You'll Never Guess Where I Purchased Some of My Favorite Home Décor

coffee table

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

As a design enthusiast, I’m always eager to discover new places to find great home décor, even if they’re a bit nontraditional. So when Poshmark launched a special home section last summer, I was obviously thrilled. I’d been buying and selling clothes and accessories on the resale app for as long as I could remember, but the addition of decorative accents, coffee table books, and wall art was of course a game changer.

Having shopped the home section for over a year now, I’ve fully appreciated being able to enjoy a thrifted home décor experience—all from the comfort of my couch. Better yet, the app has led me to some stunning yet affordable finds that I now prominently display in my apartment and wouldn’t have been able to score elsewhere. 

Two of my favorite Poshmark scores are items that actually came from chain retailers, but they had been discontinued before being on my radar. One such piece is a beautiful burl wood box that was originally sold at CB2 many seasons ago. I hadn’t known about the box back when it was on the market, but, in true design-nerd fashion, later kicked myself when I spotted it on Pinterest.

One day, while doing a general search for “CB2” on the Poshmark app, I spotted one of the boxes for sale and scooped it up right away. While Poshmark allows users to make offers before purchasing an item, it’s often worthwhile to snag something at its listed price if you worry it will be snatched up quickly.

Burl wood box.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

My second chain store find is a cane box from Pier 1. It, too, had sold out on the retailer’s website before I could place an order, so I was thrilled to see a gently-used piece listed for just $18 on Poshmark. The box is sizable enough to provide a bit of storage for matchbooks and other trinkets while simultaneously adding a stylish touch to my built-ins. Similar pieces I’ve spotted online retail for nearly five times what I paid, so I’m very glad I sourced this when I did. 

I also love using Poshmark to shop for art and have found some stunning original pieces on there. This past spring, I scored a gorgeous oil landscape painting for under $20. To make the artwork look a bit more sophisticated, I popped it into a gold frame from the craft store to create a gallery-worthy piece for much less. I’ve also added onto my collection of portrait art thanks to Poshmark and have found some sold out pieces from Target’s Studio McGee collection, too. 

Gold decorative objects on shelf.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

The key to finding the best pieces on the app is to search using both store names and general keywords alike. Because there are so many listings, scrolling through each and every one takes a bit of patience. If you’re on the hunt for something specific, checking back frequently is your best bet, as the inventory changes often. Otherwise, the shopping process is the same as with clothing, jewelry, and handbags. As per usual, Poshmark provides the seller with a flat rate label, and your piece will arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days. 

If I’m on the fence about a piece, I’ll generally “like” it in the app and monitor its availability every few days. Sometimes, the seller may reduce its price, and I'll receive a notification on my phone. Other times, I’ll end up logging in and making an offer myself. And if something arrives and I tire of using it in my space? Well, back on the app it goes—reselling is both easy and encouraged.