30 Stunning Marble Kitchens That Will Make You Want to Refresh Your Space

marble kitchen

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Is there any material in the world of home design so spellbinding and coveted as marble? With its endless potential for mix-and-match styling, marble lends itself particularly well to modern interiors. One of our favorite places for marble is the kitchen, where its diverse tones, textures, and grains bring a unique, contemporary aesthetic with timeless appeal.

From Calacatta, with its mesmerizing veins of grey winding through pristine white, to Negro Marquina, moody and dark with lightning bolts of stark ivory, marble is some kind of magic. Good luck resisting the urge to redesign your kitchen after peeking at these beautiful spaces. Explore 30 of our favorite marble kitchens that are as chic as kitchens come.

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Maintain Consistency

marble design

Design: Mim Design

In this sprawling Australian kitchen, a Carrara marble island boasting sharp, clean lines is made a bit more whimsical courtesy of a white-painted tripod stool with exposed wood legs. The use of the same marble on the walls and backsplash make this kitchen feel sophisticated and fresh. 

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Go for the Gold

marble kitchen

Design: Fiona Lynch

This kitchen proves that marble can function as a neutral: It pairs with dark wood, gleaming gold, and matte black effortlessly. The subtle texture and veining is the perfect finishing touch.

If you'd describe your style as classic with a twist, you may want to consider adding a bold shiny metal element to your kitchen. This space is a shining example of gold done right.

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Opt for Organic Elements

marble kitchen

Design: Robson Rak Architects

A wood-grain and white marble island has an organic, earthy air in this bright open-concept kitchen. This space feels minimal in all the right ways. After all, there's not a lot going on, but it still feels super-sophisticated and design-forward.

If you're trying to go for a pared-down look, consider "hiding" your appliances in unassuming materials. For example, this kitchen's refrigerator has a wood covering that makes it blend perfectly with the natural materials in the rest of the space.

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Establish a Contrast

modern kitchen

Design: Contemporist

Paired with clean black elements, high-contrast white marble makes a striking impact. Plus, a muted metallic backsplash softens the contrast enough so that the space doesn't feel too stark. A lot of people back away from making such a large area of their kitchen black, but if this space doesn't convince you to give it a go, we don't know what will.

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Consider Monochrome

marble kitchen

Design: ExtrArchitecture

We're big fans of a monochromatic scheme that feels warm and inviting, and this London kitchen is no exception. Monochromatic schemes focus on one color's various tones and shades to make a space feel engaging and unified. In this kitchen, the marble's varying grayscale ties together the multiple shades and textures in the rest of the room.

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Offer Your Own Twist on a Classic

marble kitchen

Design: De Rosee Sa

A grey-tone marble island and matching countertops are an ideal serene complement to not-quite-white cabinetry and light wooden flooring. This kitchen is a fabulous riff on the classic all-white kitchen, and we're loving it.

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Focus on the Veining

marble kitchen

Design: Elenberg Fraser, Photo: Peter Clarke

With crisp white stools and countertops and solid black cabinetry and pendants, the marble's golden veins break up the starkness of this modern kitchen. The marble offers a soft, striking, and sculptural quality that creates the perfect backdrop for delicious meals in. 

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Mix and Match Styles

marble kitchen

Design: Idha Lindhag

Its subtle marble panel backsplash anchors the traditional-meets-modernist style of this kitchen. We'd never think to pair a rich, red-based wood with a cool-toned marble, but sometimes the most unexpected combinations are the winning ones. Case in point: this stunning space.

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Try Minimalism

marble kitchen

Design: Fiona Lynch

This minimal kitchen is a stunning example of the austere beauty of the stone. Though at first glance, this looks like an all-white space, the dark floor adds an exciting and unexpected element that we love. Plus, the super-sharp shapes add to the modernist feel.

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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

marble kitchen

Design: Chamberlain Architects

An impressively oversized counter in hypnotic black marble has a gallery-like sculptural effect in this unique kitchen. Plus, Chamberlain Architects didn't stop there: They kept the dark theme going with semi-glossed cabinets, adding a delicious drama to the space.

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Use a Thick Slab

marble kitchens

Photo: Mark Adams

In this cool kitchen, a two-inch slab of Calacatta marble tops the walnut island and pulls in the grey tone of the facing accent wall. Marble may be durable, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use a super-thick slab for dramatic effect.

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Complement the Colors

marble kitchen

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture

The unusual pink and slate tones of this marble work beautifully with the navy cabinetry and dark wooden elements in this petite kitchen. It may be small, but this beautiful space packs a punch when it comes to styles.

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Get Something Glossy

marble kitchen

Design: James Dawson Design

A polished black marble slab complements the moody yet airy feel of this bold kitchen area. The cool art, lighting, and funky pattern on the ceiling only emphasize the space's black accents.

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Marbleize the Walls

marble kitchen

Design: Mim Design

The interiors experts at Mim Design found a marble they loved and ran with it. In this Australian kitchen, they used the rich marble on the countertops, backsplash, island base, and walls for a super-contemporary look. Sometimes too much marble can feel a bit cold, but the use of pale woods and a pop of greenery make this kitchen feel inviting.

