Walmart and The Home Edit Just Launched a Chic and Affordable Home Organization Line

Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit.

Courtesy of Walmart; Graphic: MyDomaine

It's that time of year—we're taking down all the holiday decorations, cleaning up the pine needles and wrapping paper shreds, and finally, getting our homes back in order. Nothing feels better than cleaning and organizing come the new year, and we're ready to get down to business when it comes to tidying our homes.

If total home organization is your mission this new year, we have you covered. In collaboration with Walmart, Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit just released a line of chic—and affordable—home organization products in their signature, clear acrylic style. The edit is designed to take every space in your home from cluttered to clean, from your pantry to your bathroom.

According to Walmart, 70% of customers note that they don’t know where to begin organizing their homes. As the New Year brings motivation to refresh and declutter, the duo behind The Home Edit felt this is the perfect time to bring their organizational products to light.

Of course, we checked out the collection and settled on several favorites that we think are must-haves. If you're itching to make your space Pinterest-worthy and tidy, keep scrolling.

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The Pantry Edit

The Home Edit Pantry Edit


Who isn't a sucker for a clean, beautiful, color-coordinated pantry? This pantry organization collection is a great first step to achieving a picture-perfect pantry. The set includes 2 large bins, 2 large insert bins, and a 3-tier riser for cans and spices alike.

There's a place for everything, and everything will be in its place adding these products to your pantry—we promise.

5 Piece Pantry Edit
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The Laundry Edit

The Home Edit laundry collection at Walmart.


The laundry room is the unsung hero in the home. Often, it goes undecorated and unorganized—until now. We are in full support of creating a dream laundry room, and organization is key in this small space. This set includes stacking bins, narrow bins, and a turntable to keep all soaps and suds tidy.

The Home Edit 5 Piece Laundry Edit
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The Bath Edit

The Bath Edit


This collection is designed for organizing the messiest of vanity drawers, but we think the 10-piece set can be used really anywhere in the home. Never let a drawer become dedicated to junk again—instead, arrange these inset bins however fits best and house all the clutter you can.

10 Piece Plastic Bath Edit
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The Multi Edit

The Multi Edit


And for every space in between, try this multipurpose collection. These bins are perfect wherever you need them: toy storage, arts and craft storage, or atop your desk for storing office supplies.

8 Piece Plastic Storage System
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