The New Home Trend I Stole From My Own Closet

Woven bags hanging from bamboo rack.

Kimberly Graydon

I grew up in a house with tons of cane furniture pieces that were passed down to my mom from her parents, though I’ll admit, I never thought twice about the style as a kid. It wasn’t until I began decorating my apartment a few years ago that I found myself majorly drawn to cane—and when I fell for it, I fell hard.

These days, anyone who knows me knows that I’ll always have, at minimum, three or four cane furniture pieces on display in my space. I’ve fallen for everything, from $15 chairs found via Craigslist to pricier pieces like this stunning bench that I recently scooped up from Zara Home’s website. And I don’t discriminate in terms of style, either. I’m a fan of traditional brown caning, black furniture paired with natural cane, you name it. 

Wood and rattan bench.
Zara Home Wood and Rattan Bench $400.00

In addition to swooning over larger pieces, I’ve found myself gravitating toward cane-inspired accents, such as decorative trays and even glassware. But perhaps the biggest sign of my cane obsession is the fact that I even own a darling black bag that boasts a cane-like pattern, a score from Zara a few summers ago. Sure, it may not be the most practical of bags due to its boxy shape and relatively petite size, but whenever I bust it out, I always receive compliments. 

Lyon holding a cane bag surrounded by greenery.

Courtesy of Sarah Lyon

It turns out that I’m not alone in my passion for cane accessories. I’ve spotted several other gorgeous cane bags on Etsy and even have come across some pretty cute sandals, too. While some may find the extent of my love for cane to be a bit over the top, I don’t see any issue with it. If we can rock pieces made of velvet or boucle—two fabrics having a major moment in the home sector—why should cane be any different?