17 Christmas Décor Ideas That Are So Simple and Chic

Christmas tree in dining room with small pompom garland.

The House on Hillside Lane

The holidays, as magical as they may be, possess a certain stressful undertone. An unspoken pressure makes everyone want everything to look perfect, down to the smallest detail. Just us? Didn't think so.

But the truth is, sometimes it's the simplest décor that looks chic and commands the most attention. We're talking easy linen swaps and mantle makeovers you can do in a snap. Ahead, 18 Christmas décor ideas that are simple to recreate and will have you decking the halls in no time—sans the stress.

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DIY Simplistic Wreaths

Minimalistic christmas wreaths in bedroom.

Home and Spirit

We love this simplistic take on the traditional Christmas wreath—and it couldn't be simpler to DIY, to boot. If your decorating style leans a bit more minimalistic, these wire wreaths with simple holly branches will fit right into your home's design.

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Let Your Tree Speak for Itself

Simplistic Christmas tree with small string lights.

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

No need to go over the top in your Christmas tree decorating. If it's a simplistic look you seek, stick to the basics when it comes to adorning your tree. This simple Christmas setup is a perfect source of naturalistic decorating inspiration.

To make a simple swap that's larger in impact, add another Christmas tree in your bedroom, guest room, or media room to double the festive factor in the best way.

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Bring Simple Décor to the Kitchen

Mini Christmas wreaths on the back of barstools in kitchen.

House of Hanes

If your home boasts neutral tones and simplistic vibes, your Christmas décor can fit right in without throwing off your perfectly-curated aesthetic. Add small, simplistic wreaths across your kitchen—an unlikely space to receive Christmas cheer–for a unique but still low-maintenance decorating idea.

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Hang a Delicate Garland

Christmas tree in dining room with small pompom garland.

The House on Hillside Lane

Christmas garland has many forms beyond the lush, bushy evergreen options. What we love about this Christmas setup is the juxtaposition of the lavish, classic tree and the simplistic and delicate pom-pom garland. This is such a cute way to add Christmas cheer.

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Hang a Festive Banner

pink christmas mantel

Jenny Everyday

Whether you're known to procrastinate or you just prefer to keep things simple, this decorating staple is one that could be set up minutes before your guests arrive. A glittery holiday banner draped across your mantle instantly ups the Christmas cheer and looks Instagrammable to boot.

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Swap Your Linens

Christmas Decor Bedroom

Vintage White Farmhouse

A simple Christmas décor idea? Swap your sheets. Next time you remove your sheets for a laundry refresh, consider storing your everyday linens and swapping them for a more festive set.

Trade your comforter for a plaid quilt and break out the Christmas-themed throw pillows. And the best part is you can apply these simple swaps in every room of your house, from your bedroom to your living room.

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DIY a Table Runner

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Pine and Prospect Home

Whether you gather them from your backyard, a nearby park, or your local farmer's market, clusters of pine needles make for the perfect Christmas décor. We love the idea of lining them up down the middle to create the look of a fresh runner. Add a velvet or silk bow for a festive touch.

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Show Off Your Collection

Retro home christmas decor

Modern June Cleaver

Whether it's an assortment of vintage Christmas tree ornaments or a collection of bottle brush trees, displaying your findings in a beautiful way is decoration enough. We love how this curation of mini Christmas trees looks displayed in order by color, and the best part is this rainbow take on the holidays must've taken minutes to set up.

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Break Out the Twinkle Lights

Boho christmas decor

Hot Pink Pineapples

Whether you decorate with a porcelain village and mini Christmas trees or you prefer to take the minimal route, nothing says the holidays quite like a single strand of twinkle lights. String them along windowsills, table tops, or your media center for a quick and simple holiday update.

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Make a Citrus Garland

Dried Orange garland

Lark and Linen

A fresh idea if we've ever seen one, this sliced orange garland adds a sunny twist to traditional Christmas décor—and it's the perfect way to give new life to produce that's close to expiration. Slice an orange or lemon in thin slices and dehydrate them in the oven or let them dry out on a baking rack over several days. Use string or twine to attach them together to create a gorgeous garland.

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Fake a White Christmas

Christmas decor ideas


Whether you live in a warmer locale or you just feel like bringing the magic of winter indoors, flocking your Christmas tree ups the magic factor in seconds.

If you love the smell of a fresh-cut tree, but prefer the look of white branches, a can of faux snow works on real and reusable trees alike.

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Make a Paper Garland

christmas decor


Sure, you can buy a fresh-cut garland at your local farmer's market or tree lot, but cutting one out of paper brings an element of whimsy to your mantle. Play with different shades of green paper for dimension and top off the look with red pom poms for berries.

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Hang Your Wreath With a Bow

Christmas decor ideas


Wreaths are most often suspended from over-the-door wreath hangers or stick-on hooks, but we love how much more festive a big red bow looks. This simple swap brings color and life to your front door—just be sure to use a thick, sturdy ribbon to support your holiday door décor.

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Update Your Plain Ornaments

simple Christmas decor


If you're looking for a way to update last year's plain Christmas ornaments, a handful of paint markers will do the trick. Draw patterns on each orb using plant, dove, and star motifs or customize them with your name or initials. Finally, swap the metal hook for silk ribbon in various colors.

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Swap Ornaments for Flowers

simple Christmas decor


When it comes to Christmas décor, there's no reason you can't think outside the glass ornament box. Gather items from around your home to make a tree feel truly yours. We love the look of this pastel-colored tree that utilizes faux flowers to bring a springy feel to winter.

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Make Paper Flags Out Of Christmas Music

simple Christmas decor

Courtesy of Pine and Prospect Home

One of our favorite parts of the holiday season is the echo of cheerful Christmas music in the background. Incorporate your favorite songs into your décor via a flag banner cut from sheet music. Cut the flag shapes out of old music books (or at-home printed versions), and string them together with a strand of twine.

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DIY a Chalkboard Advent Calendar

simple Christmas decor

Courtesy of Pine and Prospect Home

If you currently have a chalkboard hanging in your home, you have the potential to create a beautiful rustic advent calendar. Decorate it with fresh greenery, twinkle lights, and ribbon for a truly festive feel.