50 Front Door Planter Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal

patio flowers

Lucy Gleeson Interiors

When it comes to giving your house a facelift, nothing can be as easy or as satisfying as adding a planter to your front door. Not only does it add some color to the facade of your home, but it helps breathe some life into an area that may not have a ton of greenery because of stairs, sidewalks, or landings.

If you're not sure where to start, we've rounded up 50 front door planter ideas to inspire your next mini makeover.

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Lean Mediterranean

spanish style planter

Black and Blooms

If you can't go on a Mediterranean vacation, why not make your home feel like one? These blue glazed planters would be gorgeous paired with terracotta or white pots. And, if you have a pergola-like structure near your front door, you can allow your plants to climb up the beams for an organic look.

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Opt for Macrame Hangers

desert planters

Blanco Bungalow

For those who are short on ground space, opt for hanging your planters instead. These terracotta pots are plain and simple, but the macrame hangers definitely give them an elegance factor that they wouldn't normally have. Plus, if you have trailing plants, they can create a privacy wall of sorts near your front door.

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Go Modular

ojai planters

Black and Blooms

A modern, minimalist look isn't complete without an angular planter of some sort. If you want to fill more vertical space, opt for a tall plant (like a cactus) or add a sleek plant stand.

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Gather Your Pots

terracotta planters

Black and Blooms

The more, the merrier, right? By gathering your planters in one space, you're not only making watering day easier on yourself, but you're also adding depth to your front stoop or porch.

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Move Up

vertical planters

Black and Blooms

Or, on the flip side, if you don't need any depth added to your space, tall, skinny planters have a small footprint and can help your space appear taller.

To really add drama to these planters, plant something like a snake plant or small tree that grows vertically.

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Follow Your Stairs

staggered planters

Black and Blooms

Step it up with multiple planters on varying levels. We're obsessed with how these large planters frame the stairs to this building, and they make you feel like you're entering some faraway place. For a low-maintenance option, you could fill planters with succulents that don't need to be watered often and add them to your collection.

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Create a Café Feel

outdoor planters

Bespoke Only

Channel your inner Parisian with tall, sleek planters filled with a shrub. Not only are these simple to take care of, but the added height creates chic look.

To keep the planters light enough to move, don't fill them to the top with dirt. Consider keeping your plant in its nursery pot and simply setting it inside the planter so you can easily move it if need be.

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Swap Out for the Seasons

pine tree in pots

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

As things get cooler, consider swapping out the contents of your planters for something seasonally friendly. You could put small evergreens in your planters, which would last year-round, or, opt for some faux greenery for an effortless addition.

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Don't Be Afraid to Hang

outdoor planteres

Lucy Gleeson Interiors

Utilizing the space you have is the best way to create an entry that feels unique to your home. Create a green-filled moment by hanging plants and having plenty around your front door.

No awning or ceiling to hang plants from? Consider hanging an old ladder horizontally and using the rungs to hook your plants on.

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Create Symmetry

eucalyptus wreath

Rush Me Home

There's something so satisfying about symmetry surrounding the entrance of a house. Mirror your plants and pots by putting the exact same ones on either side of your front door, and enjoy the clean look.

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Channel Midcentury Vibes

plant stand

Reena Sotropa

The beauty of planters and pots is that you can match them to your interior décor, even if they're outside your front door. The simplicity of a metal or wood plant stand and the plain pot is reminiscent of midcentury furniture, but it also allows the plant to take center stage.

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Reuse Vintage Items

front door planter

Milk and Honey Life

Sometimes the best planters are the ones you already have around your house. Using a ceramic crock or even an old coffee tin can add some vintage flair to your doorstep—plus, it's environmentally friendly.

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Combine Styles and Types of Planters

trellis and planter

Maite Granda

Adding visual interest can be as simple as pairing two unexpected elements together, like this modular planter and the trellis behind it. Instead of using a trellis traditionally and allowing a plant to vine up, hang a variety of plants to keep things interesting.

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Group Like Plants Together

staggered planter

Leaf and Lolo

Less isn't always more. We love how these snake plants create symmetry and add height to this space.

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Use a Bench as a Prop

outdoor planters

Laquita Tate

It's the best of both worlds: seating for when you take your shoes off and a place to highlight your newest plant baby.

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Use Tropical Plants

outdoor planter

Kaelyn Guerin

Big, luscious plants make a statement and fill up any empty space you have. The wispy branches of the olive tree and full palm in front are a beautiful combination.

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Keep It Simple

side door planter

The House on Hillside Lane

No one says you have to go all out when it comes to your front door planters. Sometimes, a simple black planter is all it takes to spice up your space.

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Go Solo

terracotta planter

Domm Dot Com

Nothing wrong with keeping things simple! The terracotta pot here brings out the gorgeous wood tones in the door, yet it beautifully contrasts the dark steps.

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Go Big

glazed planter

D Burns Interiors

Make a statement with a large and colorful planter. A dark teal or blue contrasts plants' green leaves, but also isn't too in-your-face.

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Opt for Something Boho

basket planters

Casa Watkins Living

Placing your plants in large baskets can not only conceal plastic nursery pots, but it can add a beautiful boho element to your space.

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Vary Plant and Pot Size

cactus planter


Creating contrast doesn't have to just happen between multiple planters and heights—sometimes, placing a tall plant in a teeny pot can make a big statement.

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Incorporate Plant Stands

patio flowers

Lucy Gleeson Interiors

If you have planters and pots that are mostly the same in size and shape, add some variation by throwing in a plant stand to literally elevate the look.

Buying plant stands can get expensive, and stools and other repurposed items work just as well and add some rustic flair.

