15 Beautiful Curb Appeal Ideas That Add Major Value to Your Home

How To Up The Selling Value Of Your Home

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Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Lane Dittoe 

They say first impressions are everything, but the expression couldn't ring more true than when it comes to your front door. Even if the interior of your humble abode is stunning, a lackluster or neglected porch will feel unwelcoming to guests and potential buyers. Keller Williams Realtor, Jason Hartman, tells us, "Curb appeal is critical for buyers and sellers alike. For buyers, the impression a home gives on the outside impacts whether many will even want to go inside." On the other hand, if you're hoping to get a buyer to bite on your property, he says, "Studies have shown curb appeal can increase a home's value by 7% or more."

Great curb appeal may not make someone more inclined to buy your home, but it is guaranteed to get more potential buyers in your door, increasing your buyer pool and ultimately making your home sell for more.

"It seems as though many buyers are willing to remodel the inside of a home without much hesitation, but if they get a negative vibe or feeling upon arrival," Hartman says, "it's not likely they'll want to submit an offer or even go inside." In fact, he shared with us that he's had buyers arrive at a property and express wanting to move on before even entering the home based on the condition of the exterior. So to be sure the outside matches the perfectly curated likes of your living room and bedrooms, we're sharing 15 homes with major curb appeal.

"Great curb appeal may not make someone more inclined to buy your home," admits Amy Owens of Keller Williams in Montclair, NJ, "but it is guaranteed to get more potential buyers in your door, increasing your buyer pool and ultimately making your home sell for more." Whether you're working with full-on landscaping or your budget is limited to a can of paint, here's how to give your front porch the facelift it deserves.

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Consider Upping Your Curb-Appeal Budget

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Susan Kaufman

"Since studies have shown curb appeal can increase the value of a home by 7% or more," says Hartman, "it stands to reason a seller could invest anywhere between 3-5% of the home's value before the updates." He explains, "you could invest $15,000 into updating the exterior of a $500,000 home and net an extra $20,000 when your home sells for $535,000."

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Swap The Windows

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Design: Mindy Gayer Design; Photo: Lane Dittoe 

If you're looking to make a big impact, replace those old standard windows for something a bit more modern. We love these black French windows and matching doors.

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Add Shutters To Your Windows

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Dan Sterne

Adding exterior shutters is a simple way to dress up your existing windows without having to swap out the entire frame. Additionally, the classic black and white color palette is sure to please potential buyers of all style preferences.

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Do Some Outdoor Staging

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Design: Mindy Gayer Design; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

If space allows, try your hand at some patio furniture staging. A few chairs outfitted with fluffy pillows will make guests and potential buyers feel right at home before they step foot inside your front door.

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Keep A Tidy Exterior

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Limestone & Boxwoods

"The ingredients for ideal curb appeal are simple: a clean yard, neat and freshly landscaped, some colorful florals, and fresh paint." Owens also adds, "painting your front door with a pop of color can be the secret ingredient."

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Schedule A Regular Power Wash

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Design: Mindy Gayer Design; Photo: Vanessa Lentine

You'd be surprised what a good old-fashioned power wash could do for the exterior of your home, especially if you're working with a white base. If you notice your paint is getting dingy from outdoor wear and tear, it's time to schedule a cleaning.

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Consider Your Lifestyle

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Design: Regan Baker Design; Photo: @suzannascottphoto

When it comes to designing your landscape, consider your lifestyle before making big design decisions. If you know you don't have time to be mowing the lawn or pruning your roses every weekend, go with a desert landscape of succulents and low-maintenance greenery. That way, your front lawn will always look picture perfect.

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Call The Pavers

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Design: Christina Kim Interior Design; Photo: Raquel Langworthy 

A dingy driveway can ruin the overall aesthetic of your home. Save the overall look of your exterior with a freshly paved path or by having brand new stone laid. This investment alone will make the rest of your exterior look cleaner and newer instantly.

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Add Warmth To Exterior

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Home on Providence Hill

Wooden details add plenty of warmth to the outside of your home, making it feel cozy and inviting. Exterior upgrades like adding support beams and new garage doors will make all the difference in your overall curb appeal.

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Make An Impression Online

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LemonLeaf Home Interiors

"Instead of needing to wow a potential buyer when they pull up to your home, an owner's task is how to impress from the first photo a buyer views online, explains Owens. "Without a welcoming exterior, a buyer will likely click on past your home."

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Frame Your Entryway

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Design: Christina Kim Interior Design, Photo: Raquel Langworthy

Adding simple design elements like greenery and lighting will automatically draw people in. It creates a pathway that makes guests and potential buyers feel inclined to walk up to the front door. We're also fans of the symmetry, like in this doorway.

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Mix Old Elements With New Upgrades

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Design: Julia Alexander; Photo: Anna Yanovski; Architect: De Rosee Sa; Rent through Unique Homestays

If you're working with an older home, don't get so caught up in upgrades that you lose the charm that drew you in in the first place. Keep good bones, like stone elements and vintage fixtures, but feel free to replace items like windows and doors for the perfect balance.

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Add Personal Touches

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Design: Julia Alexander; Photo: Chris Snook; Architect: Egle Cozzo

If you get an opportunity to infuse some unique and personal touches, take it. Something as simple as spelling out your address rather than the traditional number plates will instantly catch the eye of buyers and passersby alike.

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Paint Your Front Door

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Blanco Bungalow

As Owens suggested, a fresh coat of paint on your front door in a poppy shade can really draw buyers in. It feels friendly and inviting, and won't cost you a fortune. If you can't decide what shade to pick, you can't go wrong with a bright shade of fire engine red.

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Set The Mood With Lighting

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Trickle Creek

There's nothing worse than spending time and money upgrading your exterior only to see it disappear every time the sun goes down. Invest in some outdoor lighting to give your home the spotlight it deserves.