20 Entryway and Mudroom Ideas That Make Foyer Storage Stylish

best mudroom storage ideas

Sara Tramp; Design: Emily Henderson

If you reside somewhere with rain and snow, have kids or roommates, or own plenty of sporting equipment, you're probably familiar with the need for a mudroom. But whether you don't have a mudroom at all (and your entryway takes on the clutter) or your space is just lacking the right organizational pieces, the best stylish storage can be a game-changer. Designing this space in a chic way can set the tone for the rest of your home as a place where form meets function—even if you live in a small city abode without a proper entry.

The best mudroom storage ideas can keep your space looking fresh year-round. From entry benches to sneaky closet spaces, and even just a few simple coat hooks by the front door, these designer solutions are the perfect place to start when you're ready to redesign your mudroom.

Below, get inspired by design-savvy foyer and mudroom ideas to elevate your space and stay clutter-free at home.

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Create a Cubby Room

mudroom design

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you have a large family or live with a few roommates, creating a system like a cubby room will make it much easier for kids (and even adults) to keep your mudroom organized. There's a coat rack for umbrellas, hats, and outerwear, baskets for dirty footwear, and a bench for bags. We also love how the tilework and white walls create flow from this room to the next.

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Be Strategic With Furniture

entryway and mudroom

Studio McGee

This is the perfect example of a chic, elevated entryway that's optimized for storage. When you don't have a mudroom to keep your dirty outerwear hidden in the back of the home, opt for a structurally open entry console table that allows you to tuck baskets underneath. Proper storage lets your surfaces host tabletop décor rather than becoming a landing area for raincoats and other daily necessities.

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Keep It Simple

entryway design

Michael Wells

If you want to amplify your storage options in the entry but don't have the room for a console table vignette, opt for a bench. This simple piece of furniture offers endless styling options, and you can use it as a landing dock for your bags when you walk through the front door. This makeshift mudroom idea is especially well-suited for a front door that opens directly into a casual space like a kitchen, a studio apartment, or even a narrow hallway.

Lining up your shoes underneath an entryway bench instantly introduces a whole new organizational system, and it creates a symmetrical look that's both functional and stylish.

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Customize Your Mudroom


Design: Studio McGee

Aside from the coat hangers, everything in this mudroom is kept behind closed doors. If you want to keep all the clutter out of sight, consider working with a contractor and a designer to customize your space with built-in storage and seating. The aqua paint with gray undertones is also a nice touch to make the space look more sophisticated.

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Combine Laundry and Mudroom Spaces

best mudroom storage ideas

Sara Tramp; Design: Emily Henderson

If you live in a small apartment or you're working with limited square footage, combine your laundry and mudroom spaces to optimize your design. This mudroom has plenty of cabinetry to store household items, while the laundry appliances are cleverly tucked underneath the counter to add surface space. Storage baskets inside the cabinetry are a great place for keys, wallets, and other small items.

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Add a Shelf for Small Necessities

best mudroom storage ideas

D. Burns Interiors

If you don't have a proper mudroom, your entryway is likely the place where many household items tend to land—but a small shelf may be all you need for the basics. We're obsessed with the floral wallpaper in this space, and the way the bamboo storage rack adds a natural vibe to the design. Tuck shoes in the corner under the shelf, then use the hooks and surface area for keys and coats.

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Choose Durable Flooring

foyer design ideas

Studio McGee

When it comes to durable flooring that seamlessly connects the indoors and outdoors, it's hard to beat ceramic stone tiles. They're less formal and delicate than hardwood, but they still offer a level of elegance. We love the way this collapsible leather bench offers storage space with a little help from the coat hangers installed above. It's easy to style and efficient at the same time.

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Use All Available Space

best mudroom storage ideas

Sara Tramp; Design: Emily Henderson

We love how the bench in this mudroom makes space for taking off shoes alongside built-in cabinetry for storage. With wall hooks, shelves, and a cubby system on the bottom, there's room for both adults and children to tuck away bags and clothes without letting clutter take over the main living space. An all-white design helps keep the space looking clean even when it's filled with various items.

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Install Wall Hooks

best mudroom storage ideas

Cathie Hong Interiors

If you don't have much extra clutter to worry about, a few simple wall hooks may be the perfect storage solution in your mudroom or entryway. Style a few hooks of varying sizes like this design for a dynamic look, or keep it simple with matching hooks organized in a straight line. The gold finish on these round hooks adds an elegant, modern touch to the clean entryway.

