10 Beautiful Home Office Paint Color Ideas for Better Productivity

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Nikki Le

A great home office can make the difference between a long, exhausting day at work and a productive one. A well-designed and purposeful home office can have a significant effect on your mood, your productivity, and your energy level every day. But let's be honest—your home office is probably not the first space in your home you decorated. That's why now is the time to spend a little more effort to design the perfect space.

Here, we've rounded up some of the best designer-approved paint colors for your home office. From bold to neutral, read on to inspire your work life makeover.

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Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore

Office with black built-ins
Rebecca Rollins Interiors, LLC

If you've never considered decorating with black paint, your office space is a great place to start. Sherwin-Williams' Iron Ore is rich, dark grey charcoal paint that provides a moody, calm tone for your office.

This is a great choice for smaller rooms. According to designer Becky Shea, a rich graphite-like this one can "somehow always makes a space feel much larger than it is."

sherwin williams iron ore
Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore $39.00
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Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake

Office with white walls and hanging plants
Cathie Hong

If you want a crisp white with a warm undertone to add a bit of softness to your space, Vanilla Milkshake is a great choice. It's a milky white that works wonderfully as an all-over paint color or when used in built-in units to brighten up a space.

When picking an office paint color, Shea says to focus on a hue that makes you feel calm and happy. "We spend a big chunk of our day working. And if we're going to be working from home—which blurs the line of boundary—we always ask what colors make someone feel most calm," she says.

benjamin moore vanilla milkshake
Benjamin Moore Vanilla Milkshake $43.00
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Farrow & Ball Treron

office colors

Svenja Bruecker / Seventeen and Five

Anna Kroesser of Kroesser + Strat is all about Farrow & Ball's Treron, calling it "the perfect green." Green is the color of energy and renewal, and it's a wonderfully calming (yet powerful) color to try in your office. Try it as an all-over color or when refinishing a desk or a bookshelf.

farrow and ball treron
Farrow & Ball Treron $110.00
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Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

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Hannah Tyler Designs

Few paint colors have as much of a designer cult following as Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Kroesser says this white is a true neutral white that works in any office.

"If you first walk into a space you might think it’s decorator’s white or super white. But up against something that is a true bright white, it takes on this ever-so-slightly grey tone," she says. "If you want your space to feel a bit more zen, this is the perfect color for that."

benjamin moore chantilly lace
Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace $43.00
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Behr Japanese Koi

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Blue Orchid Living

Behr Japanese Koi is a color that sparks a lot of energy in a room where you may need it when 3:00 hits. This bold orange hue is perfect for an accent wall behind your desk or bookshelves in an otherwise neutral room, or when sharing your home office space with another room.

"If you're looking for a way to delineate space within a room that functions for two uses (such as a guest room/office), consider painting an accent wall [in order to] add color and create interest in a room with a dual function," suggests Michelle Zacks.

behr japanese koi
Behr Japanese Koi $44.00
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Clare Beigeing

home office paint colors

New Home Charm

Don't be afraid of beige. Clare Beigeing is a modern take on beige that adds warmth to your office without making the space feel dark or smaller.

Optimizing for light is important, says Zacks. "Consider the natural light that the space receives and how the paint selection plays off of that," she says. "Test the actual paint color on the wall whenever possible."

clare beigeing
Clare Beigeing $54.00
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Behr Forest Path

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Mel Boban

Behr Forest Path evokes the feeling of renewal and nature, which is perfect for those days when you're stuck inside until it's dark out. This color is great on its own, but we also love it paired with pinks or light oranges. According to Zacks, a green such as this one can feel "cozy and traditional, or a bit quirky, depending on the other choices for the room."

behr forest path
Behr Forest Path $44.00
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Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray

home office paint colors

Design: Christina Kim Interior Design / @ckiminteriordesign; Photo: Raquel Langworthy / @raquellangworthy.photo

For an office that exudes elegance, consider going with a deep navy hue. "Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray is perfect in this bold, feminine home office," says Christina Kim, of Christina Kim Interior Design. "Rich saturated colors look great on built-ins and make the room feel polished."

ben moore gentlemans gray
Benjamin Moore Gentleman's Gray $43.00
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Benjamin Moore Simply White

home office paint colors

Design: Christina Kim Interior Design / @ckiminteriordesign; Photo: Raquel Langworthy / @raquellangworthy.photo

Whether you're short on natural light or you crave a bright space, white paint is a no-brainer. Kim loves using white in smaller office spaces. "Simply White by Benjamin Moore looks clean and bright in spaces where you're carving an office out of a closet or alcove," she says.

benjamin moore simply white
Benjamin Moore Simply White $43.00
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Sherwin Williams Filmy Green

home office paint colors

KJ Design & Mortar Styling

Torn between a neutral and a more saturated color? A choice like Filmy Green adds a hint of color without overwhelming the space. According to Janelle Hughes and Kim R. Williams, co-owners of KJ Design & Mortar Styling, Filmy Green "creates a calming effect, which is critical in a working space." They paired this delightful shade with rich emerald velvet curtains to finish the look.

sherwin williams filmy green
Sherwin-Williams Filmy Green $39.00