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Let it Climb

climbing plant in planter


Let your plant do the talking for you in this situation. Having a plant vine up the wall not only creates some drama to your entrance, but it can also take away the need for any excess décor.

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Stay Monochromatic

framing planters

Plant Roost

Being matchy-matchy doesn't have to be boring. The way these white planters blend into their surroundings almost makes the plants look like they're floating. Match your pots to your house color for the ultimate camouflage effect.

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Utilize Side Tables

planter on stand

Dwell Aware

If you're blessed with a large front porch or landing, fill the space with somewhere you can enjoy your morning coffee or take a breather while weeding. Nothing like a plant to keep you company while you sip your cup of joe in the morning.

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Incorporate Handmade Elements

basket planter

Afro Bohemian Living

Texture can really add life to a space, and using elements like handwoven baskets can liven up your entry.

basket planter
Urban Outfitters Dia Natural Basket Planter $39.00
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DIY Your Own Planters

hanging baskets

Finding Lovely

Creating your own hanging basket can be as simple as tying a knot—seriously. This tutorial from Finding Lovely lays out the whole process for you.

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Go All Out @ith Florals

hydrangea flower boxes

Finding Lovely

Imagine being able to literally smell the flowers every time you walk through the front door. Filling your planters with hydrangeas will not only give you beautiful blooms, but they'll also thrive on your patio.

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Create an Aged Look

aged terracotta

Finding Lovely

Yet another DIY option is to make your pots look like they've been around for centuries. You've probably seen the baking powder and paint hack all over TikTok, and you can do it for just about any container you'd like, including planters.

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Build Your Own Planter

metal plant hanger

Anne Sage

Building your own planter can be as simple as creating a cube out of some wooden dowels.

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Use the Whole Wall


Anne Sage

If you've got the space, why not turn your whole wall into a planter box? Painting it a contrasting color, like black against a cement wall, creates a bold statement that isn't gaudy.

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Create a Grid

plant wall

Arbor & Co.

Using a wire grid to organize kitchen or desk tools is a great space saver, and implementing it near your front door means you can have the maximum amount of plants.

ikea grid
IKEA SKÅDIS Pegboard $37.00
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Frame Your Garage

outdoor planters

Arbor & Co.

Your garage is also a front door, and framing it with some greenery never hurt.

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Line the Walkway

outdoor planters

Arbor & Co.

The sidewalk leading up to your front door needs some love, too. Lining it with greenery and planters gives your guests an entire jungle to see before coming in.

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Opt for No Pots at All

Plant wall

Lucy Gleeson Interiors

Speaking of using the space you have, you can even opt for no planters at all. Create a living wall with luscious foliage to greet everyone who enters your home. If you can't commit to a floor-to-ceiling installation, opt for a few wall hangers to start and frame your front door.

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Get a Patterned Planter

Outdoor planter

Arbor & Co.

Even simple stripes can make a statement. A ceramic pot with subtle engraving adds a little pizazz to your basic planter.

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Add Other Elements

fall planters

Arbor & Co.

Incorporating seasonal elements, like pumpkins, can spice up your front door planters without the need to swap them out.

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Try an Embossed Planter

stair planters

Arbor & Co.

For a subtle touch of old-time charm, go for an embossed pot. It adds some texture without being flashy, and it's a great way to incorporate a vintage element into a more modern entry.

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Repeat Shapes and Elements

snake plant planters

Arbor & Co.

Continuing a certain shape or pattern, like rectangles or squares, creates a streamlined look. Bonus points if you keep things monochromatic.

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Add Some Shelving

shelf with plants

Arbor & Co.

Even if you've only got a couple of feet to work with, you can still pack as many plants as possible in. Get ready for your next shelfie.

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Pick a Pedestal Planter

pedestal planter

Jenn Pablo Studio

If you are want a look that's more classic, perhaps opt for a pedestal planter. It's chic and simple, but adds a touch of glam.

cova planter
Food52 Cova Planter $60.00
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Vary Plant Heights

outdoor planters

Arbor & Co.

Even if you've got identical planters, you can still create contrast. Adding plants of varying heights and shapes keeps things interesting without looking messy.

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Opt for Dried Florals

outdoor planter

Becca Interiors

If your climate doesn't allow for the real thing, dried florals in a planter can create just as much of an impact. If dried florals aren't your thing, you can also use some realistic faux plants.

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Create Farmhouse Feels

outdoor planters

Becca Interiors

Pack your porch with florals, ferns, and seating for an instant cozy vibe. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines with this one.

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Make it Easy


Jessie Barber (BLAKELY TEAM)

There's no need to overcomplicate things when it comes to decorating. Grab a basket, put some faux florals in, and you've got an arrangement that will last all year long.

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Go In-Ground

in ground planter

Brophy Interiors

Having in-ground planters can streamline the look of your front entryway by reducing visual clutter. And, if you're not a fan of having to move your planters around every year, then these are a permanent solution.

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Try a Leather Planter

leather planter

Brophy Interiors

If you want to incorporate more natural elements into your planters, try wrapping faux leather around them. It's an easy DIY that only costs a couple of dollars to make.

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Use Sculptural Planters


Brophy Interiors

With funky planters like these, you can basically turn your home into an art museum. Planters with sharp lines and dramatic curves make enough of a statement that you don't need much else to decorate.

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Add Some Lights

lighted planter

Brophy Interiors

Shine a light on your green thumb's hard work by literally illuminating your planters. Not only does it show off your handy work 24/7, but it can also be helpful when you get home late and need to see your way to the door.

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Get Matchy-Matchy

mid century planter

Brophy Interiors

While this isn't technically a front door, we're definitely loving how the plant stand matches the cat's bowl. Carrying your aesthetic from the inside out makes your design go the extra mile.