19 Orange Kitchen Ideas That Don't Go Over the Top

orange kitchen

Plain English Design

Orange might not be the most commonly used color in the kitchen, but it’s certainly one of the most cheerful. Bright, bold, and energetic, this sunset-inspired, attention-grabbing hue is unique enough to liven up any space in need of a refresh. It’s also a welcome change from the serene neutral and all-white kitchens that have taken over in the last few years. According to interior designer and host of HGTV’s Build Me Up, Orlando Soria, "While there will always be a space for simple, white kitchens, the quiet minimalism of the past decade in design seems to be giving way to bolder decisions on elements like color, light fixtures, and more distinctive appliances.”

To help you get inspired about orange kitchens (and to prove that you can use the statement-making color without going over the top), we rounded up some ideas. Ahead, our favorite orange kitchens that brim with personality.

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Choose a Bold Range

orange stove kitchen range

Design: Tom Cox, HÁM interiors  Photography: Alexander James

"Clients seeking visual interest are increasingly opting for a warmer, playful range as a pop of color," says Soria, and this neat orange pick is the perfect example of how to do it right. Subdued subway tile and pale gray cabinets really let it take center stage and become the focal point of the kitchen.

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Select Some Bright Seating

orange chairs

Abbe Fenimore

If you're reluctant to reach for anything too permanent in the color orange, ease into it by selecting some orange seating for your kitchen island or breakfast nook. Here, the bright orange and gold chairs play with the colorfully-painted ceiling, tying together the space in a way that feels intentional and uplifting.

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Warm Up Your Fridge

orange kitchen

Design: House of G Designs Photography: Public 311 Design

For this fun kitchen, Laura Giuliani of House of G Designs was inspired by the need for both color and refinement, while also staying true to the midcentury aesthetic of the home. According to her, the funky, orange-hued Big Chill fridge served as a jumping-off point for the rest of the home design.

"The bright, warm tone of the fridge partners seamlessly with the terracotta base of the kitchen design," says Giuliani. This is a great way to round out a warm, cozy color scheme.

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Try Tangerine Cabinetry

orange kitchen

Carmelin Design+Build

Not all oranges are super-saturated. This bright tangerine color skews slightly more yellow than red, making it seem vibrant without being too fiery, which makes it an excellent choice for cabinetry. However, if you're going to go with colorful cabinets on both the top and bottom of your kitchen, keep the rest of the space neutral. We love how the counters and backsplash here are left white, while the marble on the island brings out a few more orange tones.

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Embrace Maximalism

orange kitchen

Casa Watkins Living

The burnt orange found in this graphic, maximalist wallpaper perfectly enhances the same color found on the velvet chairs, providing tons of personality to this eat-in area. This can be a great way to subtly introduce orange tones into your space, and the maximal element keeps the design balanced and fun.

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Go Monochrome

orange kitchen

Dazey Den

Since there are so many different shades and variations of orange, why not play around with them all? From deep, reddish rust to peppy apricot, orange tones play well with one another. Test out a monochrome palette by slowly adding in variations of orange with accessories, paint, and even flooring.

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Paint an Accent Wall

orange kitchen

JL Design

A fresh pop of orange in the kitchen can really brighten up the space and add some personality. "Consider painting an accent wall or cabinets in a bold hue," suggests interior designer and owner of The Knobs Company, David Mason. "Just be sure to use this bold color sparingly in order to not overwhelm the space," he says.  

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Complete an Earthy Palette

orange kitchen

Design: Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design Photography: Halkin Mason Photography

Rich walnut, natural wood, and copper complement a burnt orange perfectly. For those who want a dose of orange without going too far, this wet bar idea is ideal. The orange lacquer paint carves out the area in a way that feels warm and inviting, without distracting the eye from the rest of the meticulous, earth-toned design.

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Pare It Back With Dark Tones

orange kitchen island

Mary Patton Design

"If you're going to have orange as your primary color, pair it with a dark color," suggests interior designer Marco Bizzley of House Grail. Take note of designer Mary Patton's vision here: the orange-hued island is paired with a copper backsplash and hanger to bring out the warmth, while the matte black cabinets and matching range provide some depth and dimension. The darker tones juxtapose the brightness of the orange paint nicely.

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Try Complementary Colors

orange kitchen

Naked Kitchens

Teal blue and this yellow-orange are a match made in complementary color heaven. Both offer a saturated, colorful look without competing for your eye's attention.

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Give Your Cupboards a Fiery Makeover

orange kitchen

Plain English Design

This classic kitchen from Plain English Kitchens gets a modern upgrade with rusty, red-orange cupboards that totally ground the space and transform it into something unique yet elevated. Taupes, beiges, whites, and grays give the color a chance to shine on its own.

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Embrace Artwork and Open Shelving

colorful kitchen

Rikki Snyder

"If you didn’t want to commit to orange kitchen cabinets, you could always feature orange in small unexpected ways: choose a fun orange patterned roman shade for your window, or find a fabulous set of orange-colored dishware to use for everyday use," says  Amy Studebaker, Owner and Principal Designer at Amy Studebaker Design. On the smallest scale, even keeping a bowl of oranges out or having a small work of art can give your kitchen a bright zing of color. Open shelving provides a great space to show off these orange goods.

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Make Your Island Pop

orange kitchen island

Design: LiLu Interiors  Photography: Chad Holder

"The perfect spot for a squeeze of orange in a kitchen is the island," says Lisa Peck, interior designer and CEO of LiLu Interiors. Here a custom island designed by Peck and team immediately brightens up the kitchen of a historic prairie-style home. "Our clients bought a dark, historic home and wanted to create a happy welcoming vibe. The orange island and yellow cabinets were a perfect way to bring joy to their kitchen."

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Add Some Orange Accessories

orange kitchen bar

Rikki Snyder

From candlesticks to barware to dinnerware, even all white spaces can get a punch of color with a few orange accessories.

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Put Down a Fun Rug

orange kitchen rug

Studio SHK

For those who are shy to invest in “permanent” orange (such orange cabinets or counters) adding soft touches such as rug runner is an easy way to incorporate a bit of color into the kitchen. Sherry Hope-Kennedy of Studio SHK put down a carrot orange patterned rug in this natural kitchen to bring in a touch of pizazz.

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Be Playful

orange kitchen

Dazey Den

By nature, orange is a cheery and playful colorful, so why not lean into it? Here, Dazey Den selected an orange cooktop, sunset gradient cabinets, and orange decor. It's a bold palette that's not for the faint of heart, but that's the fun of it.

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Don't Be Afraid of Neon

orange kitchen


Though neon orange cabinets aren't for everyone, we love the way it's done here. A patterned backsplash, teal accent wall, and black and white check flooring complete the eclectic feel.

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Choose Copper

copper lights

Studio SHK

For those who are more invested, but gun-shy to go full-blown orange, Hope-Kennedy recommends trying out copper-colored light fixtures. According to her, "The orange-red color is an elegant take on orange."

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Make Orange Your Secondary Color

orange and blue kitchen

Design: Lilu Interiors Photography: Chad Holder

Having orange in your kitchen doesn't mean it has to be your main color. Through smaller scale accents such as accessories, wall art, and pillows, you can add pops of orange to any color scheme that works with it. Though blue is the main color here, the orange accents provide added flair.