5 Discontinued Home Pieces We Still Think About All the Time

Ornate bedroom with large gold mirror and mushroom lamp.

Shannon Claire Smith

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing our favorite retailers release new pieces of home décor and furniture—after all, there’s nothing we love more than reviving our spaces with fresh finds. That said, it’s always sad to see gorgeous pieces get taken off the market, especially if we didn’t snatch them up in time.

Truth be told, there are discontinued items that still haunt us and truly are “the ones that got away.” Here are just a few of the pieces we wished we could still get our hands on. If you’re lucky enough to own one of the below finds, we’re jealous.

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Martha Stewart Mirror

Black and white bed with large sun mirror hanging above it.

Heather Bien

This Martha Stewart-branded mirror was once sold for a mere $35—at Home Depot, of all places. I remember it having quite the Pinterest presence and for good reason, as it truly is such a versatile accessory.

Blogger Heather Bien has held onto hers over the years, and we love how it’s currently styled in her Washington, D.C., bedroom shown above. We can’t get enough of brass accent pieces, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

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Target X-Benches

Traditional style bedroom with small green bench at the foot of bed.

Mackenzie Horan

It can be extremely difficult to source affordable x-benches, but Target came in and saved the day with its simple yet beautiful collection—how perfect is that white piping?

Blogger Mackenzie Horan has used her green Target benches in multiple spaces over the years, and they look extra charming placed at the end of the bed as seen here. I owned a pink version of this bench back in the day and so regret parting with it.

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Hayneedle Jewelry Organizer

Large stacking jewelry organizer.

Grace Atwood

Any jewelry lover knows that a good storage system is key, and blogger Grace Atwood had the foresight to snatch up two stunning campaign-style organizers from Hayneedle to stash all of her baubles.

Such pieces would also look lovely in a bathroom or walk-in closet if space allows. Now, if only we could track down a few of our own.

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IKEA Mirror

Large leaning mirror in white Scandi living room.

Danielle Moss

IKEA has released—and later discontinued—some amazing pieces over the years, with this oversized mirror being just one of them. Blogger and Anecdote co-founder Danielle Moss made the piece shine in her former Chicago living room, and we truthfully would have never guessed it was from a big-box store.

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Target Mushroom Lamp

Ornate bedroom with large gold mirror and mushroom lamp.

Shannon Claire Smith

The brass mushroom lamps pictured here are another Target item that didn’t last long in-store. Designer Shannon Claire Smith loved the style so much that she managed to track down two pieces via eBay, which she displayed in her former bedroom. Once again, we never would have known these pieces were originally such a steal.