For Scandinavian Furniture, Go Beyond IKEA With These 11 Brands

Graphic by Cristina Cianci

If you’ve ever caught yourself wishing you could bleach your wood floors, toss a sheepskin over a dining chair, or paint your space in a minimalist-approved color palette, chances are you've been wooed by Scandinavian design. These days, Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden (and include territories Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland) have a major impact on the global design scene. And if you want in on the trend, it begs the question: Where exactly should you shop for Scandinavian furniture and décor? We're here to help.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Unlike midcentury modern design, a style it's often compared to, Scandinavian design emphasizes bright, airy spaces. Nature is always a key element in Scandinavian design with elements like wood floors and plants.

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Ferm Living

Ferm Living The Round Dorm $185.00 $145.00

Vintage charm is in ample supply at Ferm Living. It's one of many Danish furniture brands putting a fresh spin on the best of yesteryear. Shopping its site is sure to make you feel like a kid again.

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Josef Frank

Josef Frank Pillow, Brazil $230.00

It’s somewhat ironic that Josef Frank’s designs are seen as quintessentially Scandinavian, as he was actually born in Austria. However, he went on to adopt Swedish citizenship and create vibrant and dynamic designs that are still produced today. Familiarize yourself with Frank's colorful botanic prints, and you’ll start to notice them everywhere.

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Skagerak Georg Mirror $379.00

It seems you could add Scandinavian flair to just about every area of your home with Skagerak’s inventory. Take a peek at its site, and then check the list of retailers for buyer’s satisfaction.

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Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk Glass Brush $25.00

It may not seem worth it to order brushes all the way from Sweden, but a good brush is hard to find. Whether for bathroom, kitchen, or cleaning purposes, Iris Hantverk's handmade brushes are worth the shipping.

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String Pocket Shelf $151.00

Originally designed in 1949, the String shelving systems are proof that Scandinavian design is timeless.

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by Lassen

by Lassen Kubus 4 Brass $213.00

The Lassen brothers, Mogens and Flemming, may not be around anymore, but their designs lives on thanks to by Lassen. The iconic Kubus 4 candelabra is just the tip of the iceberg that is their genius.

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Saana ja Olli

Saana ja Olli Onnenmaa Interior Pillow Cover $56.00

It doesn’t get much more quaint than a designer couple in Finland locally manufacturing 100 percent hemp textiles in collection names like Mielenmaisemia (Mindscapes) that celebrate the beauty of imagination, and Unien talo (House of Dreaming) which draws inspiration from the couple's 104-year-old log house renovation project.

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Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen Tia Throw $76.00

Each year Broste Copenhagen releases two collections including everything from tableware to textiles, lanterns to décor. Get your hands on a few of its pieces and your home is sure to feel much cozier.

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&Tradition FlowerPot VP1 Pendant $227.00

You’ll instantly recognize Verner Panton’s “Flower Pot” lights in &Tradition’s inventory, but shop around a bit more and you’ll find more items to lust over, including linen throw pillows in earthy colors and slim, sculptural floor lamps.

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Gubi Grasshopper Floor Lamp $1,030.00

Showcasing items from throughout the 20th century as well as contemporary, cutting-edge designs, Gubi is the ultimate source for sophisticated design as only Scandinavians could curate.

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HAY Strap Mirror $192.00

Founded in 2002, HAY made it its mission to modernize the great Danish design of the ’50s and ’60s. With its streamlined furniture and minimally fresh accessories, we’d say they’re succeeding.