15 Modern Living Room Lighting Ideas That Are Contemporary Yet Timeless

Black and white living room

Studio KT

Lighting is everything when it comes to setting the atmosphere and mood in a space, and not just when it comes to the type of bulb you choose to use, but the actual style of the fixture too. There are plenty of options on the market, but one category that always seems to be fail-proof is modern lighting. Understandably, the guidelines for sourcing modern objects can often feel either super vague or overtly specific, but thankfully there's almost always a way for anyone to squeeze this certain look into their apartment or house.

While these kinds of lights are practically made for living rooms that embrace all-things mid-century modern, styles like boho, vintage, and traditional are all perfectly suitable homes for a modern bulb or two. The styles include just about every option you can imagine—sculptural chandeliers, colorful table lamps, groovy task lighting, and sweeping oversized floor lamps—so there's truly a look for anyone's personal taste.

Below, you'll find a variety of modern living room lighting ideas that will set off a lightbulb in your head when it comes to selecting lamps, sconces, and chandeliers like these for your own space.

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Art Deco Meets Boho

Pink toned living room

House of Chais

The wooden frame on this chandelier feels rather boho, but the dangling circles gravitate more towards a funky '70s vibe than anything else. It's a wonderful example on how easy it can be to mix modern into other styles you like, no matter how different the two may seem.

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Double Sconces

Brick accent wall

Dwell Aware

The wall sconces nearly blend into the wall here, but as soon as they're switched on they take the spotlight for themselves. The spherical shades and golden bases are guaranteed to never go out of style, and they're so easy to match with nearly any color story.

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Eye-Catching Chandelier

Modern living room

Leclair Decor

No longer are chandeliers cast aside as entryway and dining room additions. This bold Sputnik-style version featured in this living room speaks eons about how much this type of fixture can do for your most sociable space. It’s not only fun to look at, but it heightens the whole room, too.

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Golden Hour

White and peachy living room

True Home

The softer touches and colors that make this space so romantic are balanced out by the sharp golden lamp behind the couch. The candles and lamp on the floor are sure to cast a warm glow, too, but the shape of the gold fixture is certainly what punctuates the space in terms of lighting.

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Attention-Grabbing Lamp

Spacious gray-toned living room

Kaya Boutique

You can add plenty of drama with an oversized floor lamp, just take a page out of this living room's book. The mid-century modern touches and silvery gray palette are only emphasized with the help of this large lantern that lights up the sitting area but doesn't feel like it takes up tons of space thanks to its graceful neck.

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Sharp Black Fixtures

Modern living room with black light fixture

Cathie Hong

Its symmetrical shape and matte black color make this simple fixture a major focal piece, regardless of it being the main source of lighting in the room. It complements things like the photo frame and mid-century modern planter perfectly while standing out on its own against the ceiling.

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Complementary Levels

Bright orange and pink living room

Dazey Den

Cascading in a spiral, a chandelier that lights up a room with flair is always a good idea, especially when its shape can draw any gaze upward. You obviously can't walk away either without noting that the chandelier works undeniably well with the floor lamp, which is stylishly modern in its own right.

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Small But Mighty

Neutral living room

Coco Lapine Design

Small isn't synonymous with boring. Although it's rather petite, its size is what helps this conical fixture add a bit of metallic shine to the living room without being too over-the-top. It's an ideal setup for minimalists who want to make a statement in the quietest way possible.

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Sleek Shapes

Bold modern living room

Design: Bespoke Only / Photography: Nicole Franzen 

The table and floor lamp versions of this sphere and line lighting have been rather covetable over the past few years and it's easy to see why. It illuminates while also adding interest to a room. It helps, too, that in this space it harmonizes beautifully with the ceiling bulbs.

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Angular Lighting

Light and airy living room

Calimia Home

Gold and black are an irreplaceable color combination and provide a little modern oomph to any space. While this living room fits the bill for any fan of boho, the lighting gives it some edge, which is often a fun, unexpected twist in more free-flowing spaces.

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Lighting Turned Modern Art

Modern art-filled living room

Katie Hodges Design

When one lamp just won't do, a structure with three bulbs will certainly make the cut. This angular piece is eye-catching, thanks to its artsy lines and matte black finish, which pops nicely against the white walls. It doesn't feel too abstract though thanks to the furniture in darker tones that help ground it.

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Statement Table Lamp

Neutral-colored bookshelf

Bespoke Only

One of the loveliest things about modern lighting is that the lamp or chandelier itself often serves as décor or a statement piece. A prime example is this oblong table lamp that fits well with the other objects lining the shelves, but sheds a nice glow when it comes time to crack open those chic coffee table books.

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Pop of Color

Bright poppy living room

Maite Granda Design Studio

Many modern spaces go hard for black, white, and neutral, but this is just a small sampling of what modern can be. Take these coral-colored lamps for instance, which get along well with the other pops of color in the room and keep that electric secondary color palette alive and well.

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Dramatic Black

Black and white living room

Studio KT

Mushroom-style lamps will always rank highly as a top choice for modern lighting. The great thing is there are so many different variations of them, so you won't feel like you're creating a cookie cutter living room by purchasing one for yourself.

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Mod Wall Sconces

Mod living room

Ashley Montgomery Design

These quirky sconces are all you could ever hope for when it comes to fresh modern lighting. Outlined with a pop of black, their circular structures integrate flawlessly into a room full of dusty pinks and charcoals, but they still manage to hold their own.