5 Kitchen Organization Projects You Can Knock Out In a Weekend

Bright white kitchen.

Design: mStarr Design Studio; Photo: Becca Brendler

Have a few extra hours this weekend and eager for a home project that will have you reaping the benefits on a daily basis? Start with the kitchen. It’s one of the easiest rooms to take on a quick, easy organization project that requires a low investment of time and money. 

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Utilize Your Cabinet Doors

After I shared a quick peek on Instagram of my potholder hung with Command strips on the back of a cabinet door, I received countless “Why didn’t I think of that?” messages. It seems so obvious, right?

Easily accessible, yet totally out of sight, cabinet doors are one of the most under-utilized spots in the kitchen and it takes just a few minutes to turn this blank slate into a helpful organizational hack. 

Use hooks for potholders, oven mitts, and dish towels. Install a pegboard to organize your pot lids, hang shallow shelves behind under-the-sink cabinet doors for extra cleaning supply storage, and create a back-of-door spice rack. The options are endless—as long as you keep the items small and flat-ish. 

Before you make any permanent moves on the back of your cabinet doors, make sure the door will still close, allowing room for the existing shelves inside the cabinet.

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Decant Your Spices Into Matching Jars

Organized spice rack.

Mika Perry

Want to feel positively grown-up? Matching jars are always the answer. Decanting anything at all is the quickest kitchen organization secret and, from grains to nuts to spices, everything looks prettier in a coordinated glass jar.

Plus, decanted spice jars seem to be the pinnacle of kitchen organization right now. Try to scroll through your feed without seeing another friend labeling their spices with gorgeous hand-written labels. 

How do you join the ranks of sophisticated spice connoisseurs? First, go through your spice jars. Consolidate the duplicate bottles of coriander. Throw away that years-old garlic powder. The next step is easy: decant your spices into matching jars. Then, either use pre-written labels or, if you enjoy hand lettering, write your own. A couple of easy steps, and you’ll have beautifully organized spices that will beg you to cook.

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Add Riser Shelves for Dishes and Glasses

Take a look at your dish cabinet. You may have 8 plates rising 4”, but you also have 6” of wasted space above—and, yes, I did just take out a tape measure for journalistic accuracy. Now, do the same audit of your glassware. Most likely, you’ll find unused space as you open every cabinet door.

Bring in a riser shelf, and you’ll double your cabinet space. No longer will you precariously stack glasses and layer bowls on top of salad plates. Each item will have its rightful place and unloading the dishwasher will no longer lead to a fragile game of Jenga.

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Create a Designated Coffee and Tea Drawer

at home coffee bar ideas

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Tramp-Ligorria 

When it comes to kitchen moves, you can’t go wrong with one that will start your mornings off on a happy, organized note: a coffee and tea station in a drawer. This was one of my first projects, and it brings my Type A-heart so much joy each time I open the drawer. 

You’ll start by cleaning out a drawer, preferably the one closest to your coffee maker or water kettle. Then, invest in a few organizational pieces to hold tea bags and coffee accessories. I found long, thin organizers best for tea bags and a larger square organizer for coffee items like a milk frother and espresso machine accouterments.

I also store coffee beans, a milk frothing pitcher, and measuring devices in the drawer. It’s a one-stop coffee station, hidden out of sight, and perfectly organized.

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Turn an Empty Drawer Into a Produce Storage Bin

If you’re one of those people who has so much cabinet space that you’re looking for ways to use it, let me introduce you to the produce storage bin. It’s the organizational dream of many an at-home cook to have a designated space for produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated—but also doesn’t look chic stacked in the fruit bowl. 

And, if you have an empty, deep drawer, all you need is a few wire or perforated baskets and voilà, you have a dark, dry home, ideal for long-term storage of potatoes, onions, and apples. 

Now, we’re just asking that you invite us over to admire your impeccably organized kitchen. 

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