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Remember: Traditional Is Timeless

marble kitchen

Design: Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Traditional elements like shiny brass hardware and an old-school oven range never get old. Enter: this Elizabeth Roberts-designed kitchen in New York's West Village. The warm creamy tones and bright blue oven keep this space feeling fresh and welcoming. Plus, the subtle heather gray veining in the marble adds a touch of texture.

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Switch up Your Backsplash

marble kitchen

Design: Katie Martinez Design

Subway tile backsplash is popular for a reason: It's classic. However, we're always down to switch it up a little and go for something a bit more unexpected, like a lightly contrasting marble that pairs perfectly with shiny brass pendants. The element that ties everything together? The vintage-inspired black-painted work table that serves as a nontraditional island.

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Go All Out

marble kitchen

Design: Naked Kitchens

This ultra-cool space is so unique that we couldn't not include it on a list of the most marble kitchens. It may be small, but it does not skimp on style. Both the blue cabinetry and interesting gray marble work together to separate the space, giving the kitchen its only special area in this charming studio apartment.

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Make a Statement

marble kitchen

Photo: Reagen Taylor Photography

We didn't realize how cool black and gray marble can be until we saw this kitchen. It may be chock-full of dark hues, but it's as glamorous as it is moody courtesy of the brass hardware and warm wood worktable.

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Go Glamorous

marble kitchen

Design: Black Lacquer Design

Black Lacquer Design is most known for its artful living spaces, and this teal kitchen is no exception. Even with plain white walls, this kitchen would be a masterpiece, but the thick, dark veins running through the pale marble totally elevates this space.

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Don't Scale Back

marble kitchen

Design: Black Lacquer Design

A small kitchen shouldn't limit your imagination when it comes to design. In this tiny kitchen, pale blue cabinetry and drawers (sans hardware), floating shelves, and creamy marble walls make it feel quite luxurious. Subtle accents, including the rose gold faucet and amber-hued glass vase, add to the kitchen's glamorous elements.

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Keep It Modern

marble kitchen

Design: Black Lacquer Design

A modern kitchen is easier to achieve than it may seem. For starters, most modern kitchens boast a lot of bright white. Case in point: this space, which is made a bit softer (read: less intense) courtesy of the dreamy blue marble backsplash. The glossy black pendants don't hurt either.

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Inverse the Norm

marble kitchen

Design: Black Lacquer Design

A lot of kitchens that feature marble countertops opt for white marble because it's a bit less dramatic than any other hue. However, in this Black Lacquer Design space, it's all about the black marble with white veining. Paired with a deep blue shade that runs throughout the space, the moody marble shines even brighter.

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Get Inspired by the Outdoors

marble kitchen

Design: Laura Brophy Interiors

The beachy influence in this spacious Laura Brophy kitchen is undeniable. If you're in an design rut and are looking for something inspiring, turn to the natural surroundings around your space. The gray marble in this space is reminiscent of a morning mist hovering above the ocean, and we're into it.

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Create a Statement Ceiling

marble kitchen

Design: Laura Brophy Interiors

Statement ceilings are in, people! Here, Brophy brought the dark shades on the ceiling down onto the walls by way of a glossy white marble with some serious charcoal-hued veins going on. If you're in the mood for some color, take a page from Brophy's playbook and paint the upper cabinets any rich shade you like—everything goes with gray and white.

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Stay in the Same Color Family

marble kitchen

Design: Ellie Mroz Design

In this bright and airy kitchen by Ellie Mroz, a milky gray takes over the space in the best way. The only disruption to the color scheme comes into play courtesy of the stools' cognac-toned seats. We're loving this contemporary twist on monochromatic spaces.

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Let the Architecture Speak for Itself

marble kitchen

Design: Ellie Mroz Design

The most eye-catching element in this charming kitchen is the non-traditional entrance: an old-school arch. A close second? The rich marble that covers the walls and countertops. This space feels so contemporary, and we can't get enough.

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Opt for Rustic Complements

marble kitchen

Design: Anne Sage

We wouldn't exactly call this chic kitchen rustic, but there are definitely some rustic elements: the distressed wood cabinet frames, restoration glass pendant, and woven-back chairs. These charming design choices totally complement the modern look of the striking marble.

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Play With Pink

marble kitchen

Design: Anne Sage

While some associate pale pink with little kids' rooms, others (us) think it feels too chic to not try in other rooms. For example, this Anne Sage-designed kitchen may boast a feminine feel, but it's definitely not for kids; it's sophisticated and whimsical all at the same time.

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Try Tiles

marble kitchen

Design: Bespoke Only

Skip the slab and opt for marble tiles instead. They're totally unexpected and, especially if you arrange them in a cool pattern, make your space that much more interesting. Plus, the contemporary look of the marble against the rustic look of the wood shelves is like a masterclass in layering different styles.

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Consider the Perfectly Imperfect Look

marble kitchen

Design: Bespoke Only

We are loving the natural woodgrain on the cabinets and island. Sometimes people choose to paint over it or go with a different finish so the colors are consistent, but there's something unique and welcoming about this look.