27 Marble Fireplace Ideas That Feel Elegant and Oh-So-Chic

A bold living room with a gray marble fireplace and two circular chairs

Tara Kantor

Nothing cozies up a space like a fireplace—and marble fireplaces prove that elegance and snuggly warmth are far from mutually exclusive. Add a marble fireplace to your living room, your bedroom, even your bathroom, and you’ll instantly transform your space into a sleek, sophisticated, and totally hibernation-worthy paradise. And really, who doesn’t want that?

If you just moved into a space that has a marble fireplace as the center of attention, don't be worried. There are plenty of marble fireplace ideas that don’t require a gut job and instead encourage you to creatively elevate what you already have.

We rounded up some of the prettiest marble fireplaces we could find to give you ample inspiration. Whether you already have a fireplace—or whether you’re simply dreaming of adding one to your space—you’re sure to find something to love.

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Starting Point

A black and white room with a gray marble fireplace in it

Studio KT

If you’re bringing a fireplace into your space, start by choosing an option you love looking at. After all, it’s about to become a semi-permanent fixture in your home.

You can never go wrong with a classic ornate marble option, but if you’re cultivating a more contemporary aesthetic, you may want to pick something sleeker and more geometric.

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Bold Touches

A living room with an ornate light gray marble fireplace and an ornate gold mirror

Katie Hackworth

Draw attention to your incredibly stunning fireplace by adorning it with an equally stunning mirror. For a congruent pairing, select a mirror that echoes some of the texture on your mantel. For a complementary pairing, choose a mirror with a contrasting texture, instead.

Lots of crisp shapes and clean lines on your mantel? Go congruent with an equally sleek mirror—or go complementary with a rounder, more ornate option.

Four ornate gold mirrors
Anthrpologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror $498.00
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Interior Accents

A white living room with a white marble fireplace and blue furniture

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Lane Dittoe

If you move into an older home, you might inherit a fireplace that no longer works. It’s pretty enough to keep around—but not functional enough to light. So what, exactly, should you put inside it?

Firewood is a solid choice, as long as your houseguests know not to light it. You can also take a more decorative approach and fill your fireplace with art, books, or wooden baubles. 

Two decorative teak balls
West Elm Teak Root Ball Decor $50.00
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Small but Mighty

A white living room with a black marble fireplace and several gold fixtures

Tyler Karu

Decorating a fireplace that’s teeny-tiny? Frame it with a few massive pieces of marble. Together, these pieces will act as a mantel, making the fireplace look much bigger than it actually is.

Adding marble accents will help the fireplace hold its own against bold mirrors, ornate chandeliers, and all the other statement-making pieces in your space.

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Surprising Settings

A white marble fireplace in a bathroom

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

When many of us hear the word “fireplace,” we immediately envision a living room. That’s where most fireplaces live, after all. But fireplaces can make a welcome addition to any room—and in older homes, they often do.

Don’t be surprised if you find a marble fireplace adoring your bathroom or bedroom. Simply embrace the opportunity to make bath time a little cozier.

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Layers of Flames

A living room with an ornate charcoal marble fireplace in it

Charlie Ferrer

To make your space next-level cozy, adorn your mantel with candles. Nothing says hygge like a few candlesticks burning over a raging fire.

If you’re dealing with a fireplace that’s no longer functional, you can put candles inside and around it to create a similar effect.

A lavender candle shaped like a woman
Prospect Lavender Hannah Candle $80.00
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Striking Striations

An all-white living room with a gray marble fireplace

Margaret Wright

If you’ve been tasked with choosing the marble for your mantel, consider going bold with your selection. High-contrast marble might look a little dizzying covering your kitchen counters or lining your bathroom walls, but in a more restrained setting like a fireplace, you can go bold without overwhelming your space. 

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Pops of Art

A living room with a light gray marble fireplace and modern art

Katie Hackworth

Art is a no-fail addition to any mantel, so use your fireplace as an excuse to put your favorite work on display. If you have a more ornate fireplace, you may be tempted to stick with classical art. But, remember that contrast can be a lot of fun—and a contemporary piece may leave your space feeling more dynamic.

