20 Rustic Bathrooms That Give Us Chic Log Cabin Vibes

Bathroom with wooden walls

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You may not immediately think "rustic" when you think of your bathroom, but consider your last getaway to the countryside. Imagine yourself winding down after a long hike in the mountains and relaxing in a deep soaking tub in your log cabin. That is a vibe we want to channel every day, so we rounded up some of the best rustic bathroom ideas to inspire your next makeover.

To help you relax and inspire your next renovation, we've found some of the best chic, cabin-inspired bathrooms out there.

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Consider Slope Ceilings

Rustic bathroom with sloped ceiling

Design: Rill Architects

Photography: Angie Seckinger

We love a good pitched ceiling in a living room or kitchen, but when you adopt that same architectural feature in the bathroom you get a dose of cozy, chateau-like style that's perfect for a rustic bathroom. Add in some wood paneling (yes, wood paneling is cool again) and you'll create a warm space perfect for a bubble bath.

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Keep it Simple

Bathroom with a small chair and window

OakBridge Timber Framing

One of the things we love most about rustic bathrooms is they can be, well, rustic. You don't have to go overboard with accessories or décor to get the look you're going for—focus on simplicity and keep the look neutral. Exposed beams, natural wood, and vintage furniture are all you need to deliver this aesthetic.

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Add Plants

Standing tub with wood behind it

villastyling / Instagram

If your style leans more jungle than forest, consider bringing some greenery into your bathroom. Pick a few plants that would happily thrive in your bathroom and surround a tub or shower. No natural light in your space at all? No worries, faux works just fine.

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Use Baskets for Storage

Bathroom with black and white floor

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While you may be tempted to hide your curling iron and beauty products in a linen closet or vanity, a rustic bathroom allows for a bit more freedom when it comes to storing your must-haves. Consider a few woven baskets for a simple place to throw all those necessities.

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Consider Decorating With Cement

Bathroom with cement sink

Jersey Ice Cream Co

We are really digging the cement bathroom look lately, and we think it works wonderfully in a rustic bathroom. Consider swapping a porcelain sink for cement or opting for a cement floor over a tiled one. This look provides the perfect blend of modern and rustic.

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Mix in Vintage Pieces

Bathroom with green vanity

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There's just something so welcoming and cozy about a flea market, so why not bring that look into your bathroom? Consider mixing in a few vintage pieces such as a mirror, a chandelier, or a rug. This is a great way to give your bathroom a rustic, throwback vibe.

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Decorate With Natural Wood

Rustic vanity in bathroom

Design: Michelle Lisac

Photography: Jennie Corti

Natural wood pieces add an instant sense of rusticity without feeling overly traditional. If you're swapping out a vanity, opt for a natural wood one instead of a painted one to give your space some cabin-like warmth without taking away from the modern feel.

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Decorate With Shiplap

Bathroom with shiplap

Design: Maggie Griffin

Photography: Brian Bieder

Rustic comes in a lot of flavors, but one of our favorites is the "modern farmhouse" look. Farmhouse can feel utterly cozy and welcoming, and it's a great way to get the perfect blend of modern and rustic in your bathroom. Shiplap is a key element of farmhouse style and can be a great alternative to tile.

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Use Hardwood-Inspired Flooring

Bathroom with skylight and herringbone floors

ann.living / Instagram

Next time you update your bathroom floor, try wood-look porcelain instead of a standard tile. This grout-free flooring gives off a rustic, hardwood look but still holds up as well to moisture as traditional tile.

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Mix in Mid-Century Details

Rustic bathroom with mid century details

Design: Mindy Gayer

Photography: Lane J Dittoe

A rustic bathroom doesn't have to be an all-out log cabin style. Instead, mix in different décor styles to tone down the look and keep it fresh and unique. We love mid-century modern details in a rustic bathroom. You can get this look through a large renovation or by throwing in a few MCM details like a bathmat or new fixtures.

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Consider Exposed Brick

Bathroom with brick walls

house.everyweekend / Instagram

If you've never thought about exposing brick in your bathroom, it's time to think again. Whether you paint them or keep them au naturale, exposed brick can add a rustic warmth to your bathroom.

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Paint Your Clawfoot

Bathroom with paneling

inthedoghouse___ / Instagram

A clawfoot tub in the bathroom adds major rustic vibes already, but adding a coat of paint (and maybe even distressing it a bit) can give your bathroom a little more of that vintage feel. Add a wooden stool or table for your soaking tub necessities and you're good to go.

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Expose Your Light Fixtures

Bathroom with green walls and wood vanity

puravida207 / Instagram

A great Edison bulb can add a lot of ambiance and charm to any room, but it works incredibly well in a rustic bathroom. Swap out your sconces for Edison bulbs to add a warm glow to your in-house spa.

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Strip Your Walls Down

Bathroom with clawfoot tub

dearaframe / Instagram

Consider going all-out cabin style by exposing the natural beans and woodwork in your bathroom. Natural wood is a must in a rustic bathroom and will instantly transport you to a Vermont Airbnb.

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Add Wainscoting

Bathroom with wainscoting and deep tub

simplecountryfamily / Instagram

By now, you probably already know that wood paneling can be utterly cool, but adding some wainscotting detail to your bathroom is a great way to create a traditional, rustic vibe. Add a coat of hunter green paint for a vintage look and feel.

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Add a Patterned Rug

Rustic bathroom with wooden ceiling

aprilallen8 / Instagram

Swap out your old bathmat for one with a little more personality. Consider a vintage Turkish rug or a brightly colored woven rug to give your bathroom an eclectic feel.

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Opt for Neutral Colors

Rustic bathroom sinks

the.elegant.tavern / Instagram

Though a true rustic log cabin may feel a bit dark with deep colors and wood, you can keep your rustic bathroom light and airy by opting for light neutrals. Consider light wood, white, or gray hues to ensure your bathroom doesn't feel too heavy or dark.

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Add Some Art

Rustic bathroom with standing tub

Jersey Ice Cream Co

A great rustic bathroom is simple and understated, but that doesn't mean you can't add in a quirky vintage painting to finish the look. We love bathrooms with a bit of personality, and adding a thrift store painting to your space is a great way to give your bathroom a focal point.

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Try a Wooden Ceiling

Bathroom with wooden ceiling

OakBridge Timber Framing

A wood-paneled ceiling is a great way to get a rustic look in nearly any bathroom. Whether you have a large space or a small one, covering your drywall with wood panels can add an instant cozy factor to your bathroom.

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Add Vintage Details

Bathroom with white shiplap

Jessica Nelson Design

While a rustic bathroom can be understated and simple, you can still mix in a few vintage-inspired accessories to make your space feel homey and cozy rather than stark or sterile. Try a vintage vase, basket, or reclaimed wooden ladder for towels.