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50 Chic Home Décor Ideas That Fit Any and Every Design Style

A living room with a vibrant orange, purple, and red rug

Erin Williamson Design

Decorating a home can be an incredibly involved process—especially if you’re doing it from top to bottom. But, even sprucing up a spare corner can get stressful if you’re not sure where to begin. In moments like these, it pays to stock up on home décor inspiration. Because even if someone else’s space doesn’t look exactly like yours, you may end up with an idea worth trying in your home.

Ahead, we rounded up 50 home décor ideas worth stealing for your space. These ideas range from very involved to very DIY-friendly, and all of them are sure to turn your space into a statement-maker. 

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Invest in a Set of Playful Dining Room Chairs

A dining room table surrounded by bold patterned chairs

Mary Patton Design

One easy way to dress up your space? Turn your staples into statement-makers. Take an inventory of the furniture you need in your space and consider whether a more playful option could get the job done, like these colorful dining room chairs. 

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Use Wallpaper to Transform Your Powder Room

A powder room lined with bold printed wallpaper

Whittney Parkinson Design

Wallpaper can make a striking addition to any space, but when used in large doses, it can look a little overwhelming. If you’re not a fan of maximalism, consider using bold wallpaper in a smaller space, like a powder room. Since the space is so small, your wallpaper is unlikely to feel loud or overwhelming. Plus, it’s a surefire way to turn your powder room into a show-stopper.

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Piece Together a Reading Nook

A corner decorated with a lounge chair, a floor lamp, a small side table, and a fluffy throw blanket

Yael Weiss Interiors

If you’re looking for a way to dress up a bare corner, consider DIYing a reading nook. Most reading nooks require a mere few pieces—a lounge chair, a side table, and a lamp—so they’re incredibly easy to throw together. Plus, reading nooks don’t demand much space so you can easily sneak one into an otherwise-empty spot.

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Upgrade Your Cabinets

A kitchen with custom wooden cabinets

Anne Sage

Cabinets tend to be a focal point in kitchens, bathrooms, and other storage-lined spaces, so consider giving yours a tune-up. A quick coat of paint can be a low-maintenance way to freshen up your cabinets and transform your space.

If you don’t mind tackling something more involved, you can always switch out your cabinet fronts or upgrade your hardware.

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Take a Risk on an Accent Wall

A dining room flanked by a bold indigo wall and a white painted brick wall

Becca Interiors

Sometimes, redecorating your home doesn’t require any furniture or décor at all. Instead, you can give one of your walls a makeover by covering it in paint, tiles, or some other striking material.

Accent walls can look great, whether they’re small or sprawling, and you can use some thoughtfully placed décor to make sure yours fits in with the rest of your space.

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Invest in a Few Bathroom Accessories

A bathroom filled with accessories, like a wooden bath stool and a woven basket full of towels

LeClair Decor

When decorating your space, try not to overlook your bathroom. Odds are, you spend a fair amount of time in there, and since the room is small, it should be easy to transform. Snag a few bathroom accessories like a bath stool, a basket, some plants or candles, and watch as your space goes from low-key to luxe.

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Cozy Up Your Kitchen With a Rug

A kitchen filled with navy cabinets and a printed pink rug

White Sands

Kitchen floors tend to be cold, hard, and sleek, which can make cooking a little tough on your toes. Consider warming up your space with a rug. A plush rug can lend function and form to your space in equal measure. Plus, there are tons of machine-washable options out there so you shouldn’t have to worry about spills and stains.

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Use Throws to Soften Up Sleek Furniture

A dining room filled with wooden furniture that's been topped with fluffy white throws

Ashley Montgomery Design

Many homes are filled with sleek furniture, and while this furniture is incredibly pretty, it isn’t always fun to sit on. If there’s a spot in your home that could use a little warmth, consider bringing in some fluffy blankets and pillows. These pieces may seem out of place in an office or dining room. but once you add them, you’ll never look back.

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Decorate the Wall Behind Your Bed

A bedroom with a wood-lined wall

Arbor & Co.

Headboards are a popular way to dress up your bedroom, but they’re not the only option on offer. Decorating the wall behind your bed can be a great way to add color, texture, or general statement-making appeal to your space.

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Hang Art in Your Bathroom

A bathroom decorated with two small paintings

Katie Martinez Design

Art is the cherry on top of any well-decorated space, and it doesn’t just belong in your living room. Sneaking art into less obvious spots, like your bathroom, can bring your home together, making it feel more thoughtfully decorated and of course, more special.

