This Easy Office DIY Totally Changed the Way I Work From Home

easy diy dry erase board for working from home

Caroline Utz

After the past year, I've learned a thing or two about what works for me as I work from home. Yes, putting on an outfit that doesn't consist of leggings and a sweatshirt helps me feel more productive (though ask any of my coworkers and they'll tell you I do this maybe once a week). Setting up my coffee maker the night before helps me wake up in the morning, and straightening up my desk every evening helps me transition from working hours to my own time.

While I've enjoyed the flexibility of my new schedule, working from home in my tiny studio apartment has its challenges, namely keeping my work life from creeping into my everyday life. I don't have the luxury of closing an office door every evening. Instead, my desk is positioned directly in front of my bed. Not ideal.

I wanted a dry erase board to easily keep track of my priorities, but I didn't want to stare at it all the time. I can't think of anything more anxiety-inducing than being able to see my unfinished to-do list from every corner of my home at all times. Plus a whiteboard wouldn't really go with my décor, which as a home editor, is a huge priority. Enter this smart solution I made with things I already had lying around the house: a DIY dry erase board using only leftover removable wallpaper and an empty frame.

Here's how you can get the look.

Gather Your Supplies

gather your supplies - wallpaper, scissors, empty frame

Caroline Utz

First things first, get all of your supplies together. I happened to have leftover removable wallpaper from the adorable Chasing Paper x New Hat collaboration, but scrapbook paper or card stock would also work. Grab an empty frame (be sure to include one that has a plexiglass or glass front) and a set of scissors to help customize your board.

Make Your Design

create your design- wallpaper on floor

Caroline Utz

I wanted to have a fun collage moment, so I arranged my spare wallpaper in this grid format, using a color scheme that included the same shades of mauve and pale pink, my favorite colors of the moment. I kept it simple by repeating the same two patterns. For a more cohesive look, stick to the same pattern and color throughout. Once you have your pattern finalized, stick or glue it to the sheet of paper that comes in your frame. It's as easy as that!

Display Your Work

easy diy dry erase board finished with to do list written on it

Caroline Utz

Because dry erase markers work just as well on plexiglass as they do on actual whiteboards, you now have a pretty display for your everyday to do list. When the work week is over, simply erase the list, and you have a lovely piece of art to look at during the weekend. This trick works for any photo or inexpensive piece of art you might already have in a similar frame, so the possibilities are endless, if you're not looking to get too crafty. Cheers to a healthy work-life balance!