22 Chic French Door Curtain Ideas to Freshen Up Your Space

White bathroom with curtains

Design: The Plot Binna BurraPhotography: Casa Morgan

A French door is really the best of both worlds–it provides a door with easy access to the outside and offers a large amount of window to let natural light flow in. They are often found in living spaces that have direct access to the outdoors, but they are also wonderful additions to the interior of your home.

But what happens when you swap a set of windows for a French door and still need some privacy? Though you can totally leave them bare for maximum light, you can install curtains the same way you would for windows to add a bit of privacy and give your French door a lot of texture and interest.

Whether you already have French doors you want to cover or you are considering adding a pair to your home, these lovely curtain ideas are perfect for adding privacy without taking away from your doors' beauty.

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Pick a Neutral Hue

Linen curtains in a room

Design: Maggie Griffin Design Photography: Brian Bieder

Curtains are a great opportunity to add color or pattern to your living room, but if you have an immense number of French doors, you may want to keep your curtains simple and understated so as not to take away from the rest of your decor. Pick a neutral color in the same family as the rest of your decor so your space will feel cohesive.

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Add a Hint of Color

Dining room with blue curtains

Design: Maggie Griffin Design Photography: Brian Bieder

An open floor plan dining and kitchen space often has direct access to a patio or backyard. Here, French doors add a classic feel to the room and give the space a more traditional feel. If you have a fairly neutral room, consider a light hue to add a hint of color without overwhelming the room.

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Go All the Way to the Ceiling

Den with extra tall ceilings

Design: Maggie Griffin Design Photography: Brian Bieder

You should treat your French doors as you would windows and follow the same rules for hanging curtains. To give your room a grander feel, extend your curtains all the way from the ceiling to the floor. This will give the illusion of higher ceilings and make your space feel even more open and airy.

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Consider Shades

Room with blinds on doors

Design: Studio Thomas James, IncPhotography: Costa Christ Media

If you have French doors in an area where you don't have a lot of room for curtains, consider something classic such as Roman shades. This is a great way to keep your space elevated, even if curtains or drapes don't fit your room.

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Add a French Door to a Bathroom

Bathroom with French doors

Design: The Plot Binna BurraPhotography: Casa Morgan

We love this bathroom design that features an unexpected French door directly outside. But of course installing French doors in your bathroom means you will definitely want to consider privacy. These airy curtains are opaque enough to lend enough privacy but don't feel too heavy for a bathroom.

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Go for Linen

Linen curtains

The Proud Weatherboard

Linen curtains are perfect for giving your space that understated and tranquil vibe. Keep them extra long and let them kiss the floor to incorporate that easy, breezy feel.

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Stick With the Room's Color Palette

Dining room with gray accents

Regina Sturrock Design

We love the monochromatic color scheme in this room with various shades of light, cool gray. The curtains cover both the French door and the transom windows above the doors, making the room appear larger and taller.

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Pick an Accent Color

Sky lights and French doors in a kitchen

Design: Interiors by AbodePhotography: SP Photography Ltd

Struggling to find the best curtain color for your French doors? Find an accent color from your room and pull it through to the window coverings.

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Consider the Curtain Rod

Black French doors with curtain

Meg Loren

When hanging a curtain rod, consider picking a finish that works well with the rest of your room. Here, a black curtain rod pairs wonderfully with the black door finish to give the whole room a seamless feel.

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Stay Sheer

Clear curtains

New Andrew Home

Adding French doors will bring in a lot of natural light so if you don't need a lot of privacy, consider keeping the curtains sheer. This is a great way to add a touch of privacy without limiting the amount of natural light that filters in.

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Pull Them Back

Two layers of curtains

Taylor Wimpey Crofton g

Adding curtain tiebacks is a great way to give your doors that window look and feel while still keeping the direct access to the outdoors.

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Blend into the Wall

Black French doors with curtains

Kate Walker Design

You can opt for curtains that standout with a lot of contrast or you can opt for a color that blends into the wall. A curtain that disappears into the wall will allow the eye to focus on the rest of the room and the French doors instead.

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Pick a Contrasting Color

Large living room with curtains

Collins Interiors

One way to add a bit of interest to your room is to pick a color that contrasts with the rest of your home decor without clashing. This can give the space depth.

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Add Tassels

Rustic room with beams

Design: Maggie Griffin Design Photography: Brian Bieder

A busy room with a lot of textures and patterns requires a curtain that can stand on its own. Consider a curtain with tassels or pom poms for extra embellishments that lend a lot of visual interest.

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Go for a Bold Color

Yellow curtains in a window

Sash Windows London Ltd

An eye-catching hue such as mustard yellow is perfect for a French door curtain that you want to act as the focal point in the room. The silky fabric also makes a design statement as the rest of the room is kept minimal.

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Pick a Pattern

Patterned curtains behind a chair

Tara Fingold Interiors

Consider a subtle pattern that offers a touch of interest without feeing too busy. Keep the color palette soft and understated and go for a classic motif that ups the elegance in any space.

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Add a Few Inches

Gray curtains with a door

Ioanna Lennox Design

Your French doors will feel even more elevated if you pick curtains that grace the floor ever so slightly. An extra inch or two will give your room that Parisian apartment feel, no matter how far from France you live.

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Pull the Curtains to One Side

Living room with curtains

Design Lines Signature

Sometimes finding enough room around your French doors can limit your curtain options. If you don't have a lot of wall space on either side of your French doors, pull all of the curtains to one side for an asymmetric look.

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Blend Into Natural Elements

Cabin with curtains

Terri Ricci Interiors

Any natural material, especially wood, feels substantial and should shine on its own. Opt for curtains that play well with the natural materials in your room rather than work against it.

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Cover a Closet

Closet with French door

Rob Stuart Interiors

An interior French door adds a classic element to any room, but you may not want to be able to see what is on the other side. Whether you have a French door as a closet door or you want to separate too windows, add a curtain to better delineate the spaces.

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Go All White

White living room with French doors

Elle Design Interiors

There's something incredibly striking and classic about an all-white room. Keep the look going with classic cool white curtains and a white framed French door.

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Stay Classic

Traditional room

Sally Rotenstreich

A heavy drape is a great way to make your French doors feel like traditional windows in a classic living room. Playing up the symmetry of the room makes the whole space feel elevated.