The Best Cocktail Glasses to Complete Your Home Bar

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Whether you’re an aspiring mixologist, a liquor enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys a drink every now and then, you can’t deny that drinks look better—and taste better—when they’re served in the right glasses. Plus, elegant glassware can make the entire experience of sipping a cocktail feel more special.

Even better? Many cocktail glasses are capable of doing double duty, so you don’t even need that many to complete your collection. In fact, we recommend starting with just three classic cocktail glass styles: tumblers, coupes, and highball glasses. When stocking up on cocktail glasses, keep an eye out for high-quality glassware, and don’t be afraid to keep things simple. “Many [people] opt for the latest fancy glass they saw on social media, and are then disappointed that it doesn't work for their favorite drinks,” says Olga Hanono, interior designer at Olga Hanono.

Remember, great cocktail glasses marry function with form. So if a cocktail glass isn’t useful for serving drinks, it probably isn’t worth the buy. To help you complete your barware collection, we’ve rounded up some of the best cocktail glasses you can buy right now.

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Sutton Cocktail Glasses

Pottery Barn Sutton Cocktail Glasses

Material: Soda glass | Number of Glasses: Single or set of 4 | Dimensions: Various | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Pottery Barn’s Sutton Cocktail Glasses will cover your barware bases—and look good doing it. The glassware collection comes with three kinds of cocktail glasses (highball, rocks, and martini glasses) and you can customize how many you want of each. The glasses themselves are molded from durable soda glass, and though they boast classic silhouettes, they’re textured with stripes that leave them looking ultrasleek. If you're just starting out with glassware for your bar, this is a great collection to shop from.

Best Budget: Luminarc Mode 18-Piece Glassware Set

Luminarc Mode 18-Piece Glassware Set

Material: Glass | Number of Glasses: 18 | Dimensions: Various | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Luminarc’s Mode glassware set makes it easy to stock your bar on a budget. The 18-piece set comes with three kinds of cocktail glasses: six large highball, six small highball, and six rocks glasses. And since all of them are made from dishwasher-safe soda glass, they should be hard-wearing and easy to care for. Simple enough to use every day and sturdy enough to put out at parties, they’re a remarkably versatile find.

Best Splurge: Richard Brendon Classic Cocktail Collection

Classic Cocktail Collection by Richard Brendon


Material: Lead-free crystal | Number of Glasses: 2 | Dimensions: Various | Care: Dishwasher-safe on top rack

If you want to invest in quality crystal glassware, check out Richard Brendon's Classic Cocktail Collection. The handblown glasses are available in shot, coupe, martini, rocks, and highball form, so you can easily stock up your entire at-home bar. Each type of glass is sold as a set of two, allowing you to customize as needed. Its ultrathin yet strong lead-free crystal will shine no matter where it's placed. The best part? These glasses are all dishwasher-safe as long as you place them on the top rack.

Best Coupe: Arhaus Della Coupes (Set of 4)

Arhaus Della Coupes (set of 4)

Material: Glass | Number of Glasses: 4 | Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.75 inches | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Coupes are ideal for an array of chilled drinks, including martinis, daiquiris, and even champagne. And since Arhaus’s Della Coupes are both sleek and elegant, they're versatile enough to handle that entire range. Crafted from ribbed glass, the coupes look surprisingly modern, but they boast the classic silhouette you’d expect. Each glass is finished with a sturdy stem you can comfortably grip as you sip.

Best Flute: Anthropologie Gilded Rim Flute


Courtesy of Anthropologie

Material: Glass | Number of Glasses: Single | Dimensions: 1.25 x 10 inches | Care: Hand-wash with non-scratch sponges

Anthropologie’s Gilded Rim Flutes are as delicate as your favorite champagne cocktails. Handcrafted from blush-pink glass, the sleek flutes boast a rosy tint that’s sure to complement your go-to spritzes. And since this color is inherent to the glass—rather than being painted on as a finish—it leaves the flutes feeling more elegant than kitschy. Once the flutes are shaped into their classic silhouettes, each one is topped with a delightful finishing touch: a shiny rim made from 24-karat gold. This detail leaves the rosy flutes looking even prettier, making them a truly special find.

Best Highball: Nude Design Studio Big Top Glassware Highball Glasses

Design Within Reach Big Top Glassware

Material: Lead-free crystal | Number of Glasses: Set of 4 | Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.6 x 6.89 inches | Care: Dishwasher safe

Nude Design Studio's Big Top Glassware Highball Glasses are the perfect vessels for all your favorite mixed drinks. Handcrafted from lead-free crystal, these classic highball glasses are incredibly elegant. Little details—like a series of textured stripes lining the outside of each glass—leave the glasses feeling dynamic and modern. Thanks to their sleek design, the glasses should be versatile enough to handle everything from bloody marys to gin and tonics. And since the glasses are dishwasher-safe, they’re a particularly great option for everyday use.

