10 Clothing Racks That Will Give You Extra Storage Space—and Look Good Doing It

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If you're one of those people who's blessed with plenty of closet space, lucky you. Many of us, especially apartment dwellers, do not, and many of those who are don't have closets big enough to accommodate all their stuff. If you’ve encountered this all too common problem, rest assured knowing there’s a simple solution: a garment rack.

Garment racks—also called clothing racks—are really just racks that hold your clothing. They come in an array of different shapes and sizes, but all of them are fit for holding a small portion of your wardrobe. Unlike wardrobes, they're usually free-standing and open, letting you put some of your favorite pieces on display—and of course, expand your closet.

Here, the best garment racks.

Monroe Trades Gold Clothing Stand

West Elm Monroe Trades Clothing Stand

Monroe Trades' Clothing Stand makes it easy to turn your need for extra storage into an eye-catching accent. The rack is handcrafted from industrial pipes that have been coated with a warm gold finish. Easy to take apart and put back together, this rack is 18 inches wide and is available in two different heights: 51 inches and 63 inches.

Place it in a corner and use it to keep track of your coats, hang just-cleaned laundry, or plan out your outfits for the upcoming week. Options abound, and you might end up wanting more than one.

17 Stories Reavis Garment Rack

Reavis Garment Rack

Courtesy of Wayfair

Looking for something that acts more like a traditional wardrobe than a garment rack? Check out this option found on Wayfair. Featuring not just a rod for hanging clothes but also four roomy shelves for folded clothes and accessories, the Reavis Garment Rack checks all the boxes for a heavy duty storage solution.

It's made of sturdy metal and comes in two neutral colors (white and black), so it'll fit easily with any design style. Plus, it gives you flexibility to create the look you want—if you don't want everything out in the open, just add storage baskets to the shelves to keep the items off hangers contained.

IKEA TURBO Clothes Rack

IKEA Turbo Clothes Rack

If you’re looking for a classic and straightforward garment rack, you can’t go wrong with IKEA’s TURBO Clothes Rack. The piece is 46 inches tall and 23 inches wide, making it large enough to hold an array of different items—and yes, that includes some dresses and coats.

The rack is crafted from durable composite wood, which promises to hold up both inside and outdoors. And thanks to its sturdy A-frame legs, you won’t have to worry about it toppling over as you swipe through your favorite clothing items.

Floyd The Shelving System

Floyd The Shelving System
Courtesy of West Elm.

The Floyd Shelving System is a customizable system you can use in a variety of configurations. If you want to use it as a garment rack, you’ll have to choose the “Special Shelving” configuration that has two base shelves, one top shelf, and a discreet wooden rack.

This piece is a whopping 70.5 inches tall and 30 inches wide, giving you plenty of room to store all your favorite items. And since it comes with three built-in shelves, you’ll have easy places to put purses, shoes, and more. The clothing rack is available in six different color combinations, all of which are modern and attractive.

Yamazaki Freestanding Garment Rack

Freestanding Garment Rack

Courtesy of Yamazaki

Yamazaki's Freestanding Garment Rack manages to be pretty and practical at the same time. This narrow option is 20.5 inches wide and 55.1 inches tall, and since it weighs a mere 9.5 pounds, it should be pretty easy to move around.

Available in a sleek black and a crisp white, the minimalist piece is sure to mesh well with any aesthetic. And thanks to its simple silhouette, it’s bound to look good—even if you leave it totally empty. 

Urban Outfitters Cameron Clothing Rack

Urban Outfitters Cameron Clothing Rack

Crafted from iron and birch wood, Urban Outfitters’ Cameron Clothing Rack feels both versatile and sophisticated. The sleek piece fits seamlessly into an industrial décor scheme, but looks just as great alongside some of your favorite mid-century modern items.

At 73.25 inches tall and 17.5 inches wide, this rack is bigger than others. And since it comes equipped with two base shelves, it offers an easy place to store shoes, bags, and other must-haves. Use it as a makeshift closet, or let it add some much-needed storage space to your mudroom. Thanks to its size and storage capacity, it’ll make a useful addition to any space.

Verso Design Tikas Clothing Rack

Verso Design Tikas Clothing Rack

The Tikas Clothing Rack is really two clothing racks in one: The shorter rack is 49 inches tall and 20 inches wide, while the taller one is 59 inches tall and 17 inches wide. Since the racks are connected to each other, they act as a hinge, giving you flexibility to create a configuration that's best for your space.

You can bend them to create a rack that slides into a corner seamlessly, or you can stretch them out to form one wider rack. Either way, this piece is sure to give you plenty of extra storage space—without demanding much attention.

Anthropologie Lorelei Garment Rack

Lorelei Garment Rack

Courtesy of Anthropologie

It may be hard to imagine splurging on a garment rack, but Anthropologie’s Lorelei Garment Rack is worth the investment. This ornate option is crafted from brass, stainless steel, and iron—a combination that feels both durable and luxurious.

At 62.5 inches tall and 38.75 inches wide, this rack is large enough to accommodate all your go-to items. And since it comes lined with top and bottom shelves, it’s a great place to store shoes and bags, as well. Store this beauty in your bedroom, or put it on full display in your mudroom. No matter where you put it, it’s sure to make a statement. 

Urban Outfitters Levy Clothing Rack

Urban Outfitters Levy Clothing Rack

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ Levy Clothing Rack is proof that budget-friendly garment racks can still be incredibly stylish. The A-frame rack is 67 inches tall and 18 inches wide, and it comes equipped with two base shelves that are perfect for storing shoes, bags, and other smaller must-haves.

Because the rack is constructed of bamboo, it's a versatile addition to any space, fitting in with the rest of your décor scheme rather than distracting from it. And since the frame is so subtle, it’ll look lovely even if it’s only sparsely covered with clothing. 

Woud O&O Clothes Rack

Woud O&O Clothes Rack

Most clothing racks sit on two A-frame legs or two flat feet, but the O&O Clothes Rack instead rests on a round base. This makes the low-profile rack steadier than other options, and ensures it has its own clearly designated pocket of space to occupy.

Therefore, the rack feels more like an open-faced closet than a last-ditch storage solution. And since the design is unique, it makes the sleek, minimalist piece more eye-catching than most. 

What to Look For in a Clothing Rack


As you're probably aware of if you're looking for a garment rack in the first place, the amount of space you have should be one of your top considerations. If you really have no room to spare, look for a rack that is made for corners (like traditional coat racks); if you have a large bedroom but no closet, look for bigger options that can hold clothes, shoes, and even accessories.


Have zero closet space? Make sure you buy a clothing rack that's multifunctional, with not only a rod for hanging but also shelves for shoes and folded clothes. Don't be afraid to add storage baskets into the mix to keep everything together, especially if you don't love the open look. Have a closet but too many clothes? You can focus on choosing a minimalist rack that will keep your most-loved items in easy reach and give you closet some breathing room. Clothing racks are also a great option for closet-less entryways—look for a narrow rack that can hold a few coats and perhaps has a bottom rack for shoes.


Clothing racks have come a long way from the metal collapsible racks you'd find in a clothing store. Nowadays you can find style-focused options that double as décor, from sleek metal frames that work in industrial spaces to warm wood racks that fit with bohemian, mid-century, and farmhouse aesthetics (depending on the finish and size). You'll probably have to spend a bit more on the design-forward options, but not always.

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