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color of the year

22 Designers Predict the 2022 Color of the Year

Color does so much to define a space: it creates energy, mood, and tone that is tightly intertwined with decor and design. Color is arguably the most esteemed element of decorating, which is why the design world’s sights are set on the hue that will define 2022. 

Choosing the color of the year is always a defining moment for designers, paint companies, and big fashion brands. For example, Sherwin-Williams predicted that the prominent theme of the 2020 color story was relaxation—and as hindsight is 20/20, we now know that wasn’t quite the story of the year. 

Along came predictions for 2021, as designers aimed to liven up their clients' spaces by introducing color palettes that would inspire them after continued time spent at home. Color choices broke heavily from the comfort of the year prior and defined a new style and freshness. Many color predictions embraced boldness, new palettes to try on for size, and how to recharge our approaching-empty batteries. While this was a hopeful story for 2021, 2022 is approaching with new promise as the pandemic lessens its grip on the design world.

According to designers, 2022 is poised to define color in a few prominent ways: one that is reclaiming its independence, one that is a blend of comfort and joy, and one that is surely progressive and full of life. We tapped designers to get their takes on the colors that will inspire and ignite the design world in 2022. From vibrant peaches to moody teals, their picks suit every style and are full of intrigue—with one color taking forefront among the experts’ opinions. 


Modern peach bedroom with graphic paint design on walls.

Kara Evans

“2022 is going to be a design year like no other. As the world regrounds, I feel like people have found a new love, appreciation, and interest in design. They want to take their spaces to the next level, but each person’s experience with their spaces varies drastically. I feel that some will find comfort in warm, rich tones such as greens, purples, and oranges. Others will opt for a bright, vibrant, happy vibe with pinks and peaches. My top pick for the 2022 color is peachy pink. It can be moody in some spaces and cheery in others—and I think we are all a little bit of both.” —Sallie Lord of Grey Hunt Interiors


Farmhouse style kitchen with teal island.

JLK Interiors

“I think a deep, moody teal or peacock color will be the 2022 color of the year. After two years of playing it safe in day-to-day dealings and in the last couple of years' color of the year pick, people may be ready to embrace daring, expressive, and edgier hues.” —Leah Alexander of Beauty Is Abundant

“My prediction for the color trend in 2022 are vibrant colors like teal. After our pandemic, I see color as the way we will express our feelings of gratitude that we are beginning to see normalcy. 2020-2021 had so much uncertainty. People unable to spend time with family and friends, but bright colors represent happiness, fun, freedom. They also connect us to colors we find outdoors.” —Jamie King of JLK Interiors


Brass cabinetry in kitchen nook.

Design: Reena Sotropa; Photo: Phil Crozier

“I predict that rich, earthy colors like brass will be popular in 2022. What’s old is new again! Colors like this were popular in the 1970s, and this color can almost be considered neutral in some environments. I believe that the popularity of colors like this grows as the general public’s comfort with the use of warm/brass metals increases. We have found that this rich tone works particularly well when used in crisp, white interiors and combined with warm wood tones and striking marbles, such as the one shown in the kitchenette in the photo.” —Reena Sotropa of Reena Sotropa Design Group


Magenta painted office with caramel colored couches.

Kate + Co Design Inc.

“I believe will be seeing warm, earthy tones like caramels. These will be more popular along with charcoal, black, and rust tones as continual compliments to this color becoming more of a popular palette. Mix it up with oatmeal and greige for a lighter look or bring in charcoal and black for a moody hue.” —Kate Davidson of Kate + Co Design Inc.


Terracotta colored staircase in grand foyer.

Katie Hodges Design

"I think the next big color trend we'll be seeing is earthy shades of burnt sienna and terracotta. Grounding and vibrant at the same time, these red clay tones are going to add warm richness and sophistication to rooms in 2022." —Christina Kim of Christina Kim Interior Design


Bedroom with canopy bed, gold pendant light, and magenta throw pillow.

Erin Williamson Design

"The energy and optimism of magenta is a perfect foil to the subdued climate that has dominated our lives for well over a year. I predict 2022 will see the emergence of bold colors that drive us forward with confidence. We all need an injection of cheer and goodwill, and it's impossible to feel gloomy when surrounded by the color of nature's brightest blooms. Magenta is stunning when mixed with almost any rich color—from moss green to indigo, golden tones like lemon yellow and straw, and even analogous shades like blood orange. Use it wherever you need a shot of happiness." —Erin Williamson of Erin Williamson Design


Modern playful dining room with aqua accent painted on ceiling.

Design: RAJI RM & ASSOCIATES; Photo: Rikki Snyder

“We will be influenced from the past year, and this will prove itself as people look for more happy, vibrant colors introduced in their homes. Think pronounced colors that are bolder and brighter, like citrus tones, aqua, tangerine, or chartreuse. We are moving away from the classic, expected neutrals for something more bright, peppy, and positive.” —Louis Duncan-He of LDH Design

Neutral traditional living room with aqua tiled fireplace.

