20 Genius Makeup Storage Ideas to Get Clutter Under Control

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Having a clean, orderly space is the perfect way to streamline your beauty routine (and quite possibly your life). Whether you're known to wear a full face of makeup every day, or you're a bit more minimal when it comes to your glam routine, it seems there's never an effective way to get your makeup stash under control.

With varying shapes and sizes of palettes, tubes, bottles, and brushes, it can feel impossible to implement a system. To help you get your beauty clutter under control, we've scoured the web for the best makeup storage and organizing ideas to help you gain order.

Ahead, 20 photos that prove it's possible to make a beauty stash look, well, beautiful.

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Use Decorative Trays

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An organized makeup space isn't complete without a few well-chosen accent pieces. Decorative trays not only work as an organization station for your most-used products, but they also display them in a beautiful way that keeps you motivated to keep your space tidy and merchandised.

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Use a Travel Case

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Whether you plan to do some major traveling in the near future or not, a travel makeup case is a perfect way to organize your overflowing stash of products. With the built-in dividers and slots for makeup brushes, you have plenty of space to store everything you need. The best part? The built-in beauty light makes it a pop-up vanity that you can use anywhere, no matter how little square footage you're working with.

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Use Lucite Drawers

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A set of clear drawers is both pretty and functional. Use each drawer to store a different product category, like lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows, etc., so you can always find exactly what you are looking for in seconds.

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Use Tiered Trays

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Show off your designer makeup without taking up precious counter space. Tiered trays display your products in a chic way without creating unnecessary clutter on your countertops.

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Re-Use Candle Jars

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When you invest in a candle, it's not so easy to throw the empty jar out when the wax has melted away. Keep them and reuse them as a pretty (and eco-friendly) holder for your makeup brushes, eyeliners and so much more.

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Use Removable Trays

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Utilize your difficult-to-get-to spaces by storing products in convenient, portable trays that can be pulled out when you need certain items and neatly put back when you're done using them. Divide them according to how often you use the products. Think everyday items, special-occasion makeup, and so on.

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Use Catchall Containers

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Investing in pretty bowls, trays and organizers makes your mess look beautiful without having to spend time cleaning. There's truly nothing better than having a space that's pristine and doesn't require a ton of upkeep.

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Use Rotating Towers

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The lazy Susan of makeup organization, this rotating tower houses all of your day-to-day products, and the spinning feature makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.

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Use Makeup Sponge Holders

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Throwing a damp makeup sponge in your makeup bag or drawer may be convenient but doing so can make it grow mold. Instead, leave it out to dry in a gorgeous makeup sponge holder for an organized and sanitary approach to storage.

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Use Non-Slip Drawer Liners

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There's nothing worse than organizing your beauty cabinet only to have everything slide around when you close the drawer. Lining the bottom with a non-slip drawer liner will keep everything in place no matter how much you open and close your drawers.

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Use Drawer Separators

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Drawers have a way of becoming dark holes that collect endless amounts of products with little to no opportunity for an actual organization system. Adding drawer dividers makes it easy to separate like times, keep things tidy, and help you avoid overflowing your drawer space. A set of clear containers looks chic and feels elevated.

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Use a Custom Build

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If you're working with an excess of beauty products (think professionals, artists, and serious makeup junkies), consider calling in the big guns and designing a custom-built organization system. Stores like IKEA and The Container Store are great resources for these.

When you're trying to get a large stash under control, consider incorporating shelves, drawers, and bins to help keep everything organized and in place.

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Use Stacking Organizers

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Organizing vertically is always a great option because it creates an opportunity for plenty of storage and doesn't eat into your overall square footage. Reach for stackable bins, drawers, and containers to hold all of your products without taking up precious real estate in your bathroom, closet, or bedroom.

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Use Shallow Drawers

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Deep drawers have a way of consuming your product and making everything fall to the bottom. A shallow drawer set is perfect for organizing and displaying smaller makeup items like eyeshadow singles and blushes, bronzers, etc. without them falling to the bottom.

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Use a Lipstick Caddy

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Lipsticks are difficult to store—they roll, they fall over, and they're difficult to stack—and because the shade names are on the bottom, it's hard to find what you need when you need it. An acrylic lipstick caddy neatly stands all your tubes straight up with the names exposed so your lips always boast the shade you're craving.

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Use Open Shelves

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If you like the look of a merchandised product display, an open shelf is the perfect place to lay out your collection. Here's where you can park those lucite drawers, lipstick caddies, and decorative trays. Special touches like candles and fresh flowers help set the scene too.

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Use Labels

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Labels are a great way to make your stash look streamlined but more than that, it's an excellent tool to keep you accountable. The labels work wonders at forcing you to put items back where they belong, even when you're feeling lazy.

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Use Standing Organizers

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Standing thinner items like eyeshadow palettes, rather than throwing them in a drawer, not only makes them easier to find, but save a ton of space. Use items like a makeup organizer, media stands or book ends to keep them in place.