20 Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Add a Little Farmhouse Flair

rustic kitchen—victoriabell

Victoria Bell

It doesn't matter if you're making a multi-course meal on the regular or reheating leftovers from last night's takeout order, it's safe to say that the kitchen is the heart of any home. So, why not make your culinary space look good, too?

Cabinets are an easy, effective way to transform the space—and we're totally into the farmhouse look right now. Whether you swath your cabinets in a pretty color or choose to keep the wood au naturel, rustic kitchen cabinets are a surefire way to make you feel like you're cooking—and, okay, eating—in a quaint farmhouse far, far away.

Ready to bring a little country into your space? Check out these standout rustic kitchen cabinet ideas below. From tried-and-true rustic to contemporary takes on the beloved style, these rooms will have you feeling a little bit country.

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Wow With Wood

rustic cabinets—josephine design house

Design: Josephine Design House; Photo: Kelly Blackmon

Lacquer-less wood is a surefire way to score rustic kitchen cabinets. But, just because you want to keep your cabinets natural doesn't mean they have to be boring. In this rustic space by Josephine Design House, the hexagonal white backsplash offsets the cabinet's dark stain, and the high-contrast mix offers the perfect balance between old and new.

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Add Rustic Accessories

rustic shelves-isabel ladd

Isabel Ladd

Another way to accessorize your rustic kitchen cabinets is to pack on the farmhouse fripperies. "Pair your rustic kitchen cabinets with a polished farmhouse sink, gold hardware, and gold faucet," designer Isabel Ladd says. "Consider replacing heavy upper cabinets with open shelving, stain the wood a warm, medium brown, and remember that you don't always have to use backsplash."

In this case, a tall quartz backsplash keeps water at bay, and the shiplap gives farmhouse flair to the wall. 

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Try Pops of Color

rustic kitchen—lindsey brooke

Design: Lindsey Brooke; Photo: Amy Bartlam.

Want to embrace your bold streak while sticking without compromising your rustic aesthetic? Opt for cabinets in a bold hue, as designer Lindsey Brooke did in this space. Plus, the subtle beadboard details keep this space feeling country chic.

A dusty blue might seem like a gutsy choice for a kitchen, but brass hardware and a white backsplash offset the pigmented hue.

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Mix and Match

rustic kitchen ideas

Design: House of Jade; Photo: Travis J. Photography.

Why settle for one type of kitchen cabinets when you can enjoy a few? In this rustic kitchen, Erin and Kirsten of House of Jade Interiors juxtaposed a raw wood island and a set of floating shelves with white cabinets. That mix of colors and textures offers a unique coziness that farmhouses effortlessly achieve.

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Make Modern Farmhouse Magic

rustic cabinets-house on hillside lane

House on Hillside Lane

In case you didn't get the memo, there's more than one way to master the rustic look. While many people will go for the more traditional concept—complete with ornate carvings and sweet colors—design enthusiasts with a more modern eye can get their own slice of rustic with a modern farmhouse look.

From the high-contrast color palette to the wooden slab cabinets, Danielle of House on Hillside Lane masters the updated look.

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Strive for Simplicity

cabinets_bruce fox

Bruce Fox

Contrary to popular belief, wooden rustic kitchen cabinets do not have to be packed with ornate carvings. Sometimes, less is more.

"There is a certain charm to a rustic kitchen, yet it can often feature heavy ornamentation that makes it feel dated," Chicago-based designer Bruce Fox explains. "We selected simple cabinetry without elaborate molding here, combining open library-style shelving for cookbooks and staples and a glass-fronted cabinet for display."

Fox's team selected a dark finish to play off the warmth of the wood and marble countertops and upscale appliances.

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Go to the Dark Side

rustic cabients—rebecca rollins

Rebecca Rollins Design

For a moodier take on the rustic kitchen cabinets fad, head to the darker side of the color wheel. Here, designer Rebecca Rollins flushed these simple, Shaker-style cabinets in a muted charcoal and black hardware.

The dramatic color combination offers the warmth you'd find in a rustic cabin, and wooden floating shelves with exposed beams round out the room, doubling down on that farmhouse flair.

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Spring for a Lighter Grain

rustic cainbets_studio schicketanz

Design: Studio Schicketanz; Photo: Bob Canfield

Raw, unstained wood might be key to scoring rustic kitchen cabinets, but they can make your culinary space feel dark and cramped. Instead, take a cue from Studio Schicketanz, who lightened up this space with a lighter wood species, light gray counters, and taupe walls. When blended together, the three elements feel light, airy, and ridiculously rustic.

