23 Outdoor Water Fountain Design Ideas We're Swooning Over

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Design: Emily Henderson; Photo Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Want to make a splash in backyard? Consider adding an outdoor water fountain to your setup. Not only does this cool feature act as a "wow" factor during barbecues and intimate dinners al fresco, but it'll also double as a stealth way to cool off.

But, in case you didn't get the memo, you don't need a grandiose outdoor water fountain to make a statement. Need proof? We scoured the web for 23 stunning outdoor water fountain design ideas. It doesn't matter what your budget or square footage is, there's something here for every outdoor space. Yes, even yours.

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Style with Symmetry

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KAA Design Group

For a soothing outdoor water fountain that appeals to all the senses, take a cue from KAA Design Group. Not only will the dripping water give you a hefty dose of ASMR, but the symmetrical design will also be super satisfying. To keep this setup from feeling sterile, the California-based design reimagined this classic silhouette in bright blue and mosaic tiles.

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Try the Tiered Treatment

outdoor water fountain ideas

KAA Design Group

Take your outdoor water fountain to new heights — literally — with a tiered setup. Decked out with a spigot, floating basin, and small pool underneath, this option from KAA Design Group makes a relatively simple setup statement-worthy. Plus, the vertical arrangement helps draw the eye all the way up to the treetops.

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Wall-Mounted Wonder

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Lady Landscape

Calling all small space dwellers: a wall-mounted fountain is the perfect way to make a splash without hogging up precious square footage. Though Melanie Rekola of Lady Landscape has her fountains cascading into a pool, this design trick can look just as great above a blooming garden or stone-clad walkway.

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Gather Some Greens

outdoor fountain ideas

Marguerite Rodgers 

Blur the lines between your hardscape and landscape by surrounding your fountain with a bunch of leafy greens. Here, Marguerite Rodgers used this trick to give this polished yard a lush, tropical feel.

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Ground It in Your Garden

outdoor fountain ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp.

Or, if you want to give your outdoor water fountain a touch of whimsy, place in the middle of a grassy patch. When paired with a wild array of shrubs and trees — as seen in this example from Emily Henderson — the fountain takes on an ethereal quality that belongs in a fairytale.

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Go Big or Go Home

outdoor fountain ideas

Lady Landscape

As this outdoor fountain design idea from Lady Landscape proves, size does matter. If you're on the hunt for a low-effort way to make a big impact, spring for a super-sized style. The simple, resin bowl design perfectly offsets its gargantuan size, making this feature eye-catching, not over-the-top.

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Play with Proportions

outdoor fountain ideas

Mindy Gayer

Speaking of size, you can also make a statement by juxtaposing a large basin with a teeny, tiny water source. The contrasting proportions will definitely pop, but won't take upstage the rest of your yard. Let this outdoor space from Mindy Gayer show you how it's done.

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Spring for Solar-Powered

outdoor fountain ideas


Nowadays, going green isn't just a fad; it's a lifestyle choice that can withstand time and trends. If you want to bring a slice of a sustainability to your outdoor space, spring for a solar-powered water fountain, as seen on S.U.S.A.P's feed.

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Reuse Your Water

outdoor fountain idea

Tatertots & Jello.

Alternatively, you can give your outdoor space a sustainable edge with a recirculating fountain. This one from Tatertots & Jello uses the same H20 over and over again, so you can keep waste to a minimum.

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Revel in Rustic Details

outdoor fountain ideas

Flower Patch Farmhouse

One of the best things about outdoor water fountains is that they can cater to a handful of interior design styles. If you want to put rustic farmhouse vibes front and center, take a cue from this one Pamela of Flower Patch Farmhouse made with galvanized tubs.

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Beautify on a Budget

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Southern Chick Journal

We don't know who needs to hear this, but you don't need to spend a small fortune on an outdoor fountain. For example, Chriss Knight of Southern Chick Journal made this solar-powered option out of garden pots. Best of all? This option only cost $50 to create. We know, wow.

