17 Outdoor Shower Ideas We're Swooning Over

outdoor shower
Tim Melideo ; DESIGN: My Studio ID

Is there anything better than a good shower after a long summer day? Actually, yes! A good shower after a long summer day under an open sky. But before you go writing off outdoor showers as an experience you'll only ever encounter on vacation, these al fresco set-ups will change your entire outlook. We've officially fallen for these exquisite outdoor-shower designs and are sharing how you can bring the style into your own space before summer's end. 

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Navy Siding

Casually blending into its surroundings, this shower set-up delivers on both aesthetics and practicality. To achieve the look in your space, opt for a rustic farm-style fixture and skip the tiling in favor of matching siding. 

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Rustic Textures

Wood and concrete are a match made in bathroom heaven, and this indoor-outdoor space is no exception. Take a gray approach to the walls and floors, using simple complementary textures to avoid veering towards drab. And sprinkle in warm wood tones via accents, such as a floor-length mirror and light fixture.

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Natural Surroundings

The most stunning outdoor showers are often those that feel like an organic part of nature. Located in Oman's Musandam Peninsula, this earthy design takes its cues from its sandy locale. Combine earthy stone materials—imperfections welcomed—in white and neutrals to achieve this look at home.

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Surf's Up

Adding a touch of personality to your décor is always a good idea. Accessorizing with your hobby gear is a playful way to breathe life into your design plans, not to mention a clever way to store otherwise cumbersome items. Take note on how this surfboard was repurposed into an outdoor shower!

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Eco Spa

What to do when a tree is blocking your ideal soaking spot? Integrate it into the design. This eco creation proves natural is better when it comes to outdoor showers. Even if your environment doesn't offer rock ledges and tree branches, utilizing naturally occurring stones as a backsplash is an easy way to achieve this look.

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Classic Palette

Black and white is easily one of the chicest color combinations around, but if done incorrectly, it could come off as dizzying. Instead, opt for a more natural off-white, like this bone-colored palette, and ensure elevation by color blocking: one hue on the walls, the other on the floor and tub. A leafy green plant also makes for the perfect pop of color.

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His and Hers

Mother Nature gets a modern makeover in this elegant his-and-hers bathroom. Full-frame glass doors and the absence of a roof make you feel like you're open to the outdoors, while still having luxurious comforts. Channel this contemporary design in your space when you decorate with angular fixtures and a few round accents.

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Indoor Outdoor

Okay, so this chic shower may not technically be outdoors, but we're big fans of the in-meets-out option. The addition of floor-to-ceiling glass doors, raw floor treatment throughout, and lush greenery successfully give the feeling of being under the sun without direct rays.

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Minimalist Escape

This outdoor shower is every efficiency expert's dream. Instead of simply adding decorative plants to this otherwise lost space, the addition of a minimal shower gives the layout new purpose. And who knew the blend of midcentury tiling, pale wood, and jet-black fixtures could feel so fresh?

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Beachy Haven

A shower with a view? Always. This Sydney escape masters simplicity and lets its surroundings do the talking. By adding a small stool, pumice stone stand, and rustic cactus planter, you can transform a minimal space into a tranquil oasis with just a few accessories.

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Simple and Sleek

This pop-up is the perfect compromise for a low-impact outdoor shower. No tiling or wall mounting required; a dry brush, Aesop products, and a natural stone "table" are all you need for a homey feel.

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Mixed Materials

We love this arrangement for its no-frills vibe. Simple tiling and wood encase a farm-style showerhead, but it's the raw rust-red piping that makes this set-up interesting—and easy to replicate at home. The mix of tile, stone, wood, and metal makes this simple shower all the more visually stunning.

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Secret Garden

Using plants as a focal point of your exterior décor is an affordable, attractive way to bring a lush feel to an outdoor shower scape. By framing two sides of the space with greenery and two with wood, we get a simple refresh on the standard take.

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Island Oasis

This dreamy Bali shower is made for those who prefer appreciate the magic of an Instagrammable spot. Giving off the perfect level of island vibes, the combination of soaring millennial pink tiling and elongated cacti take the outdoor shower to new heights. Replicate the color scheme at home, but be sure to balance the pink with modern white touches to avoid a 50's bubblegum feel.

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Stone Mosaic

Transport to summer in Tuscany with this stone backdrop. To achieve this Italian aesthetic at home, go for an arched backsplash and vibrant gold fixtures. It's a touch of approachable luxury everyone can appreciate.

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Repurposed Tile

Your favorite kitchen backsplash (aka the subway tile) makes its way outdoors in this two-toned rendition. A wooden runway lined by leafy plants leads to a fittingly oversized rain showerhead makes for a tropical blend that's absolutely achievable at home.

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Moroccan Paradise

This vibrant two-in-one in Marrakech is a chic visual wonderland. The muted rose pink walls serve as the perfect juxtaposition against the intricate emerald Moroccan motif. To bring the aesthetic into your space, try colorful patterned tiling instead of the standard alternative. Can't choose between a shower and a bath? This outdoor set-up proves you don't have to.