and a grounded one, with taller legs that lift it high off the ground but still give it a rooted look. By lifting the vanity off the ground, the bathroom feels cleaner and more open. This is a great idea if you are decorating with eye-catching tile you don't want to cover up.

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Splurge for Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

Bathroom with floor to ceiling cabinets

Latham Interior Design

This stunning bathroom is definitely one for the books. Not only does it feature a fireplace (yes, we are jealous too), but it also has floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that adds unlimited storage for every bath product you could ever imagine.

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Add Various Surfaces

Bathroom with large master vanity

Rebecca Rollins

This primary bathroom vanity is wonderfully unique and perfect for a custom bathroom. The various counter heights allow for multiple uses, whether you need to store extra stuff or sit down to do your makeup in the morning.

Primary Bathroom

The term “Primary Bathroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bathroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

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Swap Out Your Pulls

Bathroom with vanity and leather pulls

Tara Kantor

One easy way to give your bathroom cabinetry a quick makeover is to swap the hardware out with something a little more unique. Here, leather pulls create a modern look that adds a little more texture to the bathroom.

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Make it Colorful

Bathroom with bright blue vanity

Reena Sotropa

Another simple way to spruce up your bathroom cabinetry is to paint it with an eye-catching color. A simple coat of paint in a bold hue (like this primary blue) is a great way to renovate your bathroom without doing much at all.

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Go Rustic

Bathroom with rustic vanity

White Sands

We love the reclaimed, roughed up look that this rustic vanity provides. This is a lovely choice for a more unique bathroom look and plays wonderfully with handpainted or vintage tiles.

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Add Built-in Cabinets

Bathroom with wooden storage

Erin Williams Design

If you have extra wall space, consider adding additional built-in cabinets to your bathroom to provide extra storage. Paint the cabinets the same color as the rest of your bathroom so it easily blends in and doesn't add any bulk to the room.