How to Easily Create Your Dream Work-from-Home Space

Because our home is now also our office.

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Your dining table as a workspace isn’t doing you any favors. (We see you, the 41% of you who work from there day in and day out.) As many of us continue to work from home or work in office-home hybrid models, it’s important to create a true, dedicated space for working (or learning!) while at home—not only for productivity, but also for your mindset; a dedicated space helps you prepare for the day and create boundaries around your work time.

Staples Connect stores have everything you need to set up a space—whether you’re needing a small nook refresh or a full-on, separate home office for your expanding biz—unlock what’s possible and head on in to get make your space work for you. Here’s how to do it:

Get a True Desk Set Up

Man working at desk

Staples Connect

We weren’t kidding about the dining table—back away. A sturdy desk is an important starting point to a better WFH experience, and one that can often be overlooked for any flat surface. Give yourself a place to create a true work space and have everything you need to do your work at the ready—from your laptop to good lighting to your printer setup. If you don’t have much space for a desk, you might want to look to a fold-down or wall-mounted desk to maximize the space you do have, or even a rollaway or moveable desk that can be put away when not in use. 

Don’t Skimp on a Good Chair

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Many of us are spending hour upon hour in our chairs. Your posture, and thus your aches and pains, are so influenced by it—so isn’t it time to get proper support? Go for an ergonomic chair that can give plenty of cushion and proper alignment and notice an immediate difference in how long you can (and want) to sit. If you’re not spending a crazy number of hours glued to your chair (lucky!) you could go for a trendier option, like a velvet swivel chair to add some style to your work area. (Don’t be shy—head to a local retailer like Staples Connect to check out the chairs in person.) 

Up Your Technology

Man working at desk with speaker

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We’re all due for some better functioning, wouldn’t you say? Time to up the ante by getting everything connected and charged. A lamp that charges your phone or tablet, a mini bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite podcasts, and a wireless ergonomic keyboard to keep you from hurting your wrists are all tech upgrades that will create the dream space you’ve been aching (literally) for. 

Don’t Forget Your Side Hustles

While many of us are spending hours WFH for our 9-5s, we’re also expanding our creative (and business!) opportunities. If you’re aching to start that podcast, look into a good microphone. Vlogging? Look into a proper stand and lighting kit. Shipping items for your online shop? Try ordering custom labels and notecards to add a personal touch and have them at the ready.  

Add Some Zen and Feel Inspired 

While your workspace should encourage productivity, it should also encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Add a dry erase board to keep your mind at ease as you knock things off your to-do list, and set aside time on your calendar for time spent away from the desk—walks outside are scientifically proven to improve mood. Speaking of mood, add some candles or a mini aromatherapy diffuser to keep you refreshed. (Pro tip: Citrus and rosemary are both great WFH scents, and have been scientifically proven to make you more alert.)