From overhauling your kitchen to redoing your bathroom, we've got all the inspiration and tips you need to make your home renovation projects seamless.
    White on white bedroom with dramatic slider door

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    12 Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets for the Ultimate Makeover
    Get out your paintbrush.
    laminate flooring in kitchen
    Renovating Your Kitchen? Here Are the 10 Best Kitchen Flooring Options
    There's more than just tile.
    Navy and white kitchen
    This Kitchen Cabinet Color is Forever in Style – Here's Why It Works
    Goodbye, boring.
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    Here's Your Complete Guide To Choosing Kitchen Countertops
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    Large concrete island in white kitchen.
    12 Kitchens That Prove Concrete Countertops Are Worth Considering
    Move aside, granite.
    Kitchen Countertops
    Read This Before You Pick a New Kitchen Countertop Material
    What you need to know.
    Bright kitchen with light wooden cabinets.
    Don't Make These Mistakes When Renovating Your Kitchen, Says Nate Berkus
    Step away from the trends.
    10 Out of 10 Designers Will Want to Tile Their Kitchen Like This
    It's all about the finish.
    This Stunning All-White Kitchen Renovation Was Totally Worth the $100K
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    White kitchen
    Don't Make These 6 Common Small Kitchen Mistakes, Say Designers
    Here's how to avoid them.
    Check Out What This Stunning Kitchen Looked Like Pre-Remodel
    Best Kitchen Design Software of 2022
    Best Kitchen Design Software of 2022
    Bathroom with wooden vanity
    These 9 Tips Will Make Remodeling Your Bathroom Easy
    Keep it stress-free.
    Double vanity with slim mirrors.
    How to Easily Remove a Glued Bathroom Mirror from the Wall
    Time to go.
    freestanding tub with double vanities and large window
    This Is How Much It Costs to Add a Bathroom, Really
    Plus hidden costs and ways to save.
    beautiful bathrooms
    Give Your Bathroom a 5-Star Makeover With These On-Trend Ideas
    Small room, big impact.
    bathroom flooring ideas
    18 Bathroom Flooring Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel
    Designing from the floor up.
    bathroom with v-groove paneling
    16 Easy Bathroom Upgrades That Don't Require a Gut Job
    The simple DIYs your space is craving.
    how to keep a room cool
    How to Cool Down a Room When You Don't Have AC
    Keep the heat away, AC-free.
    heavy mirror
    Read This Before You Attempt to Hang That Heavy Mirror
    Mirror, mirror on the wall...
    A marble fireplace placed underneath a massive framed poster
    How to Perfectly Hang a Poster Without Damaging Your Wall
    Keep that security deposit.
    A dining room featuring a plush printed rug, exposed brick walls, a rustic wooden table, and several other textured pieces
    Lighten Up—Here's How to Choose the Right Lightbulbs for Your Space
    Light your space like a pro.
    Garage organization with drawers
    How to Paint Your Garage Floor for an Easy Refresh
    Get a garage floor with a lot less grunge.
    Sweet white attic with soft linen bed.
    Dealing With Attic Mold? Here's What to Do, According to the Pros
    Such an unwelcome visitor.
    hardwood floor refinishing kitchen
    How to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors Without Hassle or Damage
    Hint: trust the process.
    Chic living room with gray sofa.
    3 Top Designers Reveal What They Wish You Knew Before Tackling a Renovation
    Bring on the remodel.
    off white exterior siding
    This Is How Much it Will Cost to Paint Your Home's Exterior
    Time to freshen up.
    Cozy couch nestled behind a tree.
    4 Ways Our Homes Will Change In the Future, According to Architects
    Always innovating.
    Bedroom with patterned wallpaper
    Can You Paint Over Wallpaper? The Answer May Surprise You
    Time for a refresh.
    Bathroom with green wallpaper
    How to Perfectly Remove Wallpaper for a Fresh Start
    Prep your walls for a fresh coat of paint.
    A large gallery wall in a living room
    This is How High to Hang Pictures for the Perfect Gallery Wall
    Two gallery wall-loving interior designers weigh in.
