13 Outdoor Games That Are Made For Fun in The Sun

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Games make a classic addition to any home. But if you think indoor games are the only options on offer, think again. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a surprisingly spacious porch, a handful of outdoor activities can level up your space, transforming game nights, backyard barbecues, and more. 

From yard-friendly classics to innovative takes on old favorites, there are tons of options to choose from. And since these games can vary a lot in terms of size and intensity, it's easy to find one that works in your backyard.

Here, the best outdoor games.

Anthropologie Vera Picnic Cornhole Game

Vera for Anthropologie Picnic Cornhole Game

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Cornhole is a staple at any outdoor shindig. And since cornhole boards are pretty big, they offer plenty of space to make a statement. Take this Vera for Anthropologie Picnic Cornhole Game, for example, which includes two striking boards and eight vibrant sandbags.

Designed in celebration of artist and designer Vera Neumann, each board features a multicolor floral pattern and is complemented by a set of patterned sandbags. And since each cornhole board comes with a built-in white rope handle, you can rest assured knowing the game should be easy to move around your backyard.

Sunnylife Play On Table Tennis

Tennis Table

Courtesy of ban.do

Table tennis is a classic outdoor game but if you're looking to upgrade, this Sunnylife pick is worth considering. The Play On Table Tennis set is designed with pops of pink and holographic paddles that'll make for a fun addition to any outdoor setup.

The set is made of PVC and poplar wood and includes all of the essentials—an adjustable net, two paddles, and two ping pong balls. The lightweight net clamps to the edge of the table as well, so you won't have to worry about it moving during each round.

Pottery Barn Oversized Outdoor Tumbling Tower

Pottery Barn Oversized Outdoor Tumbling Tower

You know that childhood game where you remove rectangular blocks from a tower, and try to stack them on top of it—all without knocking the tower over? Pottery Barn’s Oversized Outdoor Tumbling Tower is exactly like that—but outdoor-friendly.

The 27-inch tower may not be taller than you are, but it’s certainly taller than your average tumbling tower. And since the blocks are crafted from durable acacia wood, you can bring the game outside without giving it a second thought. The set includes 54 pieces and a fabric storage bag as well, so it's easy to keep track of all the pieces between rounds.

Urban Outfitters Inflatable Pong Pool Float Game

Urban Outfitters Inflatable Pong Pool Float Game

Yard games aren’t the only options on offer—pool games are, too. And Urban Outfitters’ Inflatable Pong Pool Float Game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The game offers a pool-friendly take on a classic round of pong. And, it ships with just one piece.

Buy the game, and you’ll receive a pool float that doubles as a rectangular pong board. And because balancing drinks on pool floats is never ideal, the float comes lined with plenty of strategically placed cup holders. You’ll be tasked with bringing the cups, the ping-pong balls, and a little competitive spirit—the game will handle the rest.

Serena & Lily Bocce Ball

Serena & Lily Bocce Ball

Looking for a classic outdoor game that won’t demand much storage space? Consider giving bocce ball a try. Serena & Lily’s Bocce Ball set comes with nine resin balls—all of which are rendered in lovely coastal hues. And since the balls come inside a small wooden carrying case, they’re incredibly easy to bring with you on-the-go. Whether you want to play during your next backyard bash or bring it to your next beach day, the game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser wherever you go.

Poolmaster Badminton Pop-Up Game

Poolmaster Badminton Pop-Up Game

Poolmaster’s Badminton Pop-Up Game will transform your yard into a full-blown badminton court. The set ships with a badminton net, two telescoping poles, four rackets, and four birdies (those are the things you hit when playing badminton). For good measure, it also includes a carrying case so you can keep track of all those pieces.

The set’s vibrant blue and neon yellow color scheme is sure to look great in your backyard. And since it only demands about 5 feet of space, you can let your badminton court grow as large—or stay as tight—as you want it to.

Pottery Barn Outdoor Lawn Bowling Set

Outdoor Lawn Bowling Set

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

If you think bowling is only an indoor sport, think again. Thanks to Pottery Barn’s Outdoor Lawn Bowling Set, you can turn anything into a bowling alley. The set includes 10 bowling pins, four miniature bowling balls, and a zip-up carrying case, all of which are lightweight and easy to transport.

Since all of the pieces (save the bag) are crafted from acacia wood, the set is as durable as it is stylish. It's a great outdoor activity to play alone when you're bored, but don’t be surprised if it steals the show at your next outdoor party too.