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Textured Accents

A living room with a black marble fireplace and ornate gold accents

Royal Roulotte

Use accent pieces to bring out the inherent texture of your fireplace. Pay attention to the shape of your mantel and the details carved into it, and be sure to note the striations on your marble as well. Antique pieces can echo the color contrast found in more striated pieces of marble while paying homage to the shapes lining your mantel.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Marble

An all-gray living room with a floor-to-ceiling white marble fireplace

Devon Grace Interiors

We tend to think of fireplaces as being relatively short and small—and they often are. But out-of-the-box options abound, too. To make a seriously striking statement, opt for a fireplace that runs from floor to ceiling—covering part of your wall in elegant marble. 

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Clean Statements

An all-white room with an ornate white fireplace in it

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

If you’ve carefully curated a minimalist aesthetic, you may be concerned about adding a more ornate mantel to your space. What if it disrupts your entire décor scheme?

Thankfully, this problem comes with a pretty easy fix: keep the rest of your décor incredibly pared-down. Leave your mantel bare and keep the inside of your fireplace clean—when you aren’t using it, of course. You can use a sleek mirror and a thoughtfully chosen chandelier to bring the room together. 

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Shape Play

A living room with a light gray marble fireplace

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Let the shapes in your fireplace inspire the shapes in the rest of your room. If your fireplace is square and your mantel is rectangular, echo those straight lines with similarly sleek rugs, chairs, and tables.

If you want to add a little contrast, adorn your mantel with a circular mirror and throw a couple circulate stools into the mix. These pieces will keep your room feeling cohesive—after all, they’re just as crisp and geometric as your other décor—while adding a little visual interest. 

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Bedroom Warmth

A white and navy bedroom with a marble fireplace in it

Devon Grace Interiors

We rarely associated fireplaces with bedrooms—despite the fact that they pair so well together. Who doesn’t want to snuggle under all their favorite blankets while cozying up next to the fire?

If you move into a home with a built-in bedroom fireplace, embrace it. And if you’re adding a few fireplaces to your space, consider adding one to your bedroom. Your future self will thank you for it every single winter.

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Marble on Marble

A white and light gray living room with a marble fireplace and matching coffee table

Tara Kantor

Marble-on-marble may sound a little intimidating, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a risk. Plus, the combination looks impossibly elegant when done right.

If you have the stamina and the budget, consider echoing the marble in your fireplace with a few thoughtfully chosen marble accents. And remember, you don’t have to match your marble pieces exactly. Just be sure to keep them different enough that the contrast is clearly intentional. 

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Bold Illusions

A dark blue room with a white ornate marble fireplace

Royal Roulotte

Looking for that floor-to-ceiling effect, but not willing to invest in all that marble? Consider using a mirror to do the work, instead.

By finding a mirror that’s as wide as your mantel, you can draw the eye up in one straight line. This will create the illusion of a floor-to-ceiling mantel without forcing you to get a custom-made fireplace. 

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Anything-but-Average Options

A peach room with a bold marble tile fireplace

Katherine Carter

If you’re looking to turn heads, consider investing in a fireplace that’s bolder than any other piece in your house. Options like this usually boast a graphic texture, crafted from several kinds of marble. Sure, it will be a little tough to decorate with, but every statement-making piece is–and the result is always worth the extra effort. 

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Wood Paneling

A white living room lined with wood paneling

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Add contrast to your space in a decidedly budget-friendly way by lining the wall behind your fireplace with wood paneling. This will complement the elegance of your marble mantel while keeping your space feeling warm and contemporary.

This décor detail will be easier to pull off if your fireplace is already sleek and geometric. But if you’re a particularly bold decorator, you can create a similar effect with dark-stained wood and a more ornate fireplace.

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Sneaky Greenery

A white open-concept kitchen with an ornate marble fireplace

Julia Robbs

Need a place to store your ever-growing collection of plants? Consider tucking them inside your non-functional fireplace. There, they’ll make a surprising design detail—and one that feels a little bit cheeky. Not to mention, they’ll add a little welcome color to your space.

