20 Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas That Are Totally Timeless

farmhouse kitchen tables

Design: Kate Lester Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Whether you live on an actual working farm in the country or in a high-rise building in the middle of a big city, there's something about weathered wood tables and spindle-back chairs that transport you to the countryside. And since nothing says home sweet home better than an inviting place to eat, we're rounding up 20 decorating ideas for your farmhouse-style kitchen table.

Ahead are the best ways to incorporate the lived-in charm and welcoming vibe of the farm, no matter where you happen to reside.

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Size Matters

farmhouse kitchen tables

Katie Hodges Design

While we often live by the bigger-is-better rule when it comes to dining tables, a smaller table in a kitchen corner feels cozy and unapologetically farmhouse. A round table with bench seating on one side and chairs on the other is great for everything from entertaining to quick morning bites. Pillows and fresh fruit make it look and feel inviting, and a touch of greenery adds a pop of color to this neutral-colored space.

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Make Your Dark Woods Pop

farmhouse kitchen table


Farmhouse living incorporates tons of dark woods to achieve an aged look, but if you prefer a more brighter ambiance, consider infusing color via a floral vase. We love how these yellow flowers (aptly named goldenrod) pop against this antique table.

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Give a Vintage Tapestry New Life

farmhouse kitchen tables


Whether you have a beautiful vintage scarf passed down from your ancestors or you've thrifted a tapestry from a local flea market, your dining table is the perfect place to display it. Layer it over a linen tablecloth for a farmhouse feel.

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Incorporate Fresh Flowers

farmhouse kitchen table


Nothing says farmhouse living more than fresh cut flowers sitting on your kitchen table. Swap them out weekly for a farm-to-table feel no matter whether you're trimming them from your garden or purchasing them from your local farmer's market.

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Use Linen Napkins

farmhouse kitchen table


There's no place in a farmhouse kitchen for paper towels. Instead, opt for linen napkins in your place setting. The mismatched plates add a certain charm as well.

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Try Tapered Candles

farmhouse kitchen tables

Pure Salt Interiors

Swap your low-profile votives for tapered candles for a romantic take on a farmhouse feel. These look especially beautiful when paired with a family style dinner over a warm sunset.

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Maximize a Single Bloom

farmhouse kitchen table

Design: D2 Interiors; Photo: Amy Bartlam

When it comes to the farmhouse style, simplicity is the name of the game. Our favorite way to dress up a dining table is to place a single flower in a charming vase and place it by a window.

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Try a Printed Tablecloth

farmhouse kitchen table


A bright white tablecloth tends to feel like a five-star dining experience, but a floral print looks much more inviting and infinitely more farmhouse. A printed tablecloth hides traces of stains, feels more casual and thus, more inviting.

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Break Out the Fancy Silverware

farmhouse kitchen table


Vintage silverware feels so much more charming than a modern set you bought at your local department store. Vintage inspired or thrifted sets add that final touch to a farmhouse table setting.

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Swap Coasters for a Utility Runner

farmhouse kitchen tables

Design: Kate Lester Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

The farmhouse vibe is all about creating an inviting space, and while coasters can feel so formal, you definitely want to find a way to protect your precious vintage find of a dining table. We suggest swapping your go-to coasters for a runner that runs perpendicular to your table. Extra points for one with frayed, lived-in edges.

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Lay Out a Living Runner

farmhouse kitchen table


A fabric runner is always a beautiful choice, but a farmhouse kitchen table deserves something a bit more nature-inspired. Greenery spread across the middle of your table adds tons of color, texture, and farmhouse vibes.

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Make It a Cozy Kitchen Nook

farmhouse kitchen tables


If you have an open nook in your kitchen, consider sliding in a dining table and bench-style seating for the ultimate farmhouse feel. Up the cozy factor with pillows and plenty of fresh snacks for guests to feast on.

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Repurpose Glass Accessories

kitchen tables


Whether you're upcycling a new vase or adding some sparkle to your centerpiece, repurposed glass bottles and jugs work as the perfect farmhouse accessory.

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Consider Overhead Lighting

farmhouse kitchen tables


Lighting is more than just a source of brightness—it's an important design element in any space. When it comes to your farmhouse kitchen, a rustic pendant lamp fits right in over your dining table.

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Work In Some Greenery

farmhouse kitchen tables

Design: Allie Boesch Designs; Photo: Amy Bartlam

The more greenery you incorporate into your table, the more of a farmhouse feel you'll create. Rummage through your yard for an authentic look that screams life on the farm.

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Keep It Simple

farmhouse kitchen table

Design: Allie Boesch Designs, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Farmhouse décor is all about simplicity and a lived-in feel, so it's best not to overthink it. We love how this table boasts subtle elegance and creates an inviting environment for guests.

A simple piece of pottery, thrifted or passed down, looks at home at the center of this dining table.

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Triple Your Texture

farmhouse kitchen table


Authentic farmhouse living is full of texture—think natural materials—so keep this in mind when decorating a space like your kitchen table. Consider incorporating tons of texture via stone, reclaimed wood, and dry florals. And yes, in some spaces, a kitchen island doubles as a dining space.

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Be Mindful Of Seating

farmhouse table ideas


No kitchen table décor is complete without a set of standout chairs. The spindle back style is quintessential farmhouse but these painted in a coat of light blue paint add an unexpected twist to this neutral space.

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Work In Layers

farmhouse kitchen table


A truly successful table setting is created in layers. You start with linens, move to dishes, silverware, and then finish off with a centerpiece. But when it comes to the farmhouse style, stray away from uniformity.

Instead, create a charming, lived-in feel with mismatched dishes, cups, and silverware, a variety of cloth napkins, a selection of materials, and a collection of vases for blooms of all shapes and colors.