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Opt for an Orb

outdoor fountain

At Charlotte's House

On the hunt for an outdoor fountain idea that can double as abstract art? Blogger Charlotte Smith flexed her DIY muscle with this stylish orb silhouette. The water springs out of its top and gently cascades down the sides, striking a happy medium between subtle and statement in the process.

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Punctuate Your Path

outdoor fountain ideas

Kendall Wilkinson

If you want your outdoor fountain to blend in nicely with the rest of your yard, consider installing a cascading waterfall next to your pathway, just as Kendall Wilkinson did here. This fountain is camouflaged by the stealth placement and concrete border, creating an unexpected sound effect as guests walk by.

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Put It in Your Pool

outdoor fountain idea

Maite Granda

Another way to conceal your outdoor fountain is by placing it in another body of water. And, in the case of this home from Maite Granda, that means in your pool. The magic of this arrangement lies in the materials used. Made with glass and subtle blue tiles, this style will trick you into thinking your water fountain is floating in mid-air.

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A Fountain With a View

outdoor fountain ideas

Mindy Gayer

If you are blessed with a backyard with a view, it's easy to think that an outdoor fountain will compete with your vista. But, as Mindy Gayer proves, the two standout elements don't have to always be at odds with each other. By placing your fountain right next to your railing, you can kill two birds with one very stylish stone.

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Mix Materials

outdoor fountain ideas

Sutter Wehmeier of BASE Landscape Architecture.

As the adage goes, opposites attract. So, why not apply that same mentality to your outdoor water fountain? We love how this one from Base Design + Architecture mixes minimalist concrete with patina-clad copper.

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Multiply Your Fountains

outdoor fountain

Fernando Wong

Why settle for one outdoor fountain when you can enjoy a few? Miami-based landscape design firm Fernando Wong added multiple fountains into one backyard — one inserted into the walkway and a more sculptural structure in the background— proving there's strength in numbers.

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Take Advantage of Angles

outdoor water fountain

Design: Wrenstead Interiors; Photo: Isadora Santos-Lesaca.

If you're short on square footage, consider picking up an outdoor fountain with multiple spigots. The one Wrenstead Interiors used here looks good from every angle. “The fountain creates a beautiful focal point for the garden, but it can also be seen from the home’s dining room," principal Shaun Crha explains. "At night, it’s especially romantic to see the lights in the basin glowing.”

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Add Pattern

outdoor fountain

The Jungalow

Does your style land on the more maximalist end of the design spectrum? Offset your outdoor fountain with some vibrant, colorful tiles. Let this shot from the Jungalow show you how it's done.

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Double Down

outdoor fountain

Design: Grace Design Associates; Photo: Holly Lepere Tebbe.

They say two is better than one, and this spot from Grace Design Associates proves that sentiment also applies to your outdoor space. Not only do these projectile spigots create some much-needed drama, but thry also give this yard a symmetrical edge.

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Offset Your Symmetry

outdoor fountain

Design: Amber Lewis; Photo: Jess Isaac.

We no mistake, we love symmetry as much as the next person; however, we'll fully admit this matching design trick isn't for everyone. So, if you want to offset your yard's symmetry, why not shake things up with an outdoor water fountain? In this project from Amber Lewis, this lone fountain will create some visual intrigue without throwing off your space's vibe.

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Create a Water Wall

outdoor fountain

Interior Frugalista

Consider a water wall the perfect cross between an outdoor fountain and patio furniture. The Interior Frugalista blogger Marie Blackburn kept hers cohesive by matching its frame with the space's raised garden beds.

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Pile on the Pedestal Fountain

outdoor fountain ideas

Hydrangea Treehouse

When it doubt, you can't go wrong with a simple pedestal fountain, like this one from Hydrangea Treehouse. Think of this fountain style as the design-equivalent to a T-shirt; it's a classic staple that can go with anything.