The One Room Pure Salt Interiors Will Never Forget

Lauren Conrad nursery with beachy accents.

Pure Salt Interiors

The co-founders of Pure Salt Interiors, Leigh Lincoln and Aly Morford, have designed some gorgeous, coastal retreats throughout the years, spanning tons of exteriors and interiors in California and beyond. But one space that will always stick with them is a standout nursery for an equally standout client—TV personality, fashion designer, and businesswoman Lauren Conrad. 

“We hold this project near to our hearts, as we got to partner with lovely and talented Lauren Conrad to design it for her youngest son,” Morford says. “We love this nursery because of its casual, beachy, relaxed vibe. It feels like the epitome of a Pure Salt nursery—lots of neutral elements that still feel playful and creative without losing any of that calm and fresh aesthetic we’re known for.”

Lincoln adds that this project in particular set a “gold standard” for future nursery designs to come. “It’s simple and whimsical with natural elements that feel fun and full of joy—that’s the hallmark of a perfect project for us,” she says. 

We are tickled to have designed such a stinkin’ cute space for such a dream client.

The final result was perfect for the duo and Conrad, as it is perfect for a long day of caring for a baby boy. “This space is fun, fresh, and breezy,” Lincoln notes. “It truly is such a beachy sanctuary for a tired mama.”

Read on to tour Conrad’s cozy and calming nursery, and hear from the designers why this space is one they’ll truly never forget.

Bookshelf full of nautical decor and children's books.

Pure Salt Interiors

Designing a kid’s room is no longer only about princesses or jungle animals—though both are adorable options. The Pure Salt team wanted this nursery to feel elevated and timeless while still embracing the fun and youthfulness that comes with a new baby.

“It’s always a fun challenge to design a kid’s space,” Morford says. “For us, it’s not just about providing the necessities, but all about zeroing in on what allows kids to thrive in their own environment while sparking their imaginations. In this case, we wanted to instill a love for the beach and a feeling of calm, relaxation, and creativity from the get-go.” 

The pressure with this project came not only from elevating your standard nursery but delivering a space fitting for such a chic celebrity client. 

“I think for this project in particular, one of our challenges was the pressure we put on ourselves to really knock it out of the park,” Lincoln recalls. “Lauren has such incredible style, so of course we wanted to meet and exceed her expectations for the nursery." 

It’s always our intention to create spaces that encourage people to live deeply in those moments with clean, functional, family-friendly design.

On working with Conrad, the Pure Salt duo had nothing but glowing reviews. “She was an absolute joy to work with, so the process was really smooth,” Lincoln says. “She came with some ideas and let us incorporate our aesthetic as well. It was a great partnership and an opportunity we are really grateful for.”

This nursery is full of beachy elements, from the wooden surfboard to the plant-printed wallpaper. Yet, it feels anything but kitschy beach house, boasting peaceful neutrals and elevated materials. 

Close-up of neutral sofa.

Pure Salt Interiors

“The lush wallpaper and the agave wood surfboard are such fun and vibrant elements that still feel natural and neutral with their earthy palettes,” Lincoln says. “It feels so fresh in this nursery—that is so important for soaking up those precious early days with baby.”

Another important component of the nursery design was to incorporate life and freshness through plants. “As a former floral designer, I’m always looking for opportunities to incorporate plants,” Morford notes. “We were able to layer in both small and large plants throughout the nursery, which are often overlooked as a place for greenery. But, plants add a layer of life and warmth, they help detoxify the air, and are shown to improve our moods—so actually, nurseries and kids’ spaces are the perfect place for more plants.”

Large banana plant in nursery.

Pure Salt Interiors

The nursery was a joy to bring together, Morford remembers, and was thrilled to watch the design progress from paper to in-person.

“Seeing the final space after everything came together was such a cloud nine feeling,” she says. “Watching this project go from sketches and renderings to a finished room was a real treat.”

Lincoln will never forget the final reveal to Conrad, either. “The final reveal with Lauren was so much fun,” she says. “It’s always great to see a client happy with your work, but there’s something extra special and emotional when it’s a nursery, as there are so many important memories that will be created in this space. It’s always our intention to create spaces that encourage people to live deeply in those moments with clean, functional, family-friendly design.”

This space was a jumping-off point for several future Pure Salt projects to come, including the development of Little Salt, the duo’s baby and kids’ homeware line. 

“This nursery helped us realize we have a strong point of view on baby and kids’ spaces, so we wanted to explore that more,” Lincoln notes. “We’re interior designers and entrepreneurs, founding Pure Salt together in 2015, but we’re also mamas. We have five kids under the age of seven between us, so designing kids’ spaces is very near and dear to our hearts. We understand first-hand the needs, the importance, and the challenges.”

Though the duo really wouldn’t change a thing about this nursery, Morford notes that new additions to Little Salt would’ve worked perfectly in this space. “We’ve recently added some killer rattan pieces to Little Salt that would have suited this space so well,” she says. “It would be fun to go back into this room and add a few of those pieces, as well as our super-soft crib sheets, to make the room feel even more cozy and warm.”

Two llama stuffed animals on dresser.

Pure Salt Interiors

The space boasts plenty of favorites, though, including some of Little Salt’s original products that define the space, including the Jungle Wallpaper and the Tilly Swivel Glider in a subtle beige stripe slipcover.

“Because this was one of the first spaces to feature our Little Salt products, we have a few favorites that have continued to be our most loved pieces,” Lincoln explains. “The wallpaper, glider, and that soft yet textured jute rug are our three top-tier products that we’ve continued to use in nurseries to this day.”

The room is very representative of the Pure Salt style, which is to personalize your home and make it a sanctuary from all life offers—while of course, incorporating their signature beachy flare. 

“We think this space is the ultimate representation of our aesthetic with its easy, breezy palette and casual furnishings,” Morford shares. “It is still such an inspirational space to this day.”

“Looking at the space, it’s impossible not to feel a wash of calm and relaxation with all the soothing colors, natural light, and soft furnishings, but we also feel a sense of pride for this design,” Lincoln continues. “It’s truly a deep-seated joy, and most of all, we are tickled to have designed such a stinkin’ cute space for such a dream client.”