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Use Large Furniture for Wide Rooms

best mudroom storage ideas

Ashley Montgomery Design

We love how this design makes the most of an open space. Along with its large furniture complete with plenty of drawers for storage, the clever use of color draws the eye down the hall into the next room. A simple bench adds room for taking off shoes and setting down bags, while gray accents in the tile and wall trim tie the design together.

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Be Strategic When Choosing Rugs

best mudroom storage ideas

Whittney Parkinson Design

While we can't get enough of the built-in storage cabinetry in this mudroom, the star of the show is its patterned rug. Thanks to dense patterns and contrasting colors, the rug can outlast the seasons without showing dirt. If you find yourself vacuuming and mopping the mudroom regularly to keep the floors feeling fresh, style a similar rug in your space to help the room look clean year-round.

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Create Two Rooms in One

mudroom and entryway

Space Exploration Design

If you want to use a backdoor area as a space that offers functional value, all you need to do is find the right storage baskets and bins. In this space, the blonde straw baskets blend in with the console table, the carpet, and even the wall art. It's a minimalistic design that works with the rest of the bright, open room.

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Style to the Ceiling

best mudroom storage ideas

Whittney Parkinson Design

Along with the beautiful color of its built-in cabinetry, we love the clever use of space in this functional entryway. Above the door, extra cabinets that extend to the ceiling create storage in an unexpected place. Use tall cabinets for out-of-season clothing and shoes, or even stow your holiday decorations to save space in your home's most-used closets.

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Add Storage Baskets

best mudroom storage ideas

Ashley Montgomery Design

In this entryway, comfortable seating is styled to create an element of symmetry below the table—but the functional piece is tucked in the corner. A stylish woven basket can be used to house umbrellas, shoes, or any small daily necessities that could clutter the surface on the console. A small white bowl matches the design's lighter elements while adding a landing area for keys.

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Coordinate Colors

mudroom design

Studio McGee

When you aren't quite sure how to make the mudroom blend cohesively with the rest of your home, think about the materials you're using. Opt for a small area rug or runner that complements the color scheme in the more formal rooms of the house, plus a few décor details like ceramic hooks and a simple bench. We also love how the black door adds an element of contrast to the clean white walls.

Practical flooring, like this natural brick design or a tile finish, makes all the difference in a mudroom. Opt for styles that disguise dirt easily with plenty of texture and variety in hues.

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Style a Built-in Bench

best mudroom storage ideas

Sara Tramp; Design: Jess Bunge for Emily Henderson

If you're lucky enough to have an indoor bench perfectly fitted into your mudroom or entryway, consider its function when styling the room. Here, extra pairs of shoes are stowed away in a storage basket underneath the bench, while the owner's favorite pairs have their own space for easy access. A set of wall hooks adds room for hats, bags, and coats.

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Create an Organizational System

best mudroom storage ideas

Ashley Montgomery Design

This home's architecture creates space to style a separate mudroom and entryway next to each other. Tile floors in the mudroom are a great place to leave dirty shoes before entering the home, while an organizational system for daily items adds storage space in a stylish way. With wall hooks, a cabinet, and a woven basket in the entryway, there's plenty of room for multiple household members to stow their belongings.

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Stick to a Theme

best mudroom storage ideas

Whittney Parkinson Design

In another beautiful laundry-mudroom combination design, matching baskets and neutral colors keep the space cohesive. When choosing storage baskets and décor for your mudroom, stick to a theme: Opt for pieces in the same color or finish to make the room look organized, even if it's filled with personal items.

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Optimize Drawer Space

best mudroom storage ideas

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you live in a household with multiple family members or roommates, it's important to make sure your mudroom or entryway has plenty of storage for each person. In this space, rather than built-in cabinets or baskets, a simple set of drawers adds space for several people to store daily items in style. The sleek white design blends with white walls and small decorative accents for a modern, clean finish.

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Tuck It Away

best mudroom storage ideas

Sara Tramp; Design: Emily Henderson

If you can't stand clutter, consider styling your mudroom or entryway with storage that tucks daily items away behind sleek cabinet doors. We also love how this space has smooth, easy-to-clean floors and a patterned rug in earthy tones that won't make dirt obvious. Extra shelving is used for stylish décor to make an impression as guests first walk through the front door.