Add a Little Farmhouse Flair to Your Bathroom With These 20 Design Ideas

Farmhouse bathroom with large tub.

Milk and Honey Life

The farmhouse fad isn't showing any signs of slowing down, so if you haven't jumped on the design bandwagon, now's a better time than any to do so. And, what better place to incorporate some farmhouse flair than your bathroom? The bathroom a great place to experiment with trends—especially if you're not ready to remodel the rest of your home—plus it'll encourage you to slow down and savor your time spent showering and primping.

Looking for inspiration? We have you covered. Have a look at 20 stunning farmhouse bathroom ideas that can work in any space—yes, even yours.

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Light it Up

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Bespoke Only

Lighting might make or break a space, but it's the physical fixture that will set the tone for the décor. In this bathroom from Bespoke Only, the lone caged scone reminds us of a charming, country cabin in the best way possible. Rounding out the look is nickel hardware and a slightly distressed medicine cabinet.

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Get Creative With Your Vanity

farmhouse ideas

Design: Kate Lester Interiors; Photo: Lauren Pressey

When it comes to farmhouse bathroom ideas, it's those idiosyncrasies that make the space shine. Translation? There's no need to have everything match to perfection. We love how designer Kate Lester added a wooden vanity and cool, beaded mirror to the mix.

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Revel in Repetition

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Design: Massucco Warner; Photo: Kimberly Gavin

As this farmhouse bathroom from Massucco Warner proves, more is merrier. The triple faucets and light fixtures ooze a cozy, yet practical, vibe that's often found in a rustic farmhouse. Rounding out the room is a wide, standalone sink.

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Wall-to-Wall Wood

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Design: Allison Babcock; Photo: Francine Fleisher.

Sure, lacquer-less, wooden walls are a great way to bring those farmhouse vibes to life. However, too much grain can make your bathroom feel small and claustrophobic. For a happy medium, pay close attention to your stain. Sag Harbor-based designer Allison Babcock nailed the modern farmhouse look with light wooden walls and matte, black hardware.

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Style With Sconces

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Kate Marker Interiors

Speaking of lighting, sconces are the go-to fixture for farmhouse bathrooms. Not only is this choice space-efficient, but it's also a lot more down-to-earth than an opulent chandelier. And, why settle for one when you can enjoy two? This bathroom from Kate Marker Interiors masters the look, thanks to the set of scones and inky walls.

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Lean a Ladder Against the Wall

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Cathie Hong

Looking for a farmhouse bathroom idea that strikes that sweet spot between form and function? Lean a ladder up against your wall, as Cathie Hong did here. It's the perfect place to throw your towel or robe, but won't compromise your bathroom's style.

Instead of settling for the ladder in your garage, spring for a decorative option.

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Take a Soak

farmhouse bathroom

Milk and Honey Life

A standalone tub is a staple of any spacious farmhouse bathroom—and Karen Emile of Milk and Honey Life turned hers into a certifiable sanctuary. The rubbed bronze hardware feels ultra-homey, while the floating shelves above offer a convenient spot to her bath time essentials. You know, just in case the blogger's craving an impromptu soak.

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Wow With Wallpaper

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Design: John Robshaw; Photo: Rachel Robshaw

Textile designer John Robshaw gave his rustic bathroom a tongue-in-cheek twist by covering his walls with a whimsical wallpaper. The tree-centric repeat will transport you to the sprawling countryside, even just for a moment.

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Rethink Your Shower Door

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Reena Sotropa

Bring a little farmhouse flair to your shower by swapping out the traditional curtain or door for this cool, paneled style. Canadian designer Reena Sotropa juxtaposes the statement-making door with white subway tiles and a veined shower bench.

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Go to the Dark Side

farmhouse bathroom

Farrow & Ball

This might come as a surprise to you, but your farmhouse bathroom doesn't have to be painted a light, neutral color. For a dash of drama that doesn't compromise your farmhouse flair, reach for a moody hue like this moody hue from Farrow & Ball.

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Add Art

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Design: Phillip Thomas; Photo: Aydin Arjomand.

Want to bring a farmhouse edge to your powder room? The key is is to treat your bathroom like any other room of the house and accessorize it accordingly. For some, that might be repurposing an old dresser into a vanity. But, for Phillip Thomas, the magic lies in adorning the wall with charming art.

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Double Down on Details

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Amber Pierce Designs

Don't want floor-to-ceiling wooden walls? That's okay, you can always give your wainscoting some extra TLC. Take a cue from Amber Pierce, who paired beadboard panels with a whimsical wallpaper. The final product is the perfect mix between country and cute.

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Spruce Up With Shiplap

farmhouse bathroom

KG Design

Of course, no conversation about rustic bathrooms would be complete without mentioning shiplap. Made popular by Chip and Joanna Gaines, shiplap is the go-to wall style for modern farmhouses. But, though it might be a no-brainer for your space, you don't have to go overboard. This space from KG Design keeps it simple with a shiplapped accent wall.

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Decorate With Distressed Wares

farmhouse bathroom

Ashley Montgomery

One of the best parts about decorating a farmhouse bathroom is that your space doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes, those small wear and tears are what bring the area together. Case in point: this bathroom from Ashley Montgomery, which features an old-fashioned lantern and distressed countertops.

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Opt for Old-School Finishes

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Becca Interiors

Speaking of old-school features, farmhouse bathrooms encourage you to take a stylish walk down memory lane. While you can definitely replace your bathroom appliances, the latest gadgets will feel out of place. Instead, look for hardware with a slightly retro feel. This bathroom from Becca Interiors masters the look, thanks to the wall-mounted faucet and utility sink.

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Beautify With Built-Ins

farmhouse bathroom

Charbonneau Interiors

Oftentimes, the secret to making your farmhouse bathroom shine is working with your home's original architectural details. For example, instead of tearing down this home's beautiful built-ins, Charbonneau Interiors put them on full display. The neutral color of the cabinets brings that farmhouse flair front and center.

But, what if your home wasn't blessed with built-ins? It's okay, you can always flex your DIY muscle.

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Add an Antique Rug

farmhouse bathroom ideas

Finding Lovely

Anyone who's looking for a budget-conscious way to transform their bathroom into a rustic oasis will need to stock up on accessories. We love how Jackie of Finding Lovely ditched the traditional bath mat for a well-appointed antique rug. This small, and affordable, accent give this space a cozy, country feel.

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Go for the Gold

farmhouse bathroom

Marie Flanigan

Another way to design a farmhouse bathroom for less? Switch out your hardware. There's something about matte, brass hardware—like the fixtures in this space by Marie Flanigan—that gives a warm, fuzzy feeling only a country cabin can bring.

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Master the Modern Farmhouse

farmhouse bathroom

Hannah Tyler Designs

The modern farmhouse style is perfect for anyone who likes the idea of a rustic bathroom, but has a more minimalist design eye. Fortunately, this aesthetic is also really easy to achieve. Hannah Tyler masters the look with a high-contrast color palette as well as wooden and brass accents.

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Pare Down Your Backsplash

farmhouse bathroom

Design: Jessica Nelson; Photo: Carina Skrobecki Photography

Behind every dreamy farmhouse shower is a great backsplash. In this bathroom, designer Jessica Nelson opts for a matte subway tile that almost takes on the look of an exposed brick wall. The result? A shower that feels cozy, yet contemporary.