Best Rocks: The Citizenry Clear Apasco Tumblers (Set of 4)

The Citizenry Apasco Tumblers (Set of 4)

Material: Lead-free recycled glass | Number of Glasses: 4 | Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 4 inches | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Rocks glasses—also known as lowball glasses, Old-Fashioned glasses, or short tumblers—are one of the most versatile items in any drinkware collection. The Citizenry’s Apasco Tumblers are pretty enough to make a statement, even if you’re just using them for water. Handcrafted from recycled lead-free glass, each tumbler is one-of-a-kind, so you should expect color, texture, and shape to vary slightly—even among the glasses in your four-piece set. This handicraft nature leaves the tumblers feeling like miniature works of art, and since they’re dishwasher-safe, you can easily clean them up the moment you’re done showing them off.

Best Martini: RIEDEL Extreme Martini Glasses, Set of 2

Riedel Extreme Martini Glasses, Set of 2


Material: Crystal | Number of Glasses: 2 | Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 6.9 inches | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Martinis can be incredibly delicate drinks (if you take yours with gin and a lemon twist) or surprisingly rustic ones (if you prefer yours with vodka and loads of olive juice). But no matter how you serve your house martinis, RIEDEL's Extreme Martini Glasses are sure to complement them. Crafted from crystal with a timeless design, these glasses look much more expensive than they actually are. The slightly curved rims will make the perfect backdrop for twisted lemon rinds, olive-adorned toothpicks, and any other garnishes you love.

Best Nick & Nora: LSA International Borough Martini Glasses (Set of 4)

LSA Borough Martini Glasses (Set of 4)

Material: Lead-free glass | Number of Glasses: 4 | Dimensions: 3.58 x 3.58 x 6.54 inches | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Like coupe glasses, Nick & Nora glasses are perfect for shaken and stirred cocktails—and LSA International’s Borough Martini Glasses are some of the prettiest Nick & Noras you’ll find. Each glass is designed with a classic curved bowl and an extra-long stem, a combination that lends to the glasses a dainty elegance. But since they're crafted from lead-free crystalline glass, they’re remarkably durable, too. Though their delicate feel might suggest otherwise, the glasses are sturdy enough to pop in the dishwasher. (They’re also microwave-safe, if for some reason you feel like warming up your martinis.)

Best Snifter: Circleware Chantal Snifter Glasses (Set of 4)

Circleware Chantal Snifter Glasses (Set of 4)

Material: Glass | Number of Glasses: 4 | Dimensions: Not listed | Care: Dishwasher-safe

Thanks to their large bowls and wide mouths, snifter glasses are perfect for high-proof liquors like brandy and bourbon. And if you’re looking for a classic set, Circleware’s Chantal Snifter Glasses will certainly get the job done. Each set comes with four matching snifter glasses crafted from lead-free glass. And while the glasses boast the dramatic silhouette you’d expect from a snifter, they are also optimized for convenient drinking thanks to the wide base, which should keep the top-heavy glasses from tipping over and spilling.

Best Margarita: Williams Sonoma Sonora Outdoor Etched Tritan Margarita Glasses

Williams Sonoma Sonora Outdoor Etched Tritan Margarita Glasses

Material: Tritan copolyester | Number of Glasses: Single or set of 6 | Dimensions: 5 x 6.25 inches | Care: Top-rack dishwasher-safe

Margaritas are best enjoyed outdoors, and since Williams Sonoma’s Sonora Tritan Margarita Glasses are both striking and shatterproof, they should make the perfect addition to all your warm weather gatherings. Crafted from Tritan copolyester, a durable polymer material, the glasses are incredibly durable. Each glass can house a whopping 18-ounce margarita (for reference, the average margarita is just 12 ounces), and since the glasses are top-rack dishwasher-safe, they're pretty convenient to clean.

Best Copper Mug: Sertodo Copper Set of 4 Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Mug Set


Material: Recycled copper | Number of Glasses: 2 or 4 | Dimensions: 6 x 4.25 inches | Care: Hand-wash and dry immediately after use to prevent spotting

A copper mug may not be the first thing you think to buy when it comes to barware, but if you’re a fan of Moscow mules, you know just how necessary copper mugs can be. The Sertodo Copper Moscow Mule Mugs offer a delightful take on the classic with a heavy gauge copper construction that's shiny but textured. And since they come with customizable handles, you can choose whether you want to pair your copper mugs with matching round handles or with flat stainless steel ones.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend Pottery Barn’s Sutton Cocktail Glasses (view at Pottery Barn), which are classic enough to serve cocktails in and sleek enough to display on your bar cart. They come in customizable sets, so you can choose exactly how many matching highball, rocks, and martini glasses you want in your collection.