Noelle Ryan Interiors

"Shades of blue, like aqua, seem to be a big hit, as you might think of water, sky, and the relaxation feeling they give. It also brings the outside in, just like green. Even though it is a cool-toned color, it brings warmth to a space. After being stuck at home during COVID, I think people appreciate the outdoors even more, so the blues/greens colors would be my guess for a big hit in 2022." —Ana Rovai of Perlmutter Freiwald Interior Design


Bright and fun yellow bedroom with painted arch and yellow bedframe.

Dazey Den

“I believe we will be turning to classic, happy colors like Chenille yellow in 2022. Being under a global pandemic for over a year and slowly recovering, I'm sure we would all agree that we crave a warm, cozy, and happy environment more than ever. Yellow will be a go-to color to achieve an instant cheerful space that is warm and overall uplifting and inviting. Bring it into a room in drapery and soft seating fabrics.” —Diana Rose of Diana Rose Design


Formal modern dining room painted a pale blue.

Design: Bespoke Only; Photo: Nicole Franzen 

“After a chaotic two years, we think the world and the home could use some calming energy. This cool, sky-like hue of pale blue brings color to the space, and pairs beautifully with earth tone textures, grounding the space.” —Melissa Lee of Bespoke Only

Dining room with blue velvet chairs.

Think Chic Interiors

“I love strong, dark colors in spaces—especially on ceilings—but at times they can seem harsh and cold. This powdery, less saturated blue gives the space a soothing yet dramatic feel. I’m predicting we will see more colors under this category in the upcoming year, like dark, muted greens and magentas.” —Malka Helft of Think Chic Interiors


Red dining room with large wooden table.

Dwell Aware

“The color I foresee being a big hit in 2022 is a move towards bold and warm reds. As the world starts to feel a new normal embraced, I think we will begin to make more courageous steps in our home designs. We will seek a mood of comfort and depth through striking colors this coming year.” —Amanda Walker of Dwell Aware

Dusty Purple 

Bold dusty purple dining room with matching purple chairs.

Design: Interior Matter Inc; Photo: Tim Bell

“Color is the biggest tool designers use to evoke a feeling, and we love seeing the trends of the world influence design. We are predicting that dusty purples will be a big trend in interiors for 2022. We are all shaking off pandemic life and have spent the past 2 years adjusting and redefining our lives. Purple tones stand for power, change, fun, and elegance. We love seeing the dusty gray purples used in wall color, cabinetry, and décor.” —Maegan Blau of Blue Copper Design

“I predict 2022 is all about the mauves. I predict we're going to be seeing lots of rich pinks and hues of purples. People are making bolder choices by taking more risks in their décor and paint choices, and I see those shades of mauve being incorporated in lots of design decisions.” —Candace Griffin of Candace Mary Interiors 


Bold masculine office space with navy blue walls.

Justin Q. Williams

“I believe 2022 will be a big hit for the design industry as a whole. Over the past 2 years, we tried to make our homes a place of solace and peace with all the chaos going on around us. With 2022 quickly approaching, many have been renovating, redecorating, and trying to add a level of refinement to their spaces. I'm seeing more moody colors that hug you as soon as you walk through the door, and with that, I think that you'll find deep navy as a definitive color for 2022. It's neutral enough to pair well with décor, yet bold enough to pair with brighter, more fun colors—and who wouldn't love that”? Justin Q. Williams


Sage green nightstand next to neutral bed.

Candace Plotz Design

“I feel we’ll continue to see green being hot for 2022. Whether it’s sage or more of a muted olive, all colorways of green will continue to be popular. Even though most people think of green as a color, I absolutely consider it a neutral that stands the test of time.” —Candace Plotz of Candace Plotz Design

Mint green tile backsplash in kitchen with plants.

Cottage and Sea

“Our prediction is mint for 2022. 2020 and 2021 were pretty unpredictable years with a lot of instability for many people. Mint evokes feelings of calmness, peace, and tranquility and we believe people will gravitate towards this feeling after turbulent years. It’s also a fun pop of color that brings a lightness and smile and deviates from the neutrals or dark colors. The Mint Casa shown here is our AirBnb in Belmont Shore, and we’re obsessed with the color story.” —Nikkie and Steve of Cottage and Sea

Sage green bedroom with gray and white patterned rug.

Arbor & Co.

“My prediction would be a sage or olive green. I have been seeing people loving green more and more lately and introducing it into their homes. It could be because people love to bring the outside in, and I think green is the color that brings in that element of nature, peace, and warmth.” —Sarah Reed of Arbor & Co.

Dark forrest green kitchen cabinets.

Ashley Montgomery Design

“I’m predicting the color of 2022 to be a deep green. We’ve been treating greens as a neutral lately, using it to bring the feeling of the outdoors in. This shade of green, in particular, brings depth and warmth into a space, adding drama but calming at the same time.” —Ashley Montgomery of Ashley Montgomery Design

Grayish green wall with entryway table and mirror.

Michelle Berwick Design

“A green-grey is my pick for 2022. As the shift now goes from cool tones to warmer tones, this earthy shade is my prediction for a color trend we will be seeing into 2022.” —Michelle Berwick of Michelle Berwick Design

Fun and playful office with light green built ins.

Marian Louise Designs

“I think a light, sage green color similar to this one we used in the Southwest chic office built-ins. After a crazy year and half of stress and worry, I think people are embracing soothing tones that are still colorful and fun.” —Mimi Meacham of Marian Louise Designs