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Give Your Door a Makeover

A foyer with a red printed rug and a painted black door

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Doors rarely get the same love that our windows, walls, and floors do, so before purchasing a new piece of home décor, consider whether the items that are built-in to your space need a makeover. Giving your door a new coat of paint or some fresh hardware could be all you need to dress up your space.

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Put a Chandelier Where You'd Least Expect It

A bathroom with a black bathtub and a beaded chandelier

Pure Salt Interiors

Hanging a chandelier is a surefire way to transform a room. Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are obvious picks, but bathrooms can really benefit from luxe lighting. And really, who doesn’t want to bathe underneath an elegant chandelier?

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Use a Full-Length Mirror to Brighten Up Your Space

A dining room with a large window and a large mirror next to it

Blue Copper Design

If a room is low on windows, consider bringing in a full-length mirror to act as an extra window. By placing the mirror along a wall that’s near a couple of windows, you can multiply the light in your space while making that wall feel a little less bare.

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Paint Your Island

A kitchen with a black tiled backsplash and a light blue painted island

Tyler Karu

Many of us think to paint our kitchen cabinets, but your kitchen island could use a makeover too. In fact, it might need one more than your cabinets do. Give your island a little attention and cover it in a vibrant coat of paint.

You can always swap the paint for printed tiles if you want to do something really statement-making.

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Turn Your Necessities Into Décor

A pink kitchen lined with copper pots and pans

Pure Salt Interiors

Design isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s about making your space feel more liveable, and that requires a balance of form and function. Look for ways to use items you already need as décor. Putting your prettiest pots on display is a great way to keep them at the ready—and to make your kitchen look more stylish, too.

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Switch Out the Mirror in Your Bathroom

A bathroom lined with white tiles and decorated with a bold mirror

House Nine

Many of us accept the bathroom mirrors our homes came with, but we don’t have to. Switching out your mirror can be a great way to turn your bathroom into a show-stopper. Look for an option that’s striking, but practical—after all, you still want to be able to check your reflection whenever you need to.

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Try Out a Surprising Paint Color

A dining room with emerald green painted walls

Julia Robbs

A quick coat of paint can change a space, and if you’re really looking to switch things up, consider committing to a bolder color. Of course, bold doesn’t have to mean vibrant—it could just as easily describe a shade that isn’t particularly popular or obvious.

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Spruce Up Your Entryway

An entryway with a small black console table, a small circular mirror, and two woven baskets

LeClair Decor

Make your home’s first impression a good one by dressing up your entryway. Look for bare walls, corners, and other spots that could use a little furniture or décor. Then, bring some in. Low-profile console tables and small mirrors can round out your space without demanding a ton of unnecessary space.

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Put an Accent Wall in Your Shower

A shower with a beige-tiled wall and a blue-tiled accent wall

Pure Salt Interiors

Accent walls typically exist in living rooms and dining rooms, but who’s to say you can’t put one in your shower? By lining one of your shower walls with brightly colored or boldly printed tiles, you can achieve the same effect and give your bathroom the love and attention it deserves.

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Upgrade the Lighting in Your Bedroom

A bedroom with a bold black dome chandelier

LeClair Decor

Lighting can change the way a room looks and feels, so don’t take your fixtures for granted. Take a good, hard look at your bedroom’s lighting set-up, and consider whether it could be improved.

Should you swap your ceiling light with a modern chandelier, or build in a couple of bedside sconces? Even a statement-making nightstand lamp can go a long way.

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Get Creative With Your Shelf Set-Up

A wall lined with staggered wooden shelves

Bespoke Only

Shelves can add order to any space, but depending on how you display them, they can also add visual appeal. Consider staggering yours to create a storage set-up that doubles as a statement-maker.

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Mix and Match Your Dining Room Chairs

A dining room table surrounded by mixed-and-matched chairs

Julian Porcino

Dining room chairs typically come in matching sets, but if you’d prefer something more dynamic, you can piece together a set of your own. Mix and match six completely different chairs. Or, combine two different sets, using one along the sides of your dining room table and accent chairs at the ends.

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Invest in Art

A hallway adorned with a bold work of abstract art

Studio KT

Art may not be a must-have in every space, but it’s certainly a nice-to-have. Start stocking up on pieces you love and build out your collection over time.