For something more budget-friendly, we recommend Luminarc's Mode 18-Piece Glassware Set (view at Amazon), which comes with six large highball glasses, six small highball glasses, and six rocks glasses—enough to cover all your bases.

What to Look for in Cocktail Glasses


Cocktail glasses aren’t shaped arbitrarily. Stems may seem delicate, but they’re there to be held so you can keep the chilled drink in your glass cold. Similarly, wide-mouthed glasses may seem unwieldy, but they’re designed to help you pick up more of a drink’s aromas. Given this, it pays to stick to tradition by favoring classic silhouettes whenever you can. And if you want to go off-book, make sure the cocktail glasses you’re eyeing are still designed appropriately, given the drinks they’re supposed to serve. 

“When selecting pieces, think about the comfort of holding a cocktail glass,” Jenifer Houlroyd, Design Director at Etch Design Group, says. “Many trendy glasses might be difficult to grip when cold or sweating!”


There’s nothing wrong with snagging a set of cocktail glasses you love looking at. So when shopping, keep an eye out for style, especially if you plan to display your glasses on a bar cart. For function’s sake, you’ll probably want to stick to traditional silhouettes and classic clear glass, but little details—like slightly playful shapes, dimpled handblown glass, and gold-lined rims—can add aesthetic appeal without sacrificing function. 

“My advice is to stick to a simple, elegant design of good quality,” Hanono says.


If you want to invest in your glassware, look for options made from real glass. (And if you’re really in the mood to splurge, look for options made from lead-free crystal.) Sometimes, plastic can be very convincing. So check the material makeup of any glasses you’re eyeing—then, compare that with the price to make sure you’re getting a good deal.


What are the most important cocktail glasses every home bar should have?

If you’re buying barware for the very first time, Timo Torner, founder of Cocktail Society, recommends investing in three styles of cocktail glasses: tumblers, coupes, and highball glasses. “I personally love glassware and have countless different styles of glasses at home,” he says. “However, the ones I use the most are tumblers.” Tumblers—also known as "rocks glasses" or "Old-Fashioned glasses"—are short, wide glasses that you can use for liquor served neat, liquor served on the rocks, and a range of different cocktails (including Old-Fashioneds, Negronis, and even margaritas).

“Depending on what you like to drink, coupe glasses are a nice addition,” Torner says. Coupe glasses boast a wide mouth, a flat base, and a long stem. And they’re great for chilled cocktails—like martinis and daiquiris. “And the third and last recommendation would be to get a nice highball glass,” he says. “They’re perfect for all kinds of two-ingredient drinks.” Think rum and cokes, gin and tonics, and whiskey sodas.

How do I care for my cocktail glasses?

Some cocktail glasses are dishwasher-friendly, while others are hand-wash only, so it’s always a good idea to double-check your cocktail glasses’ care instructions before washing. “Most barware doesn’t need special treatment,” Torner says. “However, glasses with gold decorations (like gold rims) and [other] very fragile glasses should be carefully washed by hand. Otherwise, they might break or lose their golden touch.” If you do machine-wash your glasses, be sure to keep them on the top rack and away from other glasses.

Should I display my cocktail glasses on a bar cart?

Hanono loves the idea of displaying cocktail glasses on a bar cart. “Nowadays, I find it very modern to use a bar cart,” she says. “I like to situate the different designs of glasses, playing with their various textures and sizes.” But Houlroyd prefers to keep it classic, pulling out glasses only when she’s hosting an event. “I would only display the glasses for the event and in the amount that matches your guest count,” she says.

Put simply? You can display your cocktail glasses on your bar cart—but you definitely don’t have to. If you love the way your cocktail glasses look, consider putting some on display. You can decorate with a set of matching glasses, or you can pull pieces from a few different sets. All that matters is that you’re happy with the way the glasses are displayed.

Why Trust MyDomaine?

MyDomaine writer Lindsey Lanquist comes from a family that loves making—and drinking—cocktails. So she has your back when it comes to good glassware. When choosing cocktail glasses for this story, she looked for three things: function, form, and high-quality materials. 

First, she made sure each cocktail glass was shaped appropriately to get the job done. Second, she favored cocktail glasses that look great when lining a home bar. (The glasses in this story are genuinely pretty, but their aesthetic appeal never comes at the cost of function.) Finally, she prioritized glassware made from quality materials, like glass and lead-free crystal.