Buying Yourself Flowers Is the TikTok Trend We Should All Embrace

Bright floral bouquet on kitchen table.

Photo: Courtesy of Ty Hiss; Graphic: MyDomaine

It's the basis of all our suggested social videos: we see a girl in her chicest walking outfit head into her local market or grocery store to buy a fresh bunch of flowers. She comes home, gently arranges them in a stunning vase, and later takes a seat on the couch. What's the occasion? There is none—she simply gifted them to herself.

It's the quintessence of self-care and the point where self-care and decorating intersect: buying yourself flowers is a simple gesture with lots of impact—and we love the trend.

Who better than an expert on florals to share why this trend is taking off? Ty Hiss, the founder of Instagram's favorite floral delivery service, Fresh Sends, shares her take on gifting yourself a bouquet.

"With so many social platforms and digital relationships to keep up with, some tangible encouragement and joy can really go a long way," Hiss shares. "Rewarding yourself with a beautiful, meaningful gift is the perfect way to remind yourself that you are enough, you are making progress."

Rewarding yourself with a beautiful, meaningful gift is the perfect way to remind yourself that you are enough, you are making progress.

Floral bouquet on small brown coffee table.

Courtesy of Ty Hiss

Flowers have always been associated with special occasions. Usually, we only have a vase on our countertops filled with flowers after a graduation, anniversary, or birthday. Adding a fresh bouquet in lieu of a special occasion helps brighten up the home at all times, and of course, adds a pop of color and freshness.

"Flowers are such a timeless element to any room's design," Hiss explains. "Whether it's a big, statement vase with freshly trimmed stems on your kitchen island, or some simple bud vases on your bathroom countertop, bringing life and color into different areas of your home can bring an elevated, 'finished' feeling to your living space." 

Floral bouquet with roses on nightstand

Courtesy of Ty Hiss

There are some flower varieties that look especially chic in a bouquet: peonies, daisies, and hydrangeas, to name a few, are trending recently. Hiss loves adding classic garden roses in several different varieties and colors—as well as another flower variety you might not have thought to buy.

"Gladiolus have been making a run-up in the ranks in my heart—I am currently in love with their tall stature and big blooms," she shares.

So you bought yourself flowers—now how do you care for them? When it comes to extending your flowers' vase life, Hiss suggests keeping it simple.

"Retrim your stems every 1-2 days at an angle (so they can get as much hydration as possible) and give your vase fresh water," she explains. "Don't forget to make sure your flowers are away from heat, direct sunlight, and open flames."

There's no need to wait for someone else to gift you flowers. Buying them for yourself is a simple act that can instantly give you—and your home—a major mood boost. Be right back, we're on our way to the grocery store.