The Perfect Accent Chair for Every Zodiac Sign

Neutral living room with tan leather armchair.

Andi Morse Design

There’s an accent chair for every style—and every zodiac sign. So, when you’re looking at the options and are torn over the incredible chair silhouettes you’ve saved on Instagram, perhaps it’s time to center yourself with an introspective look at what might resonate with your birth sign. 

Whether you’re a future-loving Aquarius, an Aries in need of a statement, or a Cancer looking for a soft place to land, there is a specific design style that can help you feel at home. As pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas says, “Astrology can tell us a great deal about each zodiac sign’s favorite aesthetic or tastes. By looking to the stars, we know the kinds of things that will draw someone in, or repel them."

Each zodiac sign has their own unique perspective on life, and this can be reflected in the way we express ourselves through specific patterns, colors, and styles, according to Thomas. Here are the best accent chairs to suit each zodiac sign perfectly—time to get comfy.

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Aries: A Bold Statement Chair

Bold yellow accent chair with metal handles.

M Lavender Interiors

An Aries always wants to be noticed. They don’t want to walk in a room and simply feel like, “Oh, this is a nice space.” They want to walk in and think, “Wow, that chair! That art!” Aries gravitate towards bold statement pieces, and this funky neon chair is no exception.

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Taurus: An Earthy Rattan Chair

Beachy coastal living room with surfboard and rattan egg chair.

Cottage and Sea

A grounded Taurus thrives in a sensual, serene, relaxing environment that connects them to the Earth. With its curvy lines and natural materials, egg-shaped rattan chairs let them connect with earthly pleasures.

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Gemini: A Chair That Defies Style Genres

A pair of oversized green accent chairs.

Nile Johnson Interior Design

The perpetually busy Gemini need pieces in their space that represent their myriad of interests and their ability to swap between preferences from one day to the next. You can’t put Gemini in a box—and that’s why this pair (because, the celestial twins) of chairs that straddle the line between traditional and modern is just right.

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Cancer: A Cozy Boucle Chair

Cozy boucle accent chair with matching ottoman.

Yael Weiss Interiors

A Cancer is happiest at home, surrounded by comfortable layers and calming colors. They draw in energy from the world around them and their own space is no different. A plush boucle chair will help these empathetic souls decompress from the day in their soft cocoon. 

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Leo: An Oversized Velvet Chair

Large orange velvet oversized armchair.

Mary Patton Design

The spotlight loves Leos and Leos love the spotlight, so an oversized velvet chair that resembles their own personal throne seems like the perfect perch. An added bonus: red upholstery will resonate with this royal-loving fire sign.

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Virgo: A Minimalistic Metal Frame Chair

Neutral classic living room with two black chairs in metal frames.

Thomas Guy Interiors

Virgos can get hung up on perfectionism in their pursuit of order and organization. So, a sleek, clean-lined metal frame chair is the right touch for a space that will hopefully bring a bit of respite to this sometimes high-strung sign. 

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Libra: A Sophisticated Club Chair

Primary bedroom with two plush beige armchairs.

Pure Salt Interiors

Harmony, balance, and symmetry are the keys to a Libra’s heart, which plays right into their taste in design. This comfy club chair has all feminine curved lines which lend themselves to a beautifully designed space. Plus, they look fabulous in a balanced pair. 

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Scorpio: A Modern Wingback Chair

Neutral living room with tan leather armchair.

Andi Morse Design

Scorpios are restless spirits who gravitate towards the bold and eclectic, but their tendency to run wild is exactly why they need a more grounded approach to their design. This modern take on a wingback chair will bring calming vibes into their home to help them relax. 

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Sagittarius: A Quirky Antique Chair

Old antique red armchair in corner.

House 9 Interiors

A Sagittarius thrives on travel and exploration, so, when they’re home, they’re happiest surrounded by memories of their travels and conversation pieces that show off their knowledge. An eclectic antique chair and contrasting ottoman is a nod to their love of the world.

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Capricorn: An Iconic Chair

Classic leather recliner chair with matching ottoman.

Katie Hodges Design

Disregarding trends and instead investing in classic, well-made pieces is what brings the successful and driven Capricorn the most joy at home, and a timeless Eames chair is both a status symbol and an item they’ll have forever. 

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Aquarius: A Futuristic Chair

Futuristic slingback chair with faux fur.

Tara Kantor

Free-spirited Aquarius is the modernist among us. They march to the beat of their own drum and are always a step ahead of the rest. An ultra-modern chair, with a nod to the future in chrome detailing and a space-age silhouette, is the right spot for an Aquarius to sit for a minute. 

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Pisces: A Soft Rocking Chair

Nursery with soft rocking chair.

M Starr Design Studio

Pisces are emotional, sensitive souls who can appear complex to the outside world. They’re always daydreaming and are known to have spaces that lean more towards creative studios than neat, organized homes, so a loungey rocking chair (it’s not just for nurseries) is an ideal place to land.