11 Unique Wine Glasses for Your Next Dinner Party or Date Night In

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Wine glasses have come a long way since the days where you were limited to having to choose between stemmed and stemless. Now, you can find one in just about any size, shape, or color. From the elegant and refined to the quirky and abstract, this barware staple’s modern revamp is an ode to contemporary design—you’ll find amorphous forms, saturated color blocks, and even the occasional glazed ceramic. 

Now, don’t get us wrong. What happens to be inside the wine glass may be the more important factor, but you could also argue that drinking out of a design-forward vessel makes quite the difference in the experience. Plus, focusing on a stylistic element never hurts, especially when you’re playing host or simply arranging them on a floating shelf above the bar cart. And let’s be honest, these days, it’s all about finding pieces that are as unique as you and your style.

To help you get going, we set out to uncover the coolest, freshest, and most unexpected wine glasses on the market right now.

Best Overall: Estelle Colored Glass Wine Glasses

Estelle Hand-blown Colored Wine Glasses (Set of 6)


If you're over plain glass wine glasses, Estelle’s collection of vibrant stemware will add some visual excitement to your tablescape. Handblown by glass artisans in Poland, these glasses inspire pure elegance with a touch of effortless cool. Available in an array of rich jewel tones, the wine glasses feature a much-needed revamp on the original, where color takes center stage. This “rose” set was made for enjoying your favorite bottle of, you guessed it, rosé.

Best Budget: West Elm Esme Glassware

Esme Glassware

West Elm

Yes, it's possible to find tinted glassware at a relatively affordable price. West Elm's Esme Glassware is sold in sets of four and eight, and comes in champagne, red wine, and white wine varieties. No matter which one you choose, you'll get gray-tinted glasses made of soda lime glass—which means they're machine-washable, too. Plus, they have ridged sides and detailing on the stem for extra style. Keep a look out for West Elm's frequent sales to get them at a discounted price, and get ready to set the moody table of your dreams.

Best Splurge: fferrone Tulip Wine Glasses

fferrone Tulip Wine Glasses

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional but with an updated twist, these tulip wine glasses by fferrone are the way to go. Inspired by glassware typically found in European cafes, the unique vessels feature a narrow, cylindrical base and a rather bulbous top.

Handblown and crafted from borosilicate glass, they’re equal parts durable and design-forward. Choose between a tall and short version, and your preferred volume—they come in 8, 12, and 16 ounces.

Best Machine-Washable: HAY Tint Wine Glasses, Set of 2

Tint Wine Glasses


Funky yet charming, HAY's Tint Wine Glasses are a great way to add a pop of color to your dining table. Unlike other glassware, these glasses are made from borosilicate glass, a highly durable material that can be put in the dishwasher. Aside from being easy to care for, these glasses are colorful and modern, with a design-forward shape that's both sophisticated and endlessly cool. And if you don't love the pink and yellow color combo, you have a few other options to choose from, including traditional clear and a moody gray.

Best Stemless: Puik Faceted Crystal Glasses

Puik Faceted Crystal Carafe & Glasses

Upgrade from the standard set of tumblers to a version with a little more face value. These faceted crystal wine glasses are poised to instantly elevate your everyday glassware, not to mention happy hour in general.

Made from mouth-blown crystal glass, the pieces in the set (which can also include a matching carafe, if you so choose) were developed to play a little visual trick on the eyes. Position them near a window or vibrant light source and you’ll be instantly captivated by the bright reflections stemming from the facets of each piece.

Best Multipurpose: Sophie Lou Jacobsen Ripple Cup

Sophie Lou Jacobsen Ripple Cup

Get in on the wave trend with a set of wine glasses that are guaranteed to keep the good times rolling. Designed by Sophie Lou Jacobsen, these colorful glasses are made from the ever sturdy borosilicate glass, and are versatile enough to hold everything from hot tea to bubbly and even fresh florals when they’re off-duty. Choose between a soft pink, lilac, and an amber tint (or take our advice and mix and match them by going for all three). It’s time you gave your bar cart the update it deserves.