Hathaway Games High Roller Yard Giant Dice Set

Hathaway Games High Roller Yard Giant Dice Set

Dice make a classic addition to any game collection. So it only makes sense that you should have a set that you can take outdoors. For a set that won't get lost in the grass, Hathaway Games’ High Roller Yard Giant Dice Set is certainly worth considering.

The set comes with six dice—all of which boast 3.5-inch sides. And since they’re crafted from weather-resistant wood, you can rest assured knowing they’ll hold up to the wear and tear of Mother Nature.

Yard Games Wooden Outdoor Ladder Toss

Wooden Outdoor Ladder Toss

Courtesy of Food52

Looking for an outdoor game you haven’t seen everywhere before? Yard Games' Wooden Outdoor Ladder Toss is a solid option. The game is made up of eight pieces—two wooden ladders and six bolas (short cords with weighted balls on both ends). And the object is simple: toss the bola onto the frame.

The bolas are color-coded—three red and three blue—so you can easily break into teams. You can also make the game as easy or as hard as you want it to be by adjusting how far away you are from the wooden ladders.

Anthropologie Vera Picnic Travel Croquet Set

Anthropologie Vera Picnic Travel Croquet Set

Whether you’re at the beach or in your own backyard, the Vera for Anthropologie Picnic Travel Croquet Set makes it easy to set up a quick match of croquet. The set includes four vibrant mallets, four matching balls, one stake, and six wickets as well as a floral zip-up bag for easy storage.

If you want to take the set on your next road trip, don't stress. The mallets are specifically designed with travel in mind, so they’re smaller than what you’d find in a classic croquet set. This makes the game particularly portable—and pretty kid-friendly, too.

Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball Game Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Spikeball is widely considered one of the most fun outdoor games around. And if you’ve never heard of it before, don’t worry—it’s incredibly easy to pick up. The game involves four simple pieces—a trampoline-like net and three small balls. For ease of portability, the net breaks down into a series of smaller pieces, all of which fit inside a compact travel bag.

The family-friendly game is a lot like volleyball—but with a lower, rounder net and much smaller balls. To play, split into teams, and serve the ball by spiking it into the net. The other team can hit the ball three times before spiking it back into the net and then it’s up to you to return it. The best part? You can play for as long as you'd like, so you and your guests will stay entertained.

Terrain Wooden Yard Dominoes

Terrain Wooden Yard Dominoes

There are a handful of games you can play with dominoes—and Terrain’s Wooden Yard Dominoes make it easy to take those games outside. The set comes with 28 bigger-than-average dominoes, all of which are crafted from weather-resistant wood. They even come with a jute pouch you can use to keep them all together. Tackle a classic dominoes game, or invent one of your own. Or set them up in fun designs, and let them cascade into each other all over your yard.

Yard Games Giant Connect 4

Yard Games Giant Connect 4

Connect 4 is the kind of game just about anyone can play—and that’s exactly what’ll make it such a great addition to your next outdoor bash. Yard Games’ Giant Connect 4 offers a blown-up, outdoor-friendly version of the game. And since the set is made of a combination of hardwood and plastic, you can rest assured knowing it’s pretty hardy.

The Connect 4 board stands at 23 inches tall and 31 inches wide. And since the pieces boast 3.5-inch diameters, you shouldn’t have any trouble spotting them in the grass. Use this two-player game to make a barbecue a little more fun—or to transform your next backyard date night. Either way, you’re in for a good time.

What to Look for in a Outdoor Game


Any time you’re bringing something outdoors, you want to make sure it can withstand a little wear and tear—and a little weather, too. Most outdoor games are designed to do just that, but some can handle more than others. While you shop, double-check if the game has weather-resistant properties or is made of durable materials like acacia wood.


Some outdoor games will demand more space than others. Badminton sets and croquet games tend to sprawl, whereas tumbling towers can exist within a corner. While shopping, consider the size of your backyard, and snag an outdoor game that suits your space.


There are tons of different outdoor games out there, each of which offer different experiences. Are you looking for a high-energy game for a group? Or a calmer game for two? Remember, you can always mix and match to give yourself—and your party guests—options.

When it comes to style, it's also worth noting the age range of the players—if you're playing with younger children, games with tons of small pieces may not be ideal.

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