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Cozy Up Your Nooks and Crannies

A window sill that's been transformed into a cushioned bench

Maite Granda

Keep an eye out for spaces that are under-utilized and look for ways to make them work for you. Could you transform a wide window sill into a cozy bench? With a couple of thoughtfully placed cushions and pillows, you probably can.

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Take a Risk With Your Backsplash

A kitchen with gray cabinets and a printed tile backsplash

Reena Sotropa

Painting your cabinets isn’t the only way to give your kitchen a makeover. If you don’t mind exerting a little effort, you can craft a bold backsplash using a set of statement-making tiles.

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Put a Mirror on Your Mantel

A mantle topped with a gold mirror and several smaller pieces of decor

Jessica Nelson Design

Mantels are an obvious place to store décor, and mirrors are a classic thing to place there. The only problem? It can be hard to find a mirror that’s wide enough to suit your mantel. If you run into this common issue, consider placing your mirror in the center of your mantel and flanking its sides with other décor pieces .

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Give Your Ceilings Some Love

A living room with wood-lined ceilings

Katie Martinez Design

Your walls aren’t the only thing worth decorating. Look up and consider whether your ceiling could use a makeover, too.

A coat of paint or a couple of lighting fixtures could quickly transform the top half of your space. And if you don’t mind tackling something more involved, you can always line your ceiling with a textured material like wood paneling.

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Fill Your Kitchen With Art

An art-filled kitchen with navy cabinets and black marble countertops

Rikki Snyder

Looking for a place to store your favorite art? Consider hanging some in your kitchen. The choice is a little unconventional, sure, but that’s what makes it so statement-making. Plus, your kitchen could use some décor that’s not just your prettiest pots and pans.

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Transform Your Living Room With a Printed Rug

A living room with a vibrant orange, purple, and red rug

Erin Williamson Design

A rug is a great way to cozy up any space, and if you spring for a bold or vibrant option, it can also be a great way to dress up any space. If your living room is in need of a little color, bring a striking rug into the mix.

Remember, machine-washable rugs abound so you can always score a low-maintenance option.

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Dress Up Your Outdoor Space

A patio decorated with a low-profile couch, a woven chair, and several pillows

Cathie Hong Interiors

When decorating your home, don’t stop at your interior. Take a look at your outdoor space, too. A little patio furniture and a few durable accessories can transform a porch, backyard, or balcony, giving you even more space to enjoy.

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Give Neglected Spots a Makeover

A wall under a staircase that's been turns into a wet bar

Rikki Snyder

If you’re upgrading your home bit-by-bit, go where you’ve never decorated before. Take a peek under your staircase, and look for walls and corners that are completely empty. By maximizing these neglected spots, you can increase the efficiency of your home by a lot with very little effort.

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Put a Rug in Your Bathroom

A bathroom with a freestanding tub and a printed pink rug

Katie Hodges Design

Bath mats offer an obvious way to cozy up your bathroom, but if your bathroom is pretty big, you might want to throw a rug in there too.

These pieces serve different purposes, as you don’t want to treat your rug like a towel. But, you should be able to find a cute rug that can handle the wear and tear of your bathroom.

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Turn Your Fireplace Into a Statement-Maker

A nonfunctional fireplace that's been filled with stacked firewood logs

Katie Hodges Design

It can be tough to figure out what to do with a nonfunctional fireplace. But, with a little creativity, yours can quickly become a striking decorative accent. Consider filling your fireplace with books or plants, or pay homage to its roots and line it with firewood.

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Put Your Favorite Plants on Full Display

A living room with a large off-white couch and a massive fiddle leaf fig tree

Yael Weiss Interiors

Plants make a no-fail addition to any space, and if you own one that’s particularly lush or massive, consider making it the focal point of your space. Keep the rest of your décor clean, and let your plant be your statement-maker, or simply use your favorite plants as complements to your other décor.

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Reupholster Your Stairs

A staircase lined with gray and navy printed upholstery

Mary Patton Design

One particularly bold way to transform your space? Line your stairs with statement-making upholstery. Hardwood stairs may look incredibly sleek, but upholstered stairs tend to feel pretty cozy. Plus, they’ll add some visual interest to your foyer.

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Decorate the Space Between Your Shelves

A wooden shelf, displayed on top of a wallpaper-lined wall

Michelle Boudreau Design

Lining your shelves with décor is a popular way to outfit them. But, if you want to take things a step further, you can also decorate the walls between your shelves—either with a vibrant coat of paint or a little printed wallpaper.

