25 Small Chic Bathroom Ideas That Look Luxurious

Little Touches Open Up Bathrooms Short on Space

small bathroom

Design: Victoria Bell

Just because a bathroom is tiny doesn't mean it can't pack a stylish punch like its more sizable counterparts. In fact, the challenge of a small space can often conjure some really creative ideas that result in a pretty special little place. So in honor of all the diminutive restrooms out there, we went on a hunt to find the chicest and most stylish we could find.

When it comes to making a tiny bathroom feel a little bigger, it's about more than just using the right colors and shapes; you have to get creative wherever you can. So if you have a little powder room and are struggling with decorating it, we've got you covered. Explore our favorite 25 small bathrooms that are almost too cool.

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Don't Block the Sunlight

small bathroom

Photo: Brittany Ambridge

If serenity is what you seek from your bathroom, then this bright, light-filled space will be your idea of heaven. This cute space has all the classics in one place; from the white subway tiles to the chevron flooring and brass hardware, we've fallen hard.

The combination of white walls and an abundance of natural light can make a space look a lot bigger, so if your tiny bathroom has a window, consider getting a super-sheer shade or even a white one.

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Go Overboard on Marble

tiny bathroom

Design: Scout Design Studio

If you love wallpaper and marble as much as we do, we highly recommend you combine the two and slather your small bathroom walls with marble-patterned wallpaper. It really doesn't need anything else. Even if you opt for neutral shades, it still packs a big punch.

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Keep It Simple

tiny bathroom

Design: Julia Green, Photo: Armelle Habib

If bright and bold interiors aren't your style, this stripped-back look will do the trick. With signature subway tiles and hardware, this space looks chic (and will for years to come). Plus, the industrial sink opens up the small space that much more because there are no cabinets blocking it.

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Use Dark Accents

tiny bathroom

Design: Katie Martinez Design

If there's one tried-and-tested recipe for style success, it's black-and-white with metallic hardware. Case in point, this über-chic bathroom by Katie Martinez. The San Francisco native nailed this tiny bathroom: It's so cool that the size pales in significance; in fact, it almost enhances it. 

For a contemporary riff on the classic white bathroom, paint your door a rich, glossy black. Few elements will pop more than that will.

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Try Something Different

tiny bathroom

Design: Ben Pentreath

Mix your modern elements with traditional ones to create a truly rich and colorful bathroom. Wallpaper is a great way to play with pattern or add a fun flair without having to spend a ton of money. There's a lot going on in this tiny area, but it's certainly entertaining. It's a dose of cheer every time you are near.

If you're feeling bold, go ahead and arrange a gallery wall on your bathroom walls.

If you get a bold wallpaper, consider a removable peel-and-stick one so that you can change it up if you grow tired of it.

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Create an Optical Illusion

tiny bathroom

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors

In this small bathroom, designer Cathie Hong tricks the eye into thinking the space is much bigger, courtesy of the chevron-patterned floor that continues up the wall. The best part about this design trick is that you can opt for whichever color or pattern speaks most to you. Whether you opt for a moody black or bright blue, you can't go wrong.

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Opt for a Monochromatic Palette

tiny bathroom

Design: Desiree Burns Interiors

Decorating a small bathroom is tough. After all, there's so much to consider for such a little space that it can feel overwhelming, so minimize your stress by picking one color. A monochromatic palette allows you to create dimension by using different shades and tones of one color. In this Desiree Burns-designed space, she chose grey, and we're all for it. The muted gold hardware adds an unexpected glamorous element that we're loving.

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Break up the Space

tiny bathroom

Design: Arbor & Co.

Arbor & Co. masterfully makes this tiny bathroom appear bigger by painting the upper half of the ceiling a eucalyptus green and paneling the lower half. Adding a panel to your wall may take a bit of work, but the result is worth the effort.

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Keep Everything White

tiny bathroom

Design: Cathie Hong

White bathrooms may seem a little boring, but they're effective. After all, they make the bathroom look nearly twice as big. Here, Hong put her own glamorous twist on the traditional look with super-shiny hardware and black details, like the feet of the tub, bottom of the ladder, and hooks on the wall.

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Swap Your Shower Curtain for Glass Doors

tiny bathroom

Design: Light & Dwell

Ever notice how lucite and acrylic furniture tends to disappear and make the space look much bigger? Glass shower doors tend to have the same effect. If you want to make your bathroom look twice as big, get rid of your shower curtain and install glass doors.

