11 Thoughtful Gifts for the Cooks in Your Life

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There's nothing quite like a homemade meal, especially when it's prepared by your favorite cook. Whether it's your parent, best friend, or beyond, finding the perfect gift to repay them for their delicious food, however, can be a challenge—especially if their kitchen already seems stocked with the essentials.

Luckily, there are tons of thoughtful gifts out there, from stylish trivets to unique kitchen tools, that will warrant a chef's kiss. If you're not sure where to start, use the gift's style, price, and size as a guide. From there, you'll be able to find the perfect fit.

Here, the best gifts for cooks.

Material Kitchen The Angled Board

The Angled Board
The Angled Board .

Courtesy of Material Kitchen

If your favorite cook is in the market for a high-quality cutting board, Material Kitchen's The Angled Board is a great place to start. The wooden style is made for both prep and serving, a multipurpose pick anyone would be happy to have in their kitchen.

The board is made of FSC-certified wood and is offered in two colors—carbon and walnut. Each board features a smooth side and a grooved side, so you can do anything from slice fruit to serve a decadent cheese board.

Pottery Barn Mason Stoneware Salt & Pepper Pinch Bowls, Set of 2

Mason Stoneware Salt & Pepper Pinch Bowls, Set of 2
Mason Stoneware Salt & Pepper Pinch Bowls, Set of 2.

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Most recipes will require at least a dash of salt and/or pepper, so having them handy is important for any cook. Though shakers certainly get the job done, Pottery Barn's Mason Stoneware Salt & Pepper Pinch Bowls are the perfect way to display the seasonings in style.

The set includes two stoneware bowls, each of which features a glazed finish and is kiln-fired. The bowls, which are two ounces each, are both dishwasher and microwave safe as well, so they can be used for things like dips and other snacks too.

Grate Plate Handmade Ceramic Grater

Grate Plate Handmade Ceramic Grater
Grate Plate Handmade Ceramic Grater.

Sur La Table

Grate Plate's Handmade Ceramic Grater is a budget-friendly option chefs of all levels will love to have. The plate features small ridges that can grate everything from garlic to cheese and beyond, making it easy to create concentrated purees.

The handmade ceramic design is offered in 15 colors, from a subtle sage green to a vibrant red hue. It's resistant to cracking and chips as well as dishwasher safe, making it easy to keep the dish clean between uses.

SIN Handmade Twist Trivet

Handmade Twist Trivet
Handmade Twist Trivet.

Courtesy of Food52

If you're searching for a budget-friendly gift, you can't go wrong with a trivet. Especially if it's SIN's Handmade Twist Trivet, which will protect a dining table from any hot dishes with a design-friendly style anyone would be happy to have on their table.

The handmade trivet is offered in two colors—speckled and terracotta—and has a unique twisted design throughout that sets it apart from other styles out there. Made of stoneware, the trivet can even double as a napkin weight or a decorative piece on a shelf between uses.

Brightland Digestif Candle

Brightland Candle - Digestif

Courtesy of Brightland

Brightland is best known for its selection of olive oils, but their Digestif candle is certainly not one to be missed. Designed to be burned while cooking or afterwards, the candle is meant to serve as a digestif, but for your kitchen.

The eight-ounce candle blends notes of neroli, vetiver, and black pepper and is made with Brightland olive oil—an ingredient that'll add fragrance but also extend the candle's lifespan as well as improve its throw.

Hedley & Bennett H&B x Rifle Paper Co. - Herb Garden Apron

Rifle Paper Co. Apron
Rifle Paper Co. Apron .

Courtesy of H&B

With cooking, there's bound to be some mess involved, so having an apron is always appreciated. Though Hedley & Bennett offers aprons in a variety of styles and colors, their collaboration with Rifle Paper Co. is one style certainly worth considering.

The Herb Garden design takes Hedley & Bennett's Essential Apron silhouette and combines it with a classic Rifle Paper Co. floral motif that makes for a stylish addition to any kitchen. The apron also features a double-stacked chest pocket as well as a utility loop for tongs, towels, and tools for easy cooking.