Best Handblown Glass: St. Frank Ombré Amethyst Wine Glass

St. Frank Ombré Amethyst Wine Glass

St. Frank’s amethyst wine glasses are pretty much the epitome of cool with their chic ombre finish and handblown composition. Crafted by artisans in Mexico, the cylindrical bowl of the vessel, with its fading coloring, is undoubtedly the piece’s crowning feature.

Smaller in scale compared to most wine glasses, this rendition was made for after-dinner drinks or port and sherry. Since each one is handmade, there will often be subtle variations in both tone and shape. This means that whatever you receive will subtly differ from what is pictured on the site—and the same goes for when ordering multiples in a set.

Best Crystal: Villeroy & Boch New Moon White Wine Glasses

Villeroy & Boch New Moon White Wine Glasses

Reimagining the ordinary with a modernized refresh looks a lot like this New Moon stemware set from Villeroy & Boch. Made from crystal, they are surprisingly lightweight, while the angular silhouette is an ode to contemporary style that is equal parts refined and elegant. Available in a set of four, these wine glasses play to a variety of decorative aesthetics, but we love the idea of pairing them with crisp table linens and dinnerware with an edgy vibe.

Best Narrow: Blomus Fuum White Wine Glass

Blomus Fuum White Wine Glass

At first glance, Blomus’s Fuum wine glasses may seem pretty standard, but there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. For starters, they come in colorways such as “Fungi”, “Smoke”, and “Nomad”, and their unique composition (the goblet and stem are crafted in one piece) means that they are resistant to shattering and continuously smooth throughout. Made in Italy and tinted in Germany, the glasses feature a water-based, organic coloring that is food-safe and even impervious to scratches.

Best Vintage: Madame de la Maison Mix & Match Wine Glasses

Madame de la Maison Mix & Match Wine Glasses

For those who prefer to take a less orderly approach to their stemware selection, Madame de la Maison has the ideal solution. The retailer puts together a set comprised of six varying wine glasses, which they mix and match for you upon each order. Sourced from vintage shops across France, the creatives behind the brand seek out a dynamic array of pieces that boast beveled and etched detailing.

While the glasses themselves may differ from a physical standpoint, stylistically, they will work beautifully with one another. The best part? Once the team has sourced your glasses, they will email you a photo of the grouping for you to review the selection.

Best Cup: Isabel Halley Wine Cup

Isabel Halley Wine Cup

For those who dream outside of the box, a non-traditional option goes without saying. Cue these handmade, glazed porcelain wine cups, which are poised to reinvent the ordinary with a splash of drama to boot. Each piece is handmade, which gives it a one-of-a-kind feel thanks to the subtle variations that occur when an item isn’t mass-produced. Layered pinch clay (which is when the artist uses a “pinch” method to mold clay into a desired shape) gives the vessel its petal-like effect.

What to Look for in a Wine Glass


Most wine glasses are made of either crystal or glass. Crystal glasses have a very thin design and an elegant look, but they're typically quite fragile and expensive. Glass is more durable, although depending on the type of glass used may not be machine-washable. Handmade glass is typically very expensive but results in a one-of-a-kind look, while borosilicate glass is highly durable and easy to care for.


While traditional wine glasses have a rounded bowl and slender stem, there are plenty of contemporary designs that have a more unique style. Stemless wine glasses are popular for their informality and sturdiness, while "wine cups" are having a moment thanks to their versatility and ease of storage. You can also find wine glasses with extra-large bowls and stems, as well as slender bowls and asymmetrical rims. Think about the style you're going for and search from there.


Shape is important to style, but it's not the only factor. Colorful glassware is growing in popularity, and you can find plenty of wine glasses in bright colors, tinted hues, and even ombre designs. Some wine glasses have extra finishing touches, like ridged bowls and stem detailing, that make them stand out even more.

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