21 Gorgeous Small Primary Bedroom Ideas

boho bedroom

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Sure, a sprawling primary bedroom with enough space for a chaise lounge, a fireplace, and enough storage for an entire family sounds lovely, but not everyone has the luxury of space. The truth is, small primary bedrooms can look just as chic and function just as well if you know how to decorate them to their full potential. After all, don't they say that the best things come in small packages? We turned to our favorite interior designers' projects for 21 small bedroom ideas to transform your space.

Primary Bedroom

The term “Primary Bedroom” is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term “Master.” Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

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Choose Warm Walls

small master bedroom

 Tali Roth

Small bedrooms with scant natural light typically look better and cozier with warm walls, like this NYC bedroom by interior designer Tali Roth. These tones allow you to feel more relaxed and can make the room appear a little larger. For a dramatic, sophisticated vibe, try embracing dim lighting and painting your walls a deep, warmer shade.

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Add Built-In Bookcases

white and gold bedroom

Amber Interiors

Petite bedrooms are often low in storage space. If you can, maximize your wall space by adding built-in bookcases with both open and closed shelving. It can work both functionally and aesthetically.

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Purchase a Small Accent Chair

four poster bed


Even if you don't have a ton of space for accent furniture, a simple chair or luggage rack can add loads of function to your space. It can provide a surface on which to place your bag when you get home at night or support a stack of magazines. With various styles to choose from, you can easily purchase one that works with the rest of the dećor in your room.

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Embrace Contrasting Colors

dark wall bedroom


A monochrome palette can do wonders to a small space, but a high-contrast palette can look even better. Try painting your walls a dark taupe color while keeping floors in a high-gloss white. Further enhance the contrast by painting your door black.

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Go for an Extended Headboard

linen headboard


A proper headboard can entirely transform your room, by visually extending the bed from wall-to-wall to make the space look intentional. Options are plentiful too, from polished wood to the above pictured linen headboard.

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Purchase Greenery

white bedroom


Even if you're opting for a neutral monochrome palette, a bit of greenery can do wonders to your space by bringing the outside in and adding visual interest. Where you'd like your plants to live will determine the best type to display, as some plants thrive in direct sunlight and vice versa. Try plants that are low maintenence and place them in neutral or decorative pots to add to the charm.

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Try All-White Tones

white bedroom


Colors can do wonders for a space, but can sometimes make a room feel closed off and overwhelming. An all-white color palette is a surefire way to make your small primary bedroom appear wider, especially if the space is light-drenched. Layer tonal soft furnishings to enhance the airy and open effect.

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Incorporate an Oversized Sconce

boho bedroom

Amber Interiors

You don't have to stick to small options just because you have limited space.Though it may be counterintuitive, try adding an oversize sconce to the wall above your bed as a trompe l'oeil effect to make your space appear larger. For ultimate versatility, choose a sconce that swivels.

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Use Mood Lighting

Blue bedroom with hanging, exposed light bulb

Fantastic Frank 

Your bedroom should be a place where you feel relaxed and the rest of the world fades away. A great trick to achieving the ultimate moody and cozy space is ensuring that your lighting is layered and soft. Paper shades achieve this effect beautifully.

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Add a Large Rug

Pink bedroom with large patterned rug


A large rug will also make a room appear wider, so pick a rug that fits almost the entirety of the floor space while leaving six inches of flooring on each wall. If you're on a budget, try layering a large, inexpensive jute or sisal rug to cover more square footage, with a smaller, vintage rug layered over top for interest.

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Try a Four-Poster Bed

Bedroom with four-post bed


Contrary to popular belief, a four-poster or canopy bed looks great in a small space. Why? Because it draws the eye up, pulling attention away from the width and length of the space.

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Use White Bedding

Modern bedroom with all-white bedding


As for the furnishings, you'll want to keep textures and patterns simple. Opt for an all-white bed linen selection to adorn the bed with. Then add in a few natural textures like warm wood to layer into the space.

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Include a Built-In Nightstand

Bedroom with mounted nightstand

Pella Hedeby 

If you're feeling very handy, try to mount your nightstand and lighting onto the wall or headboard. This is a great way to save floor and surface space. It will also give your room a unique feeling, given the appearance of levitating furniture.

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Embrace Soft Textures

Bedroom with soft textures


Go out of your way to blend different aspects of your room together to create a cohesive effect. A low bed with loads of tone-on-tone soft textures will blur the lines between the bed and floor, creating an infinity effect. It'll make your space appear more expansive.

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Choose Wire Metal Furniture

Warm toned bedroom with wire metal chair


Add in a few pieces of black wire furniture. Wire legs don't take up much room and are delicate enough not to visually clutter a space, but they will provide a stark contrast to add to the visual interest of the space. As an added bonus, they come in a variety of styles and tend to make stunning dećor.

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Integrate Layered Storage

Bedroom with two nightstands with storage space beneath


Another great trick for small bedrooms that are low on space is to choose furniture pieces that can be layered, like a nightstand. Underneath, you can tuck storage baskets, books, or a weekender bag. It will keep things organized and out of the way, giving you more space to work with.

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Add a Floor-Length Mirror

Bedroom with large wooden mirror

KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

If you want to give the impression of a larger space, mirrors are the perfect solution. If you have the room, get a floor-length mirror and lean it against the wall to create the illusion of depth. However, you can also work with a smaller mirror on the wall to create a similar effect.

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Try a Minimalist Mindset

mostly white minimalist bedroom, white lamp and small lamp on bedside table,

D Burns Interiors

Removing clutter and keeping things simple goes a long way in making a small bedroom look larger. Try styling the room with minimalist dećor in mind. The more open space, the better.

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Use an Accent Wall to Your Advantage

small bedroom, decorative pale yellow and blue triangle wallpaper on one wall, wooden bedside table on either side of bed

Nazar Abbas Photography via Getty Images

If you aren't one to stick to solid color walls all the way around, there are other options. Accent walls are a strategic way to make your small primary bedroom feel larger. The trick is to go with light colors and small patterns to keep things from feeling overwhelming.

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Let in Natural Light

bedroom with black wall, windows with no curtains and a city view, black and white polka dot bedding with an multi-color accent rug underneath

Alvin Wayne

Privacy is important, but if you have the ability, let in as much natural light as possible. Getting sheer curtains, or even opting to go bare altogether, is a great way to bring the outside world in and give your room a spacious feel. If you happen to have a view, you can incorporate that as well.

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Draw the Eye Upward

small bedroom with white ceiling, dark walls, wooden bed frame with tall headboard

Laquita Tate Styling and Design

If your small primary bedroom doesn't have a ton of width, but does have some height, you can use that to your advantage. Draw the eye upward, whether its by hanging items higher, getting a headboard that is a bit taller than usual, or painting the ceiling a lighter color than the rest. The result will certainly work in your favor.

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