13 Stylish Pantry Décor Ideas We Could Stare At All Day

Marble and wood pantry

Chelsey Freng

There are a few spaces in your home that don't get quite the same stylistic attention that, say, your bedroom or living room do. One such appendage is your pantry—and no matter if it's large and spacious or just a few shelves on a bare wall, it's easy to let it collect dust while you focus your energy on other spaces. If you're stumped on what else you can do beyond pouring your cereals and crackers into matching acrylic containers, luckily, there are plenty of transformational and stylish pantry ideas.

Interestingly enough, pantries can surpass your expectations and go beyond their roots as food storage systems. In fact, with the right colors and materials, it can feel more like a room worth spending time in. Once it's organized and decorated to your liking, you can waltz in and revel in it like any other space in your home. This doesn't require a large space, or even a separate alcove. Even a wall can serve as a focal point and a pantry if done right.

So give your pantry another chance to shine, and browse through these 13 examples to get your wheels turning.

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White and Wood

White and wood pantry

Milk & Honey Life

Yes, your chic eye for design can still be projected onto spaces as unassuming as your pantry. This gorgeous example remains simple but still adds so much to the cooking space, thanks to the wooden door, pretty pull, and all-white structure. The shelves in the inside only play on the style further, giving it a mix of warm farmhouse touches and Scandinavian ease.

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Restful Neutrals

Neutral pantry

Styling: Natalie Walton / Photography: Lynden Foss

A separate room is by no means a requirement for a tasteful pantry. And with smaller spaces or kitchens that don't quite allow for walk-in dimensions, it's an ideal situation for getting creative. A stunning open shelving unit, matching glasses and jars, and a few accent pieces (like that adorable wooden stool) make this pint-sized pantry as perfect as any other.

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Moody Blue

Slate blue-gray pantry

Humphrey Munson / Photography: Paul Craig

Pantries rarely have windows, which provides one explanation for why people often opt for light paint colors. The lack of light can put a damper on things, but before you start swatching eggshell and ivory, consider an unexpected shade like navy. As proven by this space, your pantry will feel sophisticated, moody, refined, and not at all dim. Not to mention, the backlighting in this space gives it a slight upscale gallery or artisanal market vibe.

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Dreamy and Trendy

Marble and wood pantry

Chelsey Freng

Listing all the picture-perfect traits of this pantry would take quite some time. But to summarize, we love the marble countertops, open shelving, gold statement lighting and vertical backsplash tile that make the space feel like part of the home rather than a food storage area. While it still holds plenty of essential items, it also wins for being remarkably easy on the eyes.

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Wine Lovers' Respite

Wine pantry

Design: Kate Lester Interiors / Photography: Amy Bartlam

Not all pantries are meant for food. If you consider yourself to be a wine connoisseur, a pantry to hold all your favorite labels is nothing less than dreamy. It's particularly enticing when it features a bold black door frame and white subway tiles, as exemplified by this modern space.

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Tucked Away

Arched doorless pantry

Maison Blonde

Pantries don't have to be cold, cramped spaces. They deserve to blend in as an extension of your kitchen, and this space did it perfectly. The open shelving, warm lighting, and contrasting cabinet color allow it to serve as its own noteworthy entity. But the Mediterranean-reminiscent arch is what really ties it all together and makes it so special.

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Sunshine Yellow

Yellow pantry

Keltainen Kahvipannu

This darling yellow pantry will appeal to any cottagecore fanatic or self-proclaimed bohemian. Who knew pantries could be as stylish as they are efficient? Making use of a uniquely-shaped corner, its wooden door and cheery color make it look as if it popped out of a fairytale.

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Scandi Influence

Light wood pantry

Neat by Meg

What makes this pantry so perfect is its blend of style and ease. While it checks all the boxes for renters and homeowners with Scandi on their minds, it's also rather simple to pull together. Light wooden shelves, white brackets, and complementary baskets are really all it takes to get a similarly pretty look.

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Spacious and Bright

Light and airy pantry

Cambridge Home Company

It's hard not to ogle at this expansive, walk-in closet size pantry. White shelving, golden accents, and the texture of baskets make this pantry a treat for all your senses. And, truthfully, all foodies and amateur chefs alike deserve a space that's equivalent in size to a small New York City bedroom.

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Neat and Tidy

Tidy pantry

Mika Perry

Minimalism is key and can really revive a pantry, even if you're not looking to completely renovate your storage area. Finding a uniform system that's easy to maintain and suits your fancy is a simple but effective way to make an update—no paintbrushes or hammers required.

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Punchy Color

White pantry with red ladder

Reena Sotropa In House Design

Adding a pop of color to a pantry can prove difficult if you're not looking to paint the walls a vibrant tone. It's most certainly not impossible, though. Take note of this white and bright space that's punctuated with a cherry red ladder—it's too brilliant of an idea to pass up.

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Moody and Atmospheric

Navy pantry

Light & Dwell

Like its aforementioned navy cousin, this bold space makes a new name for pantries. Its color, although deep and saturated, doesn't feel overwhelming or overpowering, thanks to the addition of a white wall and a few other touches. The square shelves, clock, and artwork can also be credited with making it feel much more like a room worth showing off rather than a place you simply run into to grab a midday snack.

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Pared Down Minimalism

Organized pantry

Breathing Room Organization

Even the prettiest pantries can feel bogged down by haphazard cereal boxes, chip bags, and bottles of seltzer. Take a day to clean out your space to lighten the mood and make it feel open and airy. An organized pantry—no matter how big or small—should be a priority as much as things on the design front.