10 Incredible Closet Makeovers to Copy in Your Home

An organized closet

Finding Lovely

Just about every closet needs a periodic tune-up, and depending on what shape your closet is in, this makeover could be incredibly involved or simple enough to knock out in a few hours. This variety may seem daunting, but it’s actually great. Since options are abound, you can decide how much energy you want to invest, and you can find a closet makeover that fits within your effort budget.

Need a little assistance getting started? The following closet makeovers will give you plenty of inspiration, helping you come up with a closet revamp that’s exactly as easy—or as challenging—as you want it to be.

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Invest in Some Much-Needed Shelves

A closet makeover involving a mirror, a printed rug, and custom cabinets

Crazy Wonderful

Start by taking a good, hard look at your closet. Is it persistently messy? Do you feel like you have to give it a makeover every single month? These may be signals that your storage situation is inadequate—meaning it’s time to invest some cabinets, drawers, and shelves.

Shelley, the blogger behind Crazy Wonderful, put together a bunch of IKEA Pax wardrobes to craft the closet of her dreams. Your approach can be a little less time- and effort-intensive, but focus on giving every item you own an obvious place to go.

A white closet drawer you can buy at IKEA
IKEA PAX Komplement Drawer $40.00
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Streamline Your Palette

A linen closet makeover that involves streamlined linens, repainted doors, and art

Gold A La Mode

An easy way to make your space feel neat? Streamline your palette. Using consistent colors will make your closet a little easier on the eye—making it feel more orderly, even if it’s just as tidy as it was before.

Cara of Gold A La Mode settled on a sleek palette filled with crisp whites, soft grays, and light lavenders, but your color scheme is free to look completely different.

Be sure to stock up on shades you love, and treat yourself to a few plush linens while you’re at it.

A pile of gray towels you can buy at Parachute
Parachute Classic Towels $114.00
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Cover Your Closet in Wallpaper

A hall closet makeover involving wallpaper

House of Hipsters

Cleaning up isn’t the only way to give your closet a makeover. Dressing it up with some bold wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint can be a great way to revamp it—especially if your storage situation is already under control.

Kyla of House of Hipsters transformed her hall closet with a little printed wallpaper and some thoughtfully chosen woven baskets. By doing so, she made her hall closet one of the most statement-making spots in her home.

Anthropologie wallpaper with leopards on it
Anthropologie Leopards Wallpaper $198.00
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Combine Function With Form

An organized kid's closet

Nest Out West

There are tons of storage solutions out there, and many of them are stylish enough to double as décor. When you’re revamping your storage set-up, keep an eye out for pretty pieces like braided baskets, woven trays, and more.

Of course, function is key, so make sure a product can actually get the job done before buying. But, as this closet from Nest Out West goes to show, there’s no reason your space can’t be both practical and pretty.

Two woven baskets stacked on top of each other
West Elm Modern Weave Harvest Baskets $4,284.00
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Paint Your Clothing Rods

A child's closet with painted clothing rods

Design: A Beautiful Mess, Photo: Amber Kelly

A closet makeover doesn’t have to consume hours of your time. There are some genuinely simple ways to revamp your space—like painting your clothing rods a new color.

Elsie of A Beautiful Mess took the hardware out of this closet and spray-painted it rose gold. To cut down on scratching, she made sure to start with a primer and finish with a glossy enamel coating. Though the process demanded very little time, the result looks absolutely lovely.

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Revamp Your Doors

A closet makeover involving a door replacement

Gold A La Mode

The interior of your closet isn’t the only thing that could use a little love. Your closet doors may be in need of a tune-up, too—and this makeover from Gold A La Mode shows what a difference a new set of doors and some fresh hardware can make.

The best part? The process wasn’t too time-consuming, and since Cara handled the makeover herself, she was able to customize her doors to look exactly the way she wanted them to.

Four round doorknobs you can buy at CB2
CB2 Logan Round Knobs $10.00
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Mix and Match Storage Solutions

An entryway closet makeover involving wallpaper and several new shelves

Dear Lillie Studio

If you’re storing a bunch of different items, you’ll probably need a combination of storage solutions—some shelves, some baskets, and maybe even a few hooks, too. All these options can get overwhelming, so start by identifying the items you need to store and work from there.

Jenni of Dear Lillie Studio thoughtfully combined storage solutions to revamp this hall closet—and she topped off her makeover with a little bold wallpaper.

Think about the pieces that always feel out of place and make sure to give them a designated home.

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Give Your Dresser Some Love

A closet makeover involving a dresser and decor revamp

Black and Blooms

If your closet feels under control, consider the other storage spots that might need a quick makeover. If you’ve been piling clothes inside a wardrobe or dresser, odds are that piece of furniture could probably use a little love.

Take a moment to show it the same attention you’ve been showing your closet. Sara Toufali of Black and Blooms cleaned up her closet and dresser in one fell swoop. And while she was at it, she treated herself to a brand new dresser—which she masterfully decked out with décor.

A wooden dresser you can buy at Crate & Barrel
Crate & Barrel Cortez Natural Floating Dresser $1,700.00
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Spring for Custom Shelves

A closet makeover involving custom shelves

Amanda Holstein

Custom shelves can be a great way to ensure there’s a place to store everything you own. Of course, custom shelves can get expensive—and the custom closet process is bound to take a little more than a weekend. But, as this closet makeover from blogger Amanda Holstein shows, if you have the time and budget for them, they’re well worth the extra effort.

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Go All In

A closet makeover involving custom shelves

Finding Lovely

Revamping your closet makeover can be as much or as little of a commitment as you want it to. It can be a quick task you knock out over a weekend, or it can be a full-blown project you invest tons of time and effort in.

If you’re looking for the latter, this closet makeover from Jackie of Finding Lovely is full of inspiration. Jackie sketched out the closet of her dreams and worked to DIY it—mostly by piecing together budget-friendly buys from IKEA.