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Add an Unexpected Element

tiny bathroom

Design: Mindy Gayer Design

If we had to pick only one piece of cool decor for a bathroom, it would be the lighting. A vintage apothecary sconce definitely gets the job done. No matter the style of your bathroom, a unique light fixture will take the space to the next level.

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Build a Vanity

tiny bathroom

Design: Pure Salt Interiors

If two people are sharing the same bathroom, building a double-vanity may be a good investment. Even in this tiny California bathroom, the Pure Salt Interiors' designers managed to squeeze in a double-vanity that's super simple but doesn't compromise on style. The key is only including what you need, like hidden storage, mirrors, and sinks. Voila!

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Work With Color

tiny bathroom

Design: Naked Kitchens

This Naked Kitchens bathroom is giving us retro vibes in all the right ways. From the color palette to the simple shapes, we're absolutely loving this small space. If you're in the mood to spice up your tiny bathroom, consider swapping out your traditional tiled floor for a patterned one.

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Create Distinct Areas

tiny bathroom

Design: Pure Salt Interiors

This bathroom may be small, but it doesn't look it because the designers at Pure Salt Interiors separated it into two distinct areas courtesy of the tiles and wallpaper. As long as the walls share a mutual color, this is a great option for anyone looking to add a touch of dimension to their bathroom.

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Go Glam

small bathroom

Design: House of Chais

We love the look of a glamorous space because it can encompass so many different styles without losing its super-chic edge. For instance, this small bathroom feels quite feminine and toned down, but the shiny gold-toned hardware and frames give it an undeniably glamorous feel.

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Have Fun on the Floor

small bathroom

Design: Goldalamode

Classic tiles are always a go-to for bathroom floors, but may we suggest coral-colored tiles with a funky pattern if you want to try something different? Especially in an all-white bathroom, colorful floors work wonders.

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Create a Cove

small bathroom

Design: Katie Hodges Design

Every element in this small bathroom fits perfectly. Case in point: the charming custom-built vanity that squeezes in the little cove between the wall and shower. If you're short on space and want to get creative, consider building your own area like this.

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Establish a Color Scheme

small bathroom

Design: Whittney Parkinson

Choosing a color scheme does not mean going monochrome; it just means picking colors that work well together. For instance, in this olive-toned bathroom, a heavy mirror donning a black frame and a muted cream in the wallpaper act as beautiful complements to the painted panels on the walls.

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Incorporate Vintage Pieces

small bathroom

Design: Whittney Parkinson

Whittney Parkinson's chic bathroom is a shining example of using vintage pieces without making the space feel outdated. She kept the palette neutral and airy in this bathroom, allowing the vintage Murano glass chandelier to catch our attention. Vintage pieces add such an interesting element to just any space.

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Consider Maximalist Elements

small bathroom

Design: Whittney Parkinson

In this forest-inspired bathroom, Parkinson swathed the walls in a bold, leafy wallpaper that gives this small space a super maximalist feel without going overboard. She kept the decor simple to establish a sense of balance, and she mastered it.

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Straighten All of Your Lines

small bathroom

Design: White and Sands Design Build

Sharp, clean lines may not sound like the warmest element, but trust us—there's a way to make it work. Just take a look at this White and Sands Design Build bathroom for inspiration. With neutral colors and organic materials, this small bathroom feels as luxurious as it does welcoming.

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Pare Down Your Space

small bathroom

Design: White and Sands Design Build

Minimalism is as in vogue as ever. Streamlining your small bathroom can help make you feel more relaxed and at ease when you're in here, too. Take a page from Marie Kondo's book and keep only the pieces of decor that spark joy, and put everything else away.

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Mix Different Styles

small bathroom

Design: White and Sands Design Build

This gorgeous bathroom by White and Sands Design Build makes us want to redo our spaces in a slew of different styles. As long a there are mutual elements that each piece of decor shares, like color, scale, or texture, you can mix as many different styles as you like.

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Try Rose Gold

small bathroom

Design: Victoria Bell

In most bathrooms, the hardware boasts either a silver or gold tone, but what about rose gold? The pink-hued metal is so charming and adds an undeniable sense of warmth to just about any space. Here, the rose gold frames and faucet is so unexpected, and we're living for it.

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Pick a Theme

small bathroom

Design: Victoria Bell

In this Victoria Bell-designed small bathroom, the nautical theme is on-point. It doesn't feel cheesy or contrived because the nautical elements are actually pretty subtle. For instance, the unique lights and cool frame around the mirror make the theme known while the rest of the space is quite neutral.