    Bedroom with black light fixture
    Tired of Noise? Here Are 11 Easy Ways to Soundproof Your Home
    Peace and quiet.
    colorful living room
    15 Rental Renovations You Can Probably Get Away With
    Get your paintbrushes ready.
    bedroom with neutral bedding and pink accents
    6 Small Home Updates That Will Help You Start Your Day on the Right Foot
    Because mornings can be tough.
    Living area
    Home Renovation 101: 5 Simple Upgrades That Aren't a Waste of Money
    Turn your home into a nest egg.
    IKEA Furniture Customization
    These Are the Secrets to Assembling IKEA Furniture Like a Pro
    It's time to ditch the hex key
    A living room with board and batten wainscoting, a throw-pillow-lined couch, and a gallery wall
    How to DIY a Board and Batten Wall in a Single Weekend
    The accent wall is surprisingly easy to DIY.
    A kitchen island with custom cabinet fronts that match the other base cabinets in the kitchen
    17 Custom Kitchen Islands That Started With a Piece From IKEA
    Score a custom kitchen island on a budget.
    A glass IKEA greenhouse cabinet lined with terracotta planters and hanging grow light bulbs
    21 IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet Hacks You Have to Try
    Turn your home into a plant-filled paradise.
    IKEA Malm dresser hack.
    18 Incredible IKEA Malm Dresser Hacks You Can Easily Pull Off at Home
    Give the classic piece a makeover.
    IKEA tarva hack with grasscloth.
    16 Reasons to Take On Your Own IKEA Tarva Hack ASAP
    Grab those tools, it's time for a project.
    ikea nightstand hacks
    10 Easy IKEA Nightstand Hacks You Have to Try
    Sleep easy.
    A sun room with layered curtains suspended from a white rod
    5 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Hang Curtains Without Drilling
    Why put holes in your wall when you don't have to?
    An IKEA desk made from two white dressers and a butcher block countertop
    20 IKEA Desk Hacks That Are Ridiculously Easy to Complete
    The desk of your dreams awaits.
    A living room with a red striped sofa lined with red bullion fringe
    How to Reupholster Furniture and Get the Very Best Results
    Three professionals share their tips.
    ikea besta hacks
    20 Ways to Make the IKEA Besta Cabinet Look So Expensive
    Champagne taste on a beer budget.
    A black IKEA Raskog cart, slid under a wooden desk to serve as an under-desk storage system
    21 Expert-Approved Ways to Hack IKEA's Iconic Råskog Cart
    The budget-friendly cart you can do anything with.
    ikea ivar hack
    These IKEA Ivar Hacks Take the Piece From Basic to Bold
    Go from basic to bold.
    spice rack
    These 14 Hacks for the IKEA Spice Rack Are Too Cool Not to Try
    Racking up storage options.
    Kura bed hacks
    16 IKEA Kura Bed Hacks That Are Sure to Impress Your Little Ones
    This reversible bed is too good to be true.
    vintage teal dresser with plant and small knick knacks sitting in top placed in corner
    How to Paint Any Wooden Surface And Achieve Smooth Results
    Wood you believe it's this simple?
    ikea eket side table hack
    These IKEA EKET Hacks Will Make You Do a Double Take
    You won't believe your eyes.
    These 16 Headboard Ideas Look So Chic, You'll Never Guess They're DIYed
    Time to get inspired.
    IKEA Billy Bookcase hack
    15 IKEA Billy Bookcase Hacks That Will Make You Do a Double Take
    Wait, that pantry is a bookcase? No way.
    gallery wall
    20 Chic DIY Projects to Upgrade Every Corner of Your Home
    You don't have to be a pro to pull these off.
    A finished IKEA closet makeover
    How to Craft an IKEA Closet That Looks Totally Custom
    Get the custom closet of your dreams—on a budget.
    Living room with leather chair and ottoman.
    How to Reupholster a Chair and Give Your Piece New Life
    Flex those DIY muscles.
    fabric wall art
    These 17 Chic Bedroom Ideas Are Easy to DIY—Here's How
    Your next weekend project awaits.
    Sunroom with antique wooden bench.
    How to Age Wood for a Sophisticated Furniture Upgrade
    It gets better with age.
    Bed with green headboard in front of brick wall.
    4 Home Projects You Can Actually DIY and 4 to Leave to the Experts
    Flex those DIY muscles.