20 Chic DIY Projects to Upgrade Every Corner of Your Home

gallery wall

JC Design

Have a free weekend? A quick DIY project is an easy way to instantly upgrade your home without investing too much money or time. Whether you're looking to upgrade your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or any room in between, with a little bit of paint, a few tools, and a little elbow grease, you can easily transform your space from blah to insta-worthy.

Need some inspiration? Here are 20 totally chic DIY projects to upgrade every corner of your home.

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Build a Cloffice

closet office

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

The closet-office hybrid is now everywhere. Many people have turned their extra closets into stow away work-from-home spaces, so if your home doesn't afford you a traditional office, you can DIY one like Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona demonstrates in her tutorial here.

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Organize Your Closet


NYC Neat Method

Prefer to keep your closet for its original use? Then it's time to organize. An organized closet is a special slice of heaven. While the result feels amazing, please don't underestimate the amount of time it will take to achieve this after effect. The key to a picture-worthy organized closet is labeled baskets or bins, matching hangers, and coordinating colors.

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Construct Your Own Shelving Unit


Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona also DIY-ed this oversized cube shelving unit to create a space to display her favorite things in her home. You can follow her exact project outline here or adapt it to better fit your own space, whether that's smaller, wider, more or less shelving, etc.

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DIY Your Own Headboard


Anne Sage

Bedroom need a little spicing up? Try DIYing a leather headboard for a sleek, budget-friendly look. Designer Anne Sage designed this headboard in photoshop and worked with a local upholstery craftsman to bring it to life.

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Switch Up Your Cabinet Color


House of Chais

Painting your kitchen cabinets will take a full weekend, as you have to remove the doors, prep them and the cabinet boxes, and then paint multiple coats. But the end result is stunning.

Thinking of switching up your cabinet color? Check out these designer picks.

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DIY Your Own Archway



Would you believe this beautifully arched door frame is a DIY? And it only cost $30. Watch how Amanda from Dwell Aware brought this to DIY to life here.

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Paint a Mural



Amanda from Dwell Aware continues to showcase her DIY prowess with this impressive painted mural that peeks out from underneath her staircase. She documents the entire painting process here.

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Put Up Wallpaper in an Unexpected Place


House of Chais

A wallpaper accent wall is a fascinating thing to behold, but adding wallpaper to an unexpected place such as inside a reading nook or a closet gives you and your guests a welcome, cheerful surprise when you discover it.

Not sold on wallpaper? Try removable wallpaper for a low-risk, easy-to-apply option.

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Style your Bookshelf


Bespoke Only

A zero-buy DIY: style your bookshelves. Bookshelves can easily become a cluttered catch-all surface, especially if they are placed in a high-traffic area. A quick declutter and intentional styling sesh can leave your bookshelves looking like showstoppers.

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DIY a Waterfall Countertop


Cathie Hong Interiors

There is no better feeling than a clean, organized laundry room. Short on space? Try DIY-ing a waterfall countertop. This simple, inexpensive DIY not only makes your laundry room look more put together, but it serves as a folding table and counter space for a small laundry room.

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Add a Pop of Color to Your Doors


Cottage + Sea

As pictured above, painting your front door (or your balcony door) is a great way to add a pop of color and a little personality to your entryway.

Be sure to pick an exterior paint brand that is weather-proof and ultra-durable so that you only have to paint your door once.

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Reupholster Your Chairs


Reena Sotropa

Tired of your furniture's look? Spilled a glass of red wine on your white chair at the latest book club? Perhaps it's time to attempt to reupholster one (or all) of your chairs.

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Paint an Accent Wall a Soothing Color


Brexton Cole Interiors

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to give your space a refresh, and an accent wall is a super simple way to do just that. While bright accent walls have definitely had their moment in the spotlight, picking a soothing color is a great option if you're looking to create a cozy vibe.

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Paint the Ceiling


Mocha Girl Place

What's more fun than painting an accent wall? Painting an accent wall on the ceiling. Adding a pop of color to your ceiling not only draws your eye up, but it gives that "wow" factor that some bedrooms lack.

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Don't Forget About Your Curtains

accent wall

Mocha Girl Place

A quick switch out of your curtains-whether you DIY them or simply hang some new store-bought ones-will breathe life into your space. Coordinate them with the linens you already have in play for a buttoned-up look.

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Set Your Table


Black and Blooms

When is the last time you set your table? Like, really set your table? Sara from Black and Blooms showcases how important this simple act can be. Her dining room is completely transformed with a fresh bouquet of flowers and a properly set table. DIY your own napkin rings and glass-holders for a budget-friendly setting.

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Paint Your Fireplace


Brexton Cole Interiors

Whether you choose to paint your fireplace mantle, the wall that it sits against, or stencil and paint the tile around your room's centerpiece, adding a pop of color to your fireplace is a great, easy way to pull the focal point of your room to this unique feature.

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Create a Gallery Wall Shelf

gallery wall

JC Design

A gallery wall used to mean several different pictures and artwork were hanging on one wall. Move over tradition, enter: the gallery wall shelf.

It houses all the same items you'd feature on a traditional gallery wall, but instead of hanging them directly onto the wall, they lean on a DIY shelf you've expertly installed. The gallery wall shelf breathes some fresh air into this classic design while allowing for the display of other small objects such as little plants or vases.

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Switch Out Your Hardware


Whittney Parkinson

One of the easiest DIYs to instantly upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or any rental space: switch out your hardware. By replacing outdated hardware with unique handles you actually love, you'll feel pretty proud of your DIY saavy self.

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Add a Backsplash


Whittney Parkinson

While you might not be able to DIY a marble backsplash such as the one pictured above, you can absolutely DIY a simple patterned backsplash or even opt for the easy version: peel and stick backsplash.

So whether you choose to paint an accent wall or DIY a full shelving unit, know that you have the power to drastically upgrade your home's design with your own two hands (and perhaps a good power drill).