Designers Love This New Christmas Decorating Trend—And So Do We

Cute bedroom with small Christmas tree on nightstand.

This Time In Color

There's no better way to celebrate the holiday season than decorating. Setting the scene in your home is a must—nothing is more gorgeous than stockings hung in a row, "Elf" playing on TV, and holiday scents wafting from your beloved candles.

Decorating the same spaces with the same décor year after year can become a bit monotonous, though, we know. So, we're sharing a fresh Christmas decorating trend that we're absolutely loving: Christmas trees in bedrooms.

Who said that the Christmas spirit had to stay limited to the common areas in your home? It's all too common to put the tree in a living room or entryway and line the mantel with garland. But, we think other rooms deserve to be decked out in décor as well, and we're loving spaces that are bold enough to add a full-size Christmas tree to the corner of a bedroom.

Plus, designers are completely on board—and our experts are sharing how to achieve this look for maximum holiday cheer.

Meet the Expert

  • Emily Henderson is a stylist, interior designer, TV host, and founder of Emily Henderson Design. She also is the author of STYLED, a New York Times bestselling book, and an avid DIYer.
  • Kelley Carter is the home fashion director at Bloomingdale’s. She's an industry expert and forecasts trends in the home space.
Rustic bedroom with Christmas tree in corner.

Life Among The Cedars

Why Christmas Trees Look Great in Any Bedroom

Henderson shared that she first added trees into bedrooms in 2017 and made them adorable additions to her kids’ rooms. The kids were able to go all-out in decorating their very own trees, which makes for lots of Christmas fun. Later came the magical moment of waking up to gifts under their own personal trees—which we think is just too cute.

"Bedrooms are a great place to decorate for Christmas if you want to go a non-traditional route or simply spread the holiday cheer to every room," acclaimed designer Emily Henderson shares. "You can also take more risks with décor in the bedroom, and if you have kids, they can be in charge of decorating their own tree—which is always fun and exciting for them."

Kelley Carter, the home fashion director at Bloomingdale’s, noted that adding a tree in the bedroom is one trend she's seeing quite a lot of—and is absolutely loving.

"Having a Christmas tree in a bedroom is an unexpected way to bring energy to the room, and it adds lushness and texture to the space," Carter shares with MyDomaine. "In combination with the warm glow of twinkle lights, it serves as a calming yet festive addition."

Bedrooms are a great place to decorate for Christmas if you want to go a non-traditional route or simply spread the holiday cheer to every room.

Chic traditional bedroom with full size Christmas tree in corner.

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

How to Style a Christmas Tree in Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are home to our most soothing décor elements—and after all, we do spend half our time in bed—so a soft, twinkling tree follows suit with the theme of the room. You can use any style of tree, but both Henderson and Carter suggest keeping your existing color palette in mind and sticking to a soft color scheme on your bedroom Christmas tree.

Be sure to choose a pine slightly smaller than your main event tree—Henderson added a 6' pre-lit tree to her son Charlie's bedroom.

Full-size Christmas tree in boys bedroom surrounded by toys.

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

"I would recommend a faux Christmas tree, as you don’t have to worry about fallen pine needles and they are low-maintenance" Carter suggests. "Sticking to soft colors like white and a thinner tree are ideal factors to consider when trying this trend. The smaller footprint prevents it from overwhelming the space or being the primary focus."

Styling said Christmas tree can pose a bit of a challenge. You want it to look classically festive, but that runs the risk of clashing with the current décor of your bedroom. To combat this, adorn the Christmas tree with decorations that still feel merry, but also coordinate nicely with your décor scheme.

"When styling a Christmas tree, the ornaments should reflect the color palette and overall aesthetic of the space," Carter notes. "For example, if your room is modern, use modern ornaments, and if it’s more traditional, steer towards decorations that reflect that design style."

Bedroom with full-size Christmas tree and gifts underneath.

Tuft and Trim

Henderson adds that if you're going to go for a Christmas tree in the bedroom, why not spread the Christmas cheer throughout the rest of the room? Go for garland, stockings, and whatever other decorations speak to you to keep things cohesive.

"Even though the Christmas tree is usually the focal point, you should establish other thematic moments throughout to create more balance," she notes. "I like to use garlands to add more greenery and sprinkle a few holiday pillows so the eye is drawn around the room."

Other Christmas Trends to Keep an Eye On

Henderson notes that this year, she is almost leaning away from trends and embracing some stereotypical—even borderline kitschy—Christmas décor to make her home extra festive.

"I am leaning into some kitschy décor, but it’s all about balance" she shares. "Every year, I get closer and closer to embracing red and green explosions with the classic Christmas characters because It is unabashedly festive, warm, and feels exclusive to this time of year."

One trend that Bloomingdale’s is leaning into in their home assortment this season is technicolor décor, according to Carter.

"The pops of neon and bold colors create an uplifting sense of optimism that instantly make you happy when you walk into a space," Carter says. Along with technicolor vibrancy, Carter notes that colorful dried florals are another non-traditional decorating trend that can brighten a room.