Consider This Rustic Modern Barn House a Brief Mental Vacation From Your Day

When Paige Hull and her husband, Smoot, bought a rustic Texas farmhouse in 2011, they set out to complete a total gut renovation of the property, which was originally built in 1982. "Our goal was to create a space with beautiful clean lines and a neutral canvas to incorporate our collection of vintage and found pieces into our lighting fixtures, furniture, and décor," Paige Hull tells MyDomaine.

One look at the covetable, spacious home and its modern interiors, and it's clear the couple brought their vision to fruition. The industrial cottage, dubbed No. 1450, is just one of the multiple properties available to rent through the Hulls' boutique lodging and lifestyle brand, The Vintage Round Top. Located in Round Top, Texas—a town known for its vast antique offerings—it's no surprise the home is brimming with unique vintage gems.

"I've been collecting vintage and found objects for years, so we had a big collection to pull from," Hull explains. Along with her vintage pieces, the barn-like property also offers more modern embellishments, like crisp white walls, high ceilings, and a smart black exterior. The contrast between old and new is what gives the space its unique style. Keep scrolling to take a tour…

Rustic Staircase
Haylei Smith

The front entryway contains so many thoughtful details, it's hard to know where to look first. There's the whimsical numbered staircase, the industrial overhead lighting, and vintage trunk-turned-coffee table—and that's just at first glance. It's what Hull describes as "modern vintage," and it perfectly characterizes the home.

White Fireplace
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Upon closer inspection, the living room features a stunning blend of new and old décor. Take these antique repurposed windows, for example. From their perch atop the crisp white fireplace, they create a stunning opposition. "We love mixing modern clean lines and vintage pieces that each have a soul and a story that helps bring our space to life," Hull explains.

Barn House Kitchen
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The kitchen contains one of Hull's favorite pieces in the entire house—an arrow light cleverly placed at an angle along the staircase. It's the very object that inspired The Vintage Roundtop's logo that exists today.

Dining Room
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Among other notable vintage treasures is the dining room table, which Hull explains was once used by a traveling circus (yes, really). "We found only the top in a field in Round Top (the circus used it with sawhorse legs) and added reclaimed legs we found from a booth at one of the antique shows," she says. "We often wonder if the bearded lady or sword swallower once sat there."

Antique Décor
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This mint-green vintage piece sits tucked behind the dining room table with a showstopping history. It's yet another intriguing item that surely has its own story to tell. "Smoot wishes we didn't have so many mini storages full of [vintage and found objects], but it's helped tremendously to design around meaningful pieces that help tell our own story and have such great memories from our flea market shopping and travels," Hull shares.

Wall Storage
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This small hallway is one of the many charming areas found in the modern house. An amusing vintage sign hangs above the door, while an industrial light fixture hovers from the ceiling. Along with the Hulls' love of vintage, their reclaimed pieces were also a testament to the times. They purchased the property in 2011 at the height of the financial crisis and had to get creative; they made most of the light fixtures themselves with found objects.

Animal Art Print
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A closer view of this area also reveals a custom piece of art. The wood panel features a photographic print of a brown-and-white horse, adding to the barn-inspired style of the home.

Kitchen Bar
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One look up at the ceiling and you'll be captivated by an array of varying shades of wood. The reclaimed wood is from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore and features the most beautiful shades of blue, gray, and brown. "[It] gave us the color palette for many of the accent pieces and the painted concrete floor in the living room," according to Hull.

Haylei Smith

Beneath the colorful ceiling sits a rustic daybed in full view of natural light that glides in through a nearby window. Here, a vintage French metal container acts as a vase on the end table, and former cow feed sifters from a manufacturing plant serve as light sconces.

Guest Bedroom
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"Since the cottage would be used as a vacation home rental, we wanted the house to be a blend of both masculine and feminine, and modern and vintage styles to ensure everyone felt inspired, relaxed and comfortable," Hull says. This white bedroom with a rustic leaning mirror and fringe jute rug certainly fits the bill.

Haylei Smith

In the bathroom, more country-inspired décor awaits in the home's signature white color scheme. "We found the perfect shade that's both modern and vintage at the same time," Hull explains.

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Another cozy bedroom, this space features the same unique reclaimed wood displayed on the ceilings throughout the home. It's the perfect setting for relaxing and catching up on some much-deserved sleep.

Office Space
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"We gutted most of the house, raised numerous ceilings, removed walls, and enclosed the remaining section of the wrap around porch," Hull says. However, despite the many one-of-a-kind items and design elements sprinkled throughout the home, Hull's favorite thing about the space is the feeling she and her guests have when they arrive. "There's a peace you feel there," she muses.

Rustic Desk Details
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With quaint details, modern finishes and plenty of antique items, the Hulls have produced a marvelous retreat from the ordinary.

Texas Barn House
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"Our No. 1450 Cottage is very dear to our hearts," Hull says. "Our mantra of 'living with intention' is what brought us to its doors and started this whole new adventure for our family."