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Double Down on the Details

rustic kitchen—victoriabell

Victoria Bell

One of the best parts of farmhouse kitchens is all the thoughtful details that make the space feel unique—right down to the cabinets. From the charming knobs and pulls on the cabinets to the criss-cross detailing on the island to the sporadic glass-fronted cabinets, it's safe to say designer Victoria Bell mastered the thoughtful, finishing touches.

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Add Cabinets in Every Nook and Cranny

kitchen cabinets_jessicanelson

Design: Jessica Nelson Photo: Carina Skrobecki Photography

When it comes to rustic kitchen cabinets, it's not just the color or style you choose, but where your cabinets are in the first place. We love how this space by Jessica Nelson has cabinets everywhere—even underneath the breakfast nook—to offer a rustic charm.

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Create High Contrast

rustic cabinets

Jenn Pablo Studio

What's black, white, and chic all over? This stunning, modern farmhouse from Jenn Pablo Studio. This room epitomizes a farmhouse kitchen with an updated twist, between the charming mix of Shaker and glass-fronted cabinets to the high-contrast color combination. A colorful rug completes the room, keeping this kitchen from veering into sterile territory.

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Opt for Muted Hues


Michelle Berwick

The all-white kitchen trend isn't leaving anytime soon. But, if you want to give this timeless style a rustic edge, opt for a more subdued hue. The cream Canadian designer Michelle Berwick used here offers a warmer, more rustic alternative to the beloved trend.

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Style a Crossover

rustic cabinets

Charbonneau Interiors

As this space from Charbonneau Interiors proves, X marks the spot. Though this kitchen's cabinets have a sleek, Shaker-style attitude to them, the crisscrossed glass doors lend a dash of farmhouse flair. A wooden sliding door and lantern-style pendant completes the room and offers an extra oomph.

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Make it Multi-Colored

rustic kitchen_housesprucing

House Sprucing

A rustic kitchen cabinet idea that's elegant and eclectic in equal measure injects two different colors into one space. While a neutral color hue like white will never go out of style, a bolder blue will add quirky energy in all the right ways—let this space from House Sprucing show you how it's done.

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Give Your Kitchen the Tonal Treatment

rustic kitchen cabinets

Becca Interiors

If you like the idea of incorporating multiple colors into your kitchen but aren't ready to make a big splash. take a cue from Becca Casey of Becca Interiors. Here, the designer paired crisp white kitchen cabinets with a light gray island. A marble countertop, brushed brass hardware, and wooden accents complete the room, offering a perfect cross between country and contemporary.

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Go Big and Bold

rustic cabinets-emily henderson

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Ligorria Tramp

Want to make a statement in your rustic kitchen? Opt for a bold hue, as seen in this space from Emily Henderson. The West Coast-based designer nailed the modern farmhouse vibe with pigmented teal cabinets, marble counters, and raw wooden accents.

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Paint Them Green

rustic cabinets-ashley montgomery

Ashley Montgomery

Another color that will make your rustic kitchen cabinet dreams come true? You never go wrong with green. Here, Canadian designer Ashley Montgomery chose a verdant shade for these cabinets and adorned them with dainty, ornate hardware. It's the perfect cross between modern farmhouse and traditional rustic, if you ask us.

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Pick Out a Pastel

rustic kitchen

Calimia Home

There's something about light pastel colors that promote a quaint, rustic sentiment. So, what better way to make your contemporary kitchen feel a little more rustic? This space from Calimia Home bridges the gap between "forward-thinking" and "farmhouse" with mint cabinets and wooden floating shelves.

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Choose Consistency

rustic cabinets

Milk and Honey Life

The monochromatic look might be associated with sleek minimalism, but this space from Milk and Honey Life proves it can be a key ingredient for your rustic kitchen cabinets, too.

Instead of opting for shiny metal hardware, this design is kept simple with wooden knobs and pulls that match the kitchen cabinets. The result? A touch of rustic without appearing over-the-top.

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Go for Gold

rustic cabinets

Becca Interiors

Admittedly, neutral tones are often associated with sleek and sterile spaces. But, if you'd like to give your subdued shades a rustic edge, add some metallic hardware to the mix. Connecticut-based designer Becca Casey of Becca Interiors warmed up these black kitchen cabinets with slim, brass pulls.