18 Fresh Ways to Decorate With Mint Green in Your Kitchen

California kitchen with mint green lower cabinets

Design: D. L. Rhein; Photo: Amy Bartlam

After years of all-white kitchens reigning supreme, color is starting to make a comeback in our cooking spaces. And if you’re looking for something that works as a neutral but still offers a bit more personality, it might be time to consider mint green. 

“The color has a lot of warmth in it,” designer Deborah Rhein says.  “And maybe that’s why it’s of the moment right now—we’re all looking to surround ourselves with a soothing atmosphere.” 

Meet the Expert

Deborah Rhein is the founder of D.L. Rhein, a design store and studio in Los Angeles. 

Rhein’s current favorite version of the shade veers more sage than it does teal, as it mimics the color of plants and offers more versatility in the color-pairing department. 

“It’s almost a non-color, with all kinds of elements of quiet,” she adds. “It creates a level of calm.”    

Per Rhein, the color works just as well with shades of wood—particularly white oak and warm-toned browns—as it does with steel grays. Good news for kitchens, because those shades are commonly used in this space. Want to go a little funkier? Rhein also loves mint green with a light salmon or a mushroom brown.

“I think it pretty much pairs with anything, as long the shades are the same tonally,” Rhein says. That means, whether you opt for an icier blue-green version of the shade or go for something more warm and subdued, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to creating your own mint green kitchen.

Read on for 18 ways to work the hue into your kitchen. 

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Add an Island

Rustic kitchen with mint green rolling island

Design: Becca Interiors; Photo: Rikki Snyder

Nervous about fully committing to mint green on your cabinetry? Bring the color in with a furniture piece you can easily swap in and out, like a rolling island. Added bonus: when you’re ready to try a new shade, a piece this size is also easy enough to paint in a weekend.

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Pick Statement Appliances

Rustic country kitchen with butcher block counters and retro mint green fridge

Rikki Snyder

An easy but not as common way to add color to your kitchen is via appliances. It’s a smart move when you think about it: changing out a dishwasher or fridge will be a lot less expensive than replacing built-in cabinetry, which means you can experiment with a shade you like while still keeping the rest of the space neutral enough for future buyers.

For a mint green fridge similar to the retro-inspired one shown here, try Smeg’s “50’s Style” line in pastel green.

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Treat it as a Neutral

French country kitchen with mint green upper cabinets

Pure Collected Living

Warmer shades of mint green invoke the same feelings of calm and coziness as French whites and creams. If you’re going for the French country look, but want your kitchen to stand out from everything you see on Pinterest, consider using this hue instead.

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Pair it with Marble

Contemporary kitchen with mint green cabinets, marble backsplash, and brass fixtures

Design: Regan Baker Design; Photo: Suzanna Scott

For a contemporary, luxe look in the kitchen, pair mint green with sleek marble and brass fixtures.

“The countertops and natural brass finishes have surfaces that will wear beautifully with age, and they contribute to a feeling of storied longevity that you get with older homes,” San Francisco designer Regan Baker says, who chose a piece by Maryland photography artist Tawny Chatmon to round out the space.

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Get Inspired by Nature

Neutral kitchen with mint green lower cabinets

Design: D. L. Rhein; Photo: Amy Bartlam

In this Ojai kitchen, designer Deborah Rhein let the green and brown hues of the natural world—specifically the region's olive trees—inspire a space that feels as serene as the world outside of it.

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Do a Beachy Patterned Tile

Beachy kitchen with counter-to-ceiling mint green tile backsplash

Emily Vaughan

A beach house kitchen should feel breezy and bright, don’t you think? Here, Emily Vaughan achieves all that and more in an Ocean City, New Jersey home by pairing cheery white cabinetry with wicker pendants, bistro-style bar stools, and counter-to-ceiling “Sweet Celia Hardwood” tile by Mirth Studio.

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Pair it with Terrazzo

White kitchen with terrazzo backsplash and mint green toaster

Design: Lisa Gilmore Design; Photo: Native House Photography

For something cheeky, fun, and totally on-trend, use mint green as a pop against a terrazzo surface. In this Florida condo kitchen, Smeg’s pastel green “50’s Style” toaster and kettle were no doubt inspired by the color of the nearby ocean, and bring a jolt of energy to the space.  