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Get Creative With Your Tile Placement

A kitchen with an island that's been covered with printed tiles

Blue Copper Design

Tiles can make a striking addition to your floors and backsplashes, but those aren’t the only places worth putting them. With a little creativity, you can use tiles to transform any spot into a statement-maker—and your kitchen island could be a great place to start.

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Upgrade Your Hardware

A kitchen with a bold tiled backsplash and matching gold hardware

Tyler Karu

Drawer pulls, doorknobs, and faucets put the finishing touches on any space. If you’re looking for a less obvious way to dress up a room, consider upgrading your hardware. Mix and match pieces from different eras, or commit to a palette and fill your space with it.

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Curate a Gallery Wall

A close-up shot of a gallery wall

Ashley Montgomery Design

Gallery walls are classic for a reason: they look great and make it easy to put your favorite art on display. So, don’t write them off just because you’ve seen them before. There’s a difference between often done and overdone, and your favorite pieces would probably look great in a gallery wall.

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Build Your Own Dining Nook

A large open-concept kitchen with a built-in banquette

Arbor & Co.

Kitchen tables tend to be pretty formulaic, but yours doesn’t have to be. By building a banquette, you can craft a dining nook that feels veritably restaurant-worthy—without breaking the bank.

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Give Your Trim a Tune-Up

A dining room, featuring window trim that's been painted black

Becca Interiors

Pay attention to the smaller details in your space, like the trim lining your walls and windows. When given attention, these little motifs can have an outsized impact. You can even consider painting them instead of your walls.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom Décor

A bathroom with a modern lighting fixture, a freestanding tub, a black-tiled-lined floor, and several decorative accessories

Julian Porcino

Your bathroom deserves as much love as any other room, and since it’s a small space, it’s pretty easy to upgrade from top to bottom. Start by switching out your lighting fixtures, then work your way down to your floors. Sprinkle in a few accessories, splurge on a brand-new tub, and bring the space together with some wall décor.

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Mix and Match Your Prints

A bed with a green headboard, blue throw pillows, a pink floral accent pillow, and walls lined with gray printed wallpaper

Maite Granda

Conventional wisdom might suggest that you can only use one bold print in a space. But the truth is, you can typically get away with mixing and matching a few patterns—and throwing in a few bright colors too.

If you’re struggling to pair prints, look for options that are sized differently. A tight floral may play well with a more spacious graphic print, even if the two are completely different colors.

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Make Your Floors Statement-Making

A kitchen with blue cabinets and black-and-white tiled floors

Erin Williamson Design

Your floors can make a bold addition to your space if you let them. Spring for a statement-making rug, mix and match bold tiles, or commit to a sleek material like stained hardwoods or slick concrete.

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Use an Accent Chair to Transform a Bare Corner

A corner filled with a black accent chair and a black side table

Jenn Pablo Studio

Not sure what to do with an empty corner? Pair a bold accent chair with a small side table, and watch the spot become a focal point in your space.

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Line Your Window Sill With Plants

A kitchen window lined with small plants

Tyler Karu

Window sills look fine when left bare, but if you’re looking for an easy way to dress up your space, consider lining yours with a few of your favorite plants.

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Spring for a Statement-Making Headboard

A bedroom with an emerald green upholstered headboard and several pieces of navy decor

House Nine

Searching for a budget-friendly way to transform your bedroom? Take a risk on a bold headboard. A headboard can completely change the way your bedroom looks without forcing you to invest in a full-blown renovation or splurge on a brand new bed.

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Freshen Up Older Pieces With Paint

A dining room with antique chairs that have been painted white

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Sometimes, you don’t need to buy new furniture—you just need to fix up what you already have. This could mean sanding, staining, and switching out hardware. Often, something as simple as a quick paint job can go a long way.

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Invest in a Bar Cabinet

A blue-gray bar cabinet topped with a small tray full of liquor

Studio Peake

Bar carts offer a stylish way to store your favorite drinks. But, if you want to do something a little less expected, consider springing for a bar cabinet instead. Yours can be as simple or as statement-making as you want it to be, and since bar cabinets tend to be pretty spacious, you’ll have plenty of room to store all your stuff.

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Make the Most of Unique Details

A wall with a stained glass window, behind a red accent chair

Katie Hodges Design

Look for ways to enhance the inherent strengths of your space. Highlight a stained glass window, or draw attention to an exposed brick wall. Use what you already have as a starting point for new décor, and work your way out from there.