Alessi Voile Spaghetti Measure

Voile spaghetti measure
Voile spaghetti measure.

Courtesy of Finnish Design Shop

Experienced and amateur cooks alike will appreciate this handy tool by Alessi. The Voile Spaghetti Measure makes it easy to serve the ideal pasta portions so the cook can make sure everyone has enough of their favorite Italian dish.

The stainless steel tool features three rounded sections designed to measure one, two, and five portions of spaghetti specifically. It's certainly small enough to store in a drawer or cabinet, but the unique shape makes for an art piece on a countertop between uses.

Williams Sonoma Flour Shop Melamine Mixing Bowls with Lids, Set of 6

Flour Shop Melamine Mixing Bowls with Lids, Set of 6
Flour Shop Melamine Mixing Bowls with Lids, Set of 6.

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Whether it's a multi-step recipe or there are just tons of leftovers, a set of mixing bowls is important for any cook. The William Sonoma Flour Shop Melamine Mixing Bowls with Lids set includes a variety of bowls in different sizes, a collection that'll stock any kitchen perfectly.

The multicolor set was designed in partnership with Amirah Kassem, the founder of Brooklyn-based bakery Flour Shop. In an effort to replicate the essence of the bakery's infamous Rainbow Cake, the set includes six multicolor bowls that together, make a rainbow. Each melamine bowl has an accompanying lid and can be used for anything from mixing batters to transporting food to a dinner party.

Our Place

Our Place The Always Pan

Our Place

Our Place's Always Pan has become a common kitchen staple and for good reason. The bestselling pan is designed to replace eight pieces of cookware, a win whether you're shopping for someone who lives in a small space or just wants to downsize their collection.

The pan is offered in a variety of ten colors, each of which will sit pretty on top of a stove. With the pan, you can do everything from braise to steam to saute and beyond, so you won't need a bunch of different cookware to make a great meal. Plus, it includes a spatula and nesting steamer you can store within the pan.

etúHOME Mod iPad / Cookbook Holder

Handmade Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Holder
Handmade Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Holder .

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Any at-home chef is sure to get tons of use out of etúHOME's Mod Ipad/Cookbook Holder. The stylish stand offers a shelf for a cookbook, Ipad, or recipe book so the cook can check ingredients, measurements, and next steps with ease.

The stand is made of reclaimed wood and is finished with a food-safe wax for extra protection. Available in a variety of colors, the holder has a subtle design that'll work well in just about any kitchen without taking up too much counter space.

Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 Pro

Click and Grow The Smart Garden 9 Pro

Cooking with fresh ingredients is always preferred but ensuring you always have them on hand can be tricky. With Click and Grow's Smart Garden 9 Pro, however, at-home chefs can grow their favorite organic herbs and vegetables with just the touch of a button.

Click & Grow's Smart Garden separates itself from the pack with an app-controlled lighting system that ensures the plants are getting the ideal amount of exposure. The garden is also set for automatic watering and provides the perfect amount of oxygen and nutrients. The set includes nine complimentary capsules—tomato, basil, and lettuce— as well, so the lucky recipient can start growing with ease.

What to Look For in a Gift For Cooks


From cooking tools to kitchen accessories, there are tons of options out there that make for great gifts for cooks. The price, however, will depend on how advanced of an item you purchase. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, picks like trivets, pinch bowls, and small kitchen tools are a great place to start. For investment items, high-end cutting boards and cookware, as well as small appliances, will certainly fit the bill.


If you're considering items that will be on display in the recipient's kitchen, style is a key factor to consider. While shopping, think about the person's interior design style and if the product's color and design will work well in the space. Some items, like trivets, may even double as decorative items someone can display between uses.


No matter who the item is for, size is an important detail to think about. Regardless of whether or not the giftee is living in a small space, you'll want to be mindful of any items that might take up a lot of counter space or won't easily fit into drawers and cabinets. As an alternative, you can always consider multipurpose items that will act as space savers in a kitchen. For example, Our Place's Always Pan may take up a bit of space on a stove or in a cabinet, but it's designed to replace eight pieces of cookware so it helps downsize someone's collection.

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