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Go Boho

Boho kitchen with eat-in table with eclectic mint green chairs and bench

Ann Lacouture

Mint green may not be the most obvious shade to use as a base while building an eclectic, boho aesthetic, but it works wonders in Ann Lacouture’s colorful eat-in kitchen.

For a multi-dimensional but still cohesive look, pick two shades of mint and balance them on opposite sides of the table. 

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Do Up the Pantry

Modern mint green pantry with mint green and white bins

Ann Lacouture

Maybe you love mint green but are afraid of splashing it all over the kitchen. One solution? Splash it all over the pantry. You’ll bring a dose of cheer to a smaller room that likely doesn’t get much light, and it’ll bring a smile to your face every time you reach for cooking supplies or a snack. 

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Let Springtime Inspire You

Retro kitchen with mint green cabinets and yellow counter canisters

Alexa B. Chambers

When you keep the rest of the space simple and sweet, there’s no reason bright pastels can’t work in a kitchen. Here, Workout Green by Sherwin-Williams provides a cheery dose of mint green on the lower cabinets, while a few pastel yellow countertop canisters help keep a springy feeling going in the space year-round. 

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Go Formal

Formal mint green kitchen with brass-and-glass open shelving

Design: Lindsay Rhodes; Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

Mint green is not just for country cottages and beachy, surf chalets. With glass-and-brass open shelving and multiple layers of marble on the sink and countertops, a mint green kitchen can feel just as equally suited for a high-society hostess.

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Play With Curves

Kitchen with modern mint green wallpaper and pink cabinets

Naked Kitchens

The softness of mint green makes it an ideal hue for designs that incorporate round edges. It’s something to keep in mind when selecting wallpaper, corner styles, and pulls and knobs for your kitchen—if you like organic, ceramic-inspired shapes, this is definitely the hue for you.   

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Use Matte Black Accents

Boho-modern kitchen with white walls, mint green cabinets and matte black fixtures

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Want to add a little edge to your mint green kitchen? A sprinkling of matte black accents—particularly in light fixtures and draw pulls—will do the trick.

To amplify the contrast, use a true white or a white with cool undertones in the rest of the space.

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Play With Gray

Kitchen with mint green lower cabinets and light gray diamond wallpaper

Design: Beach Plum Properties; Photo: Joyelle West

When paired together, light gray and mint green deftly walks the line between sophisticated and sleek and cozy and country. Here, designer Becca Schulman Havemeyer painted her lower cabinets Calke Green by Farrow & Ball, then used Magnolia Home’s Diamond Sketch wallpaper on the backsplash for a kitchen that feels worthy of hosting fancy dinner parties and casual cups of coffee.    

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Mix in Traditional Touches

Traditional mint green kitchen with blue and white plate decor

Design: Lauren Elaine Interiors; Photo: Emily Followill

 Think elements of more traditional or Southern-inspired homes won’t work with mint green? Think again. Because the shade works so well as a neutral, it fits right in among the brick flooring and chinoiserie accents in this Atlanta kitchen. Of course, a good dose of natural light certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Focus on the Backsplash

white kitchen with mint green tile backsplash

Goodie Hue

Sometimes, a little jolt of color goes a long way. With the rest of the kitchen kept simple, the mint green backsplash in this Ottowa kitchen—which is peel-and-stick, believe it or not—is able to take center stage.

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Go Tone on Tone

Mint green kitchen with evergreen tile backsplash

Design: Rebecca Gibbs; Photo: Chad Zellner

“A tone-on-tone paint scheme is a great way to use bold colors without overpowering,” Texas designer Rebecca Gibbs says. In this Abilene cooking space, she paired Retreat by Sherwin-Williams with Fireclay Tile’s Star & Cross tile in evergreen.

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Focus on the Fixtures

Cream white kitchen with wooden windows and mint green ceiling fan

Home Made by Carmona

In warmer climates, ceiling fans are necessary for comfort, but can sometimes detract from a room's overall design. That’s why designer Ursula Carmona was delighted to track down this modern mint green option from Hunter.

“The pop of color, the contemporary design—I was thrilled to find a ceiling fan that didn’t look old and outdated,” Carmona says. “I have a nice, practical fixture that keeps the space cool and looks good at the same time.”