19 Desk Décor Ideas That Will Instantly Spice Up Your Home Office

White airy home office

Hamilton Park Home

Board room meetings have been moved to the kitchen, photoshoots are a living room affair, and happy hour is a virtual fête—so it's essential that you have a workspace you actually love. Whether you set up shop on your island or have a room reserved as an office space, one way to make sure it fits your standards is by focusing on your desk décor.

You can approach this small area in a few different ways. Desktops can be an extension of your personal design preferences and be as well-styled as your coffee table or bookshelves. Or, they can be a pared down, simplified collection of items that are as useful as they are pretty.

No matter what your philosophy is on desk décor, these ideas will keep your WFH space feeling chic while you work your way up the career ladder.

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Push Your Artistic Boundaries

White desk with wood accents

Afro Bohemian Living

When you're stuck in a creative rut, it's hard to break free—unless your space is as inspiring as this. With plenty of pretty wall art and a handful of sculptural objects, the items on your desk alone will be enough to get the inspiration flowing again.

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Create a Flush of Blush

Pink home office

Leclair Decor

If you're not married to the idea of a white office space, choose a gentle color like light pink to help infuse some personality and excitement into your room. Pair that with the rule of three—aka three sculptural objects on your desk, in this case—and you'll look forward to seeing an ultra stylish work area every day.

Sculptural lamp
LD Shoppe Townsen Table Lamp $400.00
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Go (Serenely) Green

Green office space

Pennies for a Fortune

Bright colors are fun and playful, but if work really stresses you out, a relaxing, tranquil shade may be just the backdrop your desk décor needs. A potted plant and a couple of pretty clocks keep things clutter-free and continue the laid-back vibe—even if you're feeling anything but.

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Pull Inspiration From the Past

Blue office space

Bespoke Only

Send your desktop to another era with odds and ends that are upscale but unlike the modern décor items that are commonly used today. The old bell jar, antiquated books and crate, and eclectic jars will make your desk feel like its from the 19th century.

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Add a Touch of Cottage Chic

Brick and white office corner

Natasha Habermann

If you've strongly taken to "cottagecore" this year, why not have your work space reflect your affinity for it too? You can instantly cozy up an antique writing desk and wooden chair with a faux fur throw and candles. Who knows—your next novel might be written here.

Faux sheepskin rug
IKEA RENS $29.99
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Rely on a Statement Desk

Wood office space

Reena Sotropa

Desk décor isn't required if your desk is already a major statement piece. This stunning wooden office is punctuated by a sleek black marble desk, which means you don't have to spend too much effort sourcing desk décor.

If you'd like to add a few items, copy what was done here by styling them right next door to the star of the show.

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Embrace Old World Decor

Green office space

Kin and Kasa

Form and function go hand in hand—and since your computer takes care of the former, you'll need some eye-catching accessories to handle the latter. If you're drawn to vintage, look to this office's desk décor of ceramic vases, rounded tray, and coral display, which complement the rest of the antiquated candlesticks scattered around.

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Make It a Chic Retreat

Cream and black home office

Our Home at 29

If you really prefer a minimal workspace, pick items that air on the side of utility, such as acrylic pen holders and matte leather desk pads. You can then reserve the more fun objects for the space around you—it's the best of both worlds, really.

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Be Partial to Plant Life

Clean minimal desk

Rush Me Home

There's no room in your home that plants can't make better, and adding them to your desk is the perfect way to liven up your work environment and refresh the air. Those with a couple of books and framed wall art and your desk will be ready for anything the day throws at it.

White planters
EcoVibe Kendall Pot in White $6.00
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Build a Minimalist Sanctuary

White airy home office

Hamilton Park Home

Stick with a quiet color palette and let the form of the objects do the talking. This lamp and pottered vase are gorgeous in shape, but abide by the neutral theme of the room. By setting your desk space up, you also have the perfect foundation for pairing wall art that'll maintain your dreams of a Scandi chic office.

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Sprinkle in Florals

Desk with pink chair

Kelsey Leigh Design Co.

Fresh flowers (or even faux) are an instant mood booster and sit especially pretty on desktops. You can switch it up depending on the season or occasion, and it keeps the rest of your space clear and pristine. A fresh bouquet is also ideal for those who may not consider themselves to have the greenest thumb.

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Opt for Natural Textures

Neutral bedroom and desk

Becca Interiors

Like many of our WFH areas, this space has to share its purpose. Whether it's a living room, kitchen table, or in this case a bedroom, try sticking with desk items that match the theme that's already present so it feels cohesive.

Raffia tray
Jungalow Natural Raffia Tray $74.00
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Turn Coffee Table Books Into Desk Dwellers

White office space

Pure Collected Living

That stack of aspirational books chilling on your coffee table can serve an equally stylish purpose sitting on your desk. Stack a few of your favorites and set them next to a lamp or set a vase or candle on top for a picture-perfect set up. These reads-turned-décor will also you a breather from screen time and something fun to flip through on your breaks.

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Elevate Your Desk Decor

White office space

True Home

Another perfect example of how to make desk décor work for more petite areas can be found in this office space. A plant, vase, and candle make up the actual top of the desk. But the shelves above hold even more stylized vignettes to help set the scene.

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Speckle Your Space in Terrazzo

Terrazzo wallpaper and desk

House of Chais

Small work tables shouldn't miss out on all the fun. While this desk still has a few fresh décor items on its surface, this designer knew just how precious desk space is and utilized the surface area of the wall to infuse more personality. The terrazzo wallpaper, plants, and open shelving make this a pint-sized stunner.

Terrazzo wallpaper
Chasing Paper Terrazzo $80.00
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Style With Odd Numbers

Desk with gold accents

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Like the rule of three, you can never go wrong with grouping décor in odd numbers. Here, the designer used five pretty items to make this space shine. This desk is also a lesson in matching your materials—just peep the metallic drawer pulls that pair perfectly with the lamp.

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Embrace the Lazy Susan

Laptop on a table

Afro Bohemian Living

Whether your permanent workspace is at the table or you're just posting up there for a change of scenery, it's worth styling to your liking. One ingenious way to make this happen is by using a lazy Susan or even a stationary tray. It makes grabbing all your necessities a breeze and also keeps your décor organized and in one place.

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Expand Your "Desk" Space

White office with wallpaper on ceiling

Midcity Interiors

A built-in desk means you have plenty of room for styling shelves to your heart's content—and in a way it gives you major opportunities for desk décor. Keep it tidy on your actual working area—save for a planter, pen holder, or perhaps some wall art as seen here—and go wild with the rest of the shelves.

White marble book ends
Crate&Barrel White Marble Bookends, Set of 2 $39.95
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Flow Into Boho

Boho desk decor

Black & Blooms

If you're a style maximalist, you know that desk décor doesn't need to feel cluttered—it can actually feel cozy and inviting. Plants, candles, drawers, and a terrarium make this area so much fun to admire and we bet even more fun to work at.