Take Your Home Office to the Next Level With These Standing Desks

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Back in the days of working in an office, standing desks were gaining momentum as the accessory of choice. But when we all shifted to working from home, the standing desks were left to gather dust, and we were relegated to working from our kitchen tables.

Though the jury is still out on the concrete health benefits of standing desks, sitting for too long is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes, among other illnesses. So if you’re looking to improve upon your home office, consider perusing this list of our recommendations for the best standing desks on the market today.

Here, the best standing desks.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk scores highly on style, useability, and customization. We love the simple profile that’s not as bulky as some competitors, which is all the more impressive as it hides the quiet motors that adjust the desk’s height quite well.

As for building your desk to order, you can choose from different finishes, shapes, and sizes for the surface. The frame comes in four colors, too.

One of the biggest reasons we love this desk, however, is that it’s made out of bamboo, one of the most eco-friendly woods out there: it is fast-growing, requires little water, and can be harvested repeatedly from the same plant. Additionally, the desk is shipped in recyclable and EPE-free packaging.

IKEA Knotten Standing Desk

Knotten Standing Desk

Courtesy of IKEA

While most standing desks look pretty much the same, IKEA’s Knotten desk provides a chic alternative that recalls classic writing desks—but elevated, literally. The standing desk, which isn’t adjustable, is ideal for tucking into a small space, as it’s only 24 ⅜ inches at its widest.

As such, it’s got a small surface that’s better for laptops than it is full desktops. And despite its slim profile, the desk provides quite a bit of storage between two shelves and two drawers.

Bottom line: this desk is ideal for apartment dwellers who don’t have the space for a full standing desk, or for homeowners who want a little perch outside their home office, say in their kitchen.

Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk

Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk

If you’ve got the space, you can go big—really big. The Fully Jarvis L-Shaped Standing Desk has C-suite vibes with its massive size, which is perfect for those who need additional monitors or extra space for analog work (sometimes we still need to print things out!).

As with other Fully Jarvis desks, customization is the name of the game. For the surface, you have a choice in finish (two bamboo options and two laminate options) and size (from 60 by 60 inches to 81 by 72 inches), while the frame has the standard four color options.

Pottery Barn Pittsburgh Crank Standing Desk

Pottery Barn Pittsburg Crank Standing Desk

Most standing desks are pretty high-tech, but Pottery Barn’s Pittsburgh Crank Standing Desk keeps it old-school. The antique-style desk is not powered with electricity, but with a hand crank (that’s super easy to use, don’t worry!). If vintage-chic, farmhouse-chic, or industrial-chic is your look, this is the desk for you.

The surface comes in chestnut and washed pine finishes, though it’s actually made of kiln-dried pine, engineered wood, and spruce veneers—while the frame is powder-coated black. It’s a nice medium size at 48 inches wide and 28 inches deep, and it adjusts from a height of 30 inches to 47 inches.

DeskView Portable Standing Desk

DeskView Portable Standing Desk

If you’re blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows in your home, you might want to consider the DeskView Portable Standing Desk to take advantage of that view—without sacrificing crucial floor space.

This incredibly innovative standing desk is actually just an acrylic laptop tray that suctions onto glass (and glass-backed whiteboard if you have one of those around!). It can be installed or removed in less than 10 seconds but is strong enough to stay put for years. Just note that it won’t stick to painted walls, wood, concrete, or really any surface other than glass, so make sure you have the right space to use it!

Crate & Barrel Humanscale Laptop Converter

Crate & Barrel Humanscale Laptop Converter

Already have a desk at home? Don’t worry—you can actually just buy a standing desk converter if you’re looking to raise your surface. We love Humanscale Laptop Converter, available at Crate and Barrel, which simply sits atop a surface (it could even be your kitchen table) and provides an elevated shelf for a laptop that can be adjusted up to 19 inches. 

Just note that it’s a little bulky, so it’s not super easy to move day in and day out—but that weight does make the converter extra sturdy. It comes in black or white, and there are also versions that work with single and dual monitors instead of laptops.

Made by Choice Fem Work Desk

Made by Choice Fem Work Desk

The Made by Choice Fem Work Desk is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. You can use it as a straightforward work desk, or swing the upper shelf into place to create a standing desk.

Need to repurpose the desk when you go back to the office? It can be used as storage shelves in a kitchen, or, as the designers suggest in classic Finnish fashion, even in your home sauna. 

The desk is incredibly easy to assemble, requiring no screws. Plus, its raw birch surface is perfect for adding a personalized touch on its own—you can add a finish or paint it to suit your style.

Brayden Studio® Rosenblatt Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Rosenblatt Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

According to this design by Brayden Studio®, standing desks can be both practical and chic. With this style, you'll get the look of crisp, high-gloss furniture paired with the functionality of an adjustable desk thanks to a lift top that also doubles as an extra storage compartment.

Plus, the neutral white hue on the wallet-friendly desk will fit seamlessly with any office accessories and furniture you already own, so you don't have to worry about reconfiguring your space to make it work.