DIY Projects

Whether you're looking for an easy IKEA hack or a more advanced project, our DIY inspiration will help you make your home your own.
DIY Projects
DIY Projects
White on white bedroom with dramatic slider door

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IKEA tarva hack with grasscloth.
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A black IKEA Raskog cart, slid under a wooden desk to serve as an under-desk storage system
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ikea ivar hack
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spice rack
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Kura bed hacks
16 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks That Are Sure to Impress Your Little Ones
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vintage teal dresser with plant and small knick knacks sitting in top placed in corner
How to Paint Any Wooden Surface And Achieve Smooth Results
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ikea eket side table hack
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IKEA Billy Bookcase hack
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gallery wall
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A finished IKEA closet makeover
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Living room with leather chair and ottoman.
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fabric wall art
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Sunroom with antique wooden bench.
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Bed with green headboard in front of brick wall.
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Radiator Design
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bunk beds
These Beautiful Arched Bunk Beds Are Actually a $600 DIY
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bedroom with a wallpapered accent wall
The 6 Secrets to Applying Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper Like a Pro
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Front door exterior with pink door and wreath.
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Playroom with large nature mural.
This Designer Saved Major Money in Her Playroom Thanks to DIY Cabinetry
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Drew Scott headshot -sitting on dining room table
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Besta table DIY.
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Neutral bedroom with forest green nightstand and black lamp.
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Frame TV
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five opaque vases filled with dried eucalyptus stems against white background
How to Dry and Use Eucalyptus as a Trendy Décor Update
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Black and white gallery wall.
6 Home Updates You Can Easily Do Without TaskRabbit (No, Really)
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Eclectic living room with orange sofa, gold chest coffee table, and stool.
I Can't Tell You How Many Different Ways I've Used This One Piece of Décor in My Home
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front door with wreath and garland
It Doesn't Feel Like the Holidays Until I Get My Hands Dirty With A DIY Wreath
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desk area with a dried arrangement and several candles
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Bedroom with a fireplace mantel
This One Décor Piece Instantly Upgraded My Home—Without Breaking the Bank
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living room
5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Mounting a TV on Your Wall
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IKEA hacks in a bedroom on a dresser
30 Chic IKEA Hacks to Try for a Unique Home
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living room with a carefully selected area rug
Don't Toss It—Here's How To Make Your Old Rug Look Brand-New
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There's an IKEA Product in Every Room of This House—Can You Spot Them?
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diy wall decor ideas - gallery wall
20 Wall Décor Ideas You Can Easily DIY
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living room with white mantle
This Easy Yet Chic Way To Display Art at Home Requires Zero Nails
furniture makeover
Don't Toss It—Here's How to Make Your Old Furniture Look Brand New
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A living area with artwork hung salon-style on a gallery wall.
5 Services that Make Hanging a Gallery Wall a Breeze
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curtain length bright and colorful living room
How to Hang Curtains the Right Way Every Time
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bedroom with a hanging rug
Hanging a Rug on the Wall is the Unexpected Design Idea You Need to Try
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Terrarium with plants
Need Something to Do? Here's How to Make a Terrarium in 5 Simple Steps
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This May Be the Most Genius IKEA Item Ever (and It Starts at $5)
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daybed with gallery wall
The Right Way to Frame an Art Print
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Modern cute dining room with gallery wall.
The Only Rules You Need to Know to Hang Art the Right Way Every Time
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White Wall Paint Ideas
FYI: Experts Always Notice These Mistakes in Your Paint Color Choices
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How to Paint a Dresser
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6 Smart and Stylish IKEA Hacks
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David Tsay; Design: Brian Faherty of Schoolhouse Electric
13 Zero-Cost Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh
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These Genius Target Hacks Are Surprisingly Chic
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New IKEA Hacks That Will Change Your Life
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