A rattlesnake plant in a pot
Grounded Rattlesnake Plant $30.00
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Bright Pieces

A white living room with a white marble fireplace and several colorful accents

Reena Sotropa

Fireplaces scream coziness, and we tend to associate coziness with dark colors, thick linens, and rustic accents. But the truth is, a fireplace can be just at home in a brighter, more vibrant décor scheme.

By opting for a light marble fireplace—and pairing it with white furniture—you can play up the natural light that pours into your space. Bold art, colorful throw pillows, and plants will brighten up your space even more, creating a new take on coziness that’s just as lovely as the traditional one.

A vibrant blue and green printed pillow
Bolé​ Road Textiles Cobalt Gey Pillow $165.00
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Marble and Metal

A bedroom with a metal and marble fireplace

Bespoke Only

Remember that marble and metal are a match made in heaven and consider investing in a fireplace cage that complements your stunning marble mantel. In addition to keeping you safe or making it clear that your fireplace is no longer functional, this cage will add a little visual interest to your fireplace—contributing texture, while bringing out the inherent elegance of your mantel.

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Tonal Play

A living room with a white marble fireplace in a gray frame

Jenn Pablo Studio

When decorating a fireplace, texture isn’t the only thing worth playing with. If your marble fireplace is surrounded by a plaster mantel, for example, color can become a consideration as well.

To create contrast without distracting from your stunning fireplace, choose a shade of paint that’s just a little darker than the marble you’re working with. This will complement the striations in your marble without making the pieces feel too separate. 

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Bold Investments

A bold living room with a gray marble fireplace and two circular chairs

Tara Kantor

Fireplaces tend to be pretty statement-making, especially when they’re rendered in marble. Take advantage of this by keeping your décor pared down and letting a few statement-makers do the work for you.

By investing in a couple of large chairs and accent pieces, you can make a big impact—without spending much time or effort piecing your room together. 

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Framed Fireplace

A living room with a fireplace framed with marble

Katherine Carter

If your fireplace isn’t currently marble but you want to capture a little of that classic elegance, consider using a marble frame to get there. This frame is like a marble mantel that runs across the top of your fireplace and traces its sides down to your floor.

This option is smaller—and likely more budget-friendly—than a full-blown marble mantel. Plus, it’ll add a little texture to the mantel you already have installed. 

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Enhancing Extras

A white living room with dark gold accents

Julian Porcino

Enhance your fireplace’s best features by bringing them out with accent pieces. If your fireplace is lined with metal, use sconces, mirrors, and other accents to echo that detail. Or bring out the texture of your marble mantel with a graphic black-and-white rug that references the color scheme without mimicking it completely. 

A black, white, and gray printed rug
54kibo Wool Serpentine Rug $225.00
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Built-In Texture

A living room with a gray marble fireplace

JK Interior Living

Simplify your life by picking a fireplace that frames itself. Some options come with tons of built-in texture, like rims that run along the inside and the outside of the fireplace. These built-in frames will add visual interest to your space, cutting down on the time you have to spend decorating. And even better: they’ll fit your fireplace perfectly. 

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Finishing Touches

A living room with a white marble fireplace flanked by custom shelving

Reena Sotropa

Use custom shelving to bring your space together. Of course, this option won’t be right for everyone. Many of us don’t need more storage space—plus, custom shelving can get expensive. But, it can make a stunning addition to your space.

Use columns to frame your fireplace and let shelves run out from them until they touch your walls. You can leave the space above your mantel bare—adorned only by a work of art—or you can line that bit of wall with shelves, too. 

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All-Around Coziness

A white living room with a marble fireplace and custom shelving

Reena Sotropa

Don’t let the coziness stop at your fireplace. Fill the rest of your room with equally cozy touches, like plush armchairs, soft rugs, and fluffy stools. These additions will make your space feel even warmer and more welcoming—don’t be surprised